Sound Pet!

Many other users have created question-and-answer blogs, and since Friday marks the fifteenth anniversary of my entrance into this world, I thought I'd celebrate by following that trend. The format remains the same as past blogs--ask your question in the comments below, and I'll answer it. However, I'll add two interactive twists.

The first is one PositronWildhawk already introduced. Others guess what my answer to each question will be.
The second is original. When guessing what my answers will be, I'd also like users to share their own answer to the question. For example, if somebody asks, "What country do you live in?" keychain might jump in and say, "PetSounds is from Canada. I'm from the USA." Of course, if you merely wish to guess without answering yourself, that is perfectly fine.

There are only two rules.
Firstly: Please don't answer a question yourself without guessing what my answer will be.
Secondly: I haven't revealed much about my offline life previously, but if you wish to ask questions about that, go ahead. Just… um… keep it clean and don't get uber-personal.
Any comments that violate either of those two rules will not be approved.

Ask away! I will answer every question, now matter how inane.


Eh first drew you to this site? As in, what made you sign up? Also, what happened to you Beatles account?

I assume it got hacked or something, but I could be wrong. - keycha1n

I discovered that I needed an account to save my "Best Beatles Songs" remix. (My tastes have evolved so much since then--only one or two songs on my current remix would have made the grade then. )

When I first signed up, I gave my age as 23, and my name as Spenser (not Spencer). I changed to a new account because I decided to use my true age/name. You're going waaay back with that one--I changed over in December '13! - PetSounds

How's the cake? Better give us some! - visitor

I'm about to dig in. Jealous? - PetSounds

You are in a burning building full of treasure. Your greed, however, dominates over your common sense, and you run up and down the building in attempt to loot as much treasure as you can before you consider getting out. You decide to find the most efficient way of collecting the treasure safely and the second priority being saving yourself. This involves leaving three priceless artifacts behind as a compromise. What are these three items, and what is your strategy tosimutaneously escape and harvest all of the remaining treasure? - PositronWildhawk

The original Mona Lisa (I hate that painting), the original manuscript of the Communist Manifesto, and the original master tapes of AC/DC's Back in Black. The world would be greatly improved.

As for my escape strategy, there must be a gold-plated dump truck in there somewhere. - PetSounds

Really? I don't like the Mona Lisa either! I don't hate it, I just don't think it's anywhere near as amazing as the art I see on a daily basis just scrolling through instagram. Plus, never spoke to me on an emotional level, nor had any wow factor (my jaw didn't drop when I first saw it or anything). - keycha1n

But surely those priceless items would also fit in said dump-truck? - PositronWildhawk

They would. But I'd rather not take them. - PetSounds

Suppose there was no dump-truck, though? - PositronWildhawk

Well then I'd be in a fix, wouldn't I. - PetSounds

But seriously, I'd use the Mona Lisa as bait to lure a bunch of art enthusiasts in and get them to carry the treasure out in exchange for its safety. Then, being the treacherous knave that I am, I would destroy it before their eyes.

Crap, I'm evil. - PetSounds

Alternatively, if you were to create a winch using a golden chain and heavy urn, and swinging the other end of the chain around a nearby pole, you could winch the treasures, one by one, out of the window and drop, before finally climbing along the chain yourself. The Mona Lisa, once on fire, should create a vapour containing non-flammable particulates and CO2, to keep the flames at bay, and thus, you can use this to clear a path in the flames. Uses three items, as the description says. - PositronWildhawk

Took the words right out of my mouth. - PetSounds

This question is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. - BKAllmighty

What's your favorite animal? - JaysTop10List

Possibly cats. I'm tied between cats and dogs. - PositronWildhawk

Sorry, PW, it's not a cat. I have to say foxes. - PetSounds

Foxes are so annoying, though! - PositronWildhawk

Knew you'd say that! I don't see them much here--certainly not in town, and rarely in the wild. - PetSounds

Instead you have bears, I suppose. - PositronWildhawk

What id your favorite hobby? - Garythesnail

He does play piano... I play guitar, though. - gemcloben

Gemcloben nailed it, along with writing, reading, and listening to music. - PetSounds

Cool! - Garythesnail

If you had to move to a different country, which would it be?

I would move to the United Kingdom. Seems like a cool place with a rich culture. - Turkeyasylum

Either the UK or the States. I identify more with the former, but the latter is more like my home. I'd live in Washington state. - PetSounds

If you could change your username, what would it be?

I'd say it'd be something like "FabFourFa - Puga

Fabfourfan. Dang iPhone. - Puga

Possibly something like The_Well-Read_Hippy. I wouldn't change my username. - PositronWildhawk

Initially he had his username as beatles. And then he he changed his account to his favorite possible username because it's Beach Boy's best album's name. - Kiteretsunu

I love the name PetSounds, especially since most people here don't get the reference. However, I would consider changing to Ziggy_Stardust. - PetSounds

I'm genuinely curious. Your favourite electronic song? - PositronWildhawk

Hmmm… I'd have to say something by Moby--probably "Porcelain". - PetSounds

Very nice choice. - PositronWildhawk

Runner-up goes to anything on Daft Punk's Random Access Memories. - PetSounds

I'd say my favourite song on RAM was Instant Crush. - PositronWildhawk

What's your favorite thing about Christmas? - Therandom

Probably the presents or if your Christian/catholic jesus' birth. - Therandom

Excluding the obvuous religious choices, visiting family. - PetSounds

If you could live in any fictional universe (video game or T.V. show), what would it be? - bobbythebrony

What about film? If so, I'd live in Rivendell, given that I partially speak the language. - PositronWildhawk

Middle-Earth would be up there, although Lothlorien appeals to me more than Rivendell. - PetSounds

PS already answered, but I must mention that I would give anything to live in the world of Pokémon. - keycha1n

What is your favorite obscure music artist? - Pony

That's a very good question. Mine is Electus; hardly anyone knows him and he is one of very few musicians who regularly outdoes himself, believe me. Listening to "I Don't Belong Here" right now. Bliss. - PositronWildhawk

It depends on your definition of obscure. Some people would consider my love for The Cars or Roxy Music "obscure", but just about ever serious music fan knows them.

Ultimately, I'd have to say Big Star, a '70s power pop group who put out three perfect albums, then dissolved. Currently, Caribou is one I have a passion for. Try out the song "Melody Day". - PetSounds

Mine is Phildel. Both PW and Spence know her by now though. She's underrated beyond belief! But her music is also a little strange, in a good way. So for me, she fits the definition of obscure in every way! - keycha1n

Girl, if you think Phildel's music is strange… - PetSounds

Fine. The strangest out of the three artists I know and enjoy on a somewhat daily basis. - keycha1n

Must admit, Electus' music can be highly out of the ordinary, but that's because he's more experimental, and it most often has positively surprising results. Phildel's music is also unorthodox, but in contrast, her songs are openly similar. - PositronWildhawk

Are you sad that most people don't get your username reference? - Delgia2k

I think he's strict when it comes to liking people for their musical insights. Thus, I think he's happy that only those with a dignified knowledge of his musical background would get said reference. - PositronWildhawk

PW phrased it more elegantly than I could.

Plus, most people give me credit for coming up with a cool name, when, in reality, it was Brian Wilson. - PetSounds

Best artist from a genre you don't like or at least not much - visitor

Black Sabbath. I'm no metalhead, but they're great. - PetSounds

Do you like industrial rock? - visitor

It kinda depends. I got into the genre through Bowie's "I'm Afraid of Americans", and I'm still exploring it. - PetSounds

What are some of your favorite movies? - visitor

Rear Window, The Princess Bride, and Skyfall come to mind. - PetSounds

What are some of your favorite T.V. shows? - visitor

Currently, Mad Men and Life on Mars. I'm also a huge fan of the '60s Get Smart. - PetSounds

What are some of your favorite albums? - visitor

This is tough…

1. Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys
2. The Stranger - Billy Joel
3. Revolver - The Beatles
4. The Cars - s/t
5. Hunky Dory - David Bowie
6. The Doors - s/t
7. Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water
8. Even in the Quietest Moments… - Supertramp
9. Avalon - Roxy Music
10. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

If you asked me tomorrow, half of them would be different. - PetSounds

Would you recommend TheTopTens to anyone you know in real life (friends, family, etc)? - visitor

I haven't yet, and I don't see it happening. - PetSounds

What? Yes you have! Albeit, she hasn't done anything :P - keycha1n

Shoot, I forgot! Thanks, keys.

That's my date. Evidently, the site wasn't for her. - PetSounds

In your opinion, what do you think is the most underrated music genre? - visitor

Glam rock (at least in Canada). Even anthems like "Al the Young Dudes" rarely get played. - PetSounds

What are your views on Marilyn Manson? - visitor

I've never listened to him, so I can't really answer that. - PetSounds

Which celebrity do you think is a bad role model in your opinion? - visitor

Pretty much all of them. I don't believe people should look to celebs for role models. - PetSounds

Are you into history? - visitor

Yes, very much. - PetSounds

What is the worst movie you've ever seen? - visitor

Probably Shrek 2. - PetSounds

Shrek 2? What?!?!? - Puga

Shrek 3 is worse. - Therandom

Which celebrity do you think is a good role model in your opinion? - visitor

I really don't know. I don't follow pop culture. - PetSounds

What is the darkest album you've ever listened to? - visitor

An Epiphanic Vomiting of Blood - Gnaw Their Tongues - PetSounds

What is your opinion on Eminem? - visitor

Can't stand him. - PetSounds

Why? I mean, I'm no fan myself, he seems like a very... Troubled person. But its not like he's bad at what he does. Just not for me. - keycha1n

I don't like his lyrics, for the most part. - PetSounds

Understandable. A lot of his lyrics are really scary and inappropriate. A good majority of his songs are way too scary and explicit for me. Call me a wuss, it's true. - keycha1n

If you were to be a musician, what kind of music genres would you play? - visitor

I already am a musician! Pretty much all my favourites--folk rock, psych rock, glam rock, prog rock, etc. - PetSounds

If you wanted to be a songwriter, what kind of songs would you write and why? - visitor

Rock songs. Passionate I guess - JaysTop10List

I've tried writing songs, and it's not one of my strengths. But they were all folky tunes. - PetSounds

What do you think about the Norwegian black metal bands that kill and sacrifice (Not that I condone or encourage that kind of disgusting behavior)? - visitor

You mean like Varg Vikernes? Can't stand their behaviour or their music. - PetSounds

Can you also not stand bands like Gorgoroth and Mayhem? - visitor

Dunno, I've never listened to them. Metal doesn't agree with me (though there are several exceptions). - PetSounds

What is your definition of a sellout? - visitor

Selling out is sacrificing artistic integrity to achieve popularity. - PetSounds

Who is the biggest sellout in your opinion? - visitor

"Selling out" doesn't really bother me. Though I was kinda annoyed at The Cars for reuniting after Ben Orr died. - PetSounds

Do you think it's stupid when people say that certain bands saved their lives? - visitor

I don't think he would think that's stupid. Considering the impact music has made on his life. - keycha1n

It depends… In most cases, the band probably didn't "save" their life, but music's healing power is undisputed. - PetSounds

What do you think are some of the biggest problems TheTopTens has? - visitor

Admin not responding to my last few messages. Other than that, this place is fine. - PetSounds

Do you think it's stupid when people say that black metal is an ideology? - visitor

I really don't care; the music doesn't interest me. - PetSounds

Do you have a favorite concept album? - visitor

Great question. It's *probably* Ziggy Stardust. - PetSounds

What is the most beautiful song you have ever listened to? - visitor

Bridge Over Troubled Water. Or pretty much anything by S&G. - PetSounds

Do you and Keycha1n know each other in real life? - visitor

I'll answer this one myself; no we don't. But we are good friends regardless (is this all the same visitor? ) - keycha1n

Unfortunately, no. - PetSounds

What music artists do you think are the most inappropriate for kids? - visitor

I sometimes regret the fact that I was raised on "complex" music, because I never really got to experience hearing an album like Pet Sounds for the first time. Feed kids a steady diet of singles, then show them classic albums after they hit puberty. - PetSounds

Story of my life you just described there... :( - visitor

What is the scariest song you've ever heard? - visitor

Revolution 9 scared the crap out of me when I first heard it. - PetSounds

In your opinion, how can a crybaby live his/her life? - Animefan12

By breathing, eating, and drinking. - PetSounds

Hmm... A good question...
What's your favorite color? - keycha1n

Gray, I don't know why but I'm just guessing it. - Therandom

If I were to guess, I'd think red or blue. Maybe green. - keycha1n

Grey, orange and blue, so you got two out of three between you. - PetSounds

Favorite gaming console? - Therandom

I don't play video games. - PetSounds

How'd you rate me? - Therandom

Anally. - PetSounds

What makes you angry? - Delgia2k

Stubbed toes, cancelled baseball games, and politicians. - PetSounds

Please feel free to answer Delgia2k's question first since he does precede me and I wouldn't want to butt in line.

My question is...

You have just turned 100 years old and you are still as sharp as a tack. You're looking back on your life and you are deciding on what has influenced you the most as a human being.

Of course, not really being that old limits you to just thinking of what has influenced you most within just the past 15 years.

But imagine you really were 100 years old. Which 3 influences do you imagine would be the primary factors that shaped you into the person you became? Consider the people, life choices, and media that you have had surround you during the most important moments of your life (who/that may only be who/what you can only hope to meet/experience).

That was a complicated thing to write. I hope that was all grammatically correct. - BKAllmighty

Great question. I'm going to give three seperate answers--authors, musicians, and people in my life.

George Orwell - He's made me question everything about my existence, from religion to language.
Richard Adams - I've had the pleasure of exchanging letters with him, and have an autographed photo tucked inside my copy of Watership Down.
J.R.R. Tolkien - Just because LotR are my favouite books.

David Bowie - Demonstrates that a true artist never falls back on the same formula (even if it's a guaranteed money-maker), but constantly experiments.
Jim Morrison - A bit of an antihero, because he died at age 27. Jim was a brilliant poet whose music lit the fire of an entire generation, and in terms of charisma… you're not going to find anybody who tops him.
George Harrison - Not only an incredible musician, but a man who found inner peace.

My karate sensei - The non-family member who has most impacted my life. He's given me confidence, tolerance, and many valuable life lessons along the way.
My partner/spouse - Whenever I may find her.
My parents - They've influenced my life more than any other people so far, and I don't envision that changing.

If I chose one of each at age 100:
George Orwell (especially the book 1984)
George Harrison
My parents - PetSounds

What do you think of notorious punk rocker GG Allin? - visitor

I'm not a fan. - PetSounds

What is it that you dislike about Jackie Evancho? I'm not mad or anything. Just curious that's all. - visitor

I actually enjoy Jackie's music (in small doses) and hold her in great respect as an artist.

However, I feel she receives undue attention on this site--at one point, she was ranked above David Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys and The Doors on "Greatest Music Artists of All Time".

She has an incredible voice and seems like a lovely person, but I don't think that warrants her being ranked above musical geniuses who have stood the test of time for over forty years. - PetSounds

What do you think TheTopTens would be like if more and more and more people discovered it? - visitor

Personally, I think the site is at a perfect level of activity--enough to keep it interesting, but not enough to overwhelm. If it grew more popular, I think list quality would suffer, and I would probably just fade into the background. - PetSounds

I always figured it would lead to more people asking more annoying questions. Like that weird guy who's always on most people"'s Q&A. You remember Turkey's Q&A? - visitor

What things do you predict for the future of TheTopTens? - visitor

I'm not really invested that much in the community as I used to be, so my predictions aren't well founded. I talk to about a dozen people, most of whom I've known for a while, and I'm out of touch otherwise.

I think the site will continue to become more popular, and I think that will lead to many existing users becoming "legends" among the new crop of members. - PetSounds

Glad to hear you respect Jackie Evancho and at least enjoy her music in any dose. Regarding her popularity on this site, its far less than you really perceive, as the overwhelming majority of music lists exclude her by nature, as they concern metal, rap, anything by males, etc, etc. That one particular list you mention was a new one, so it took only a few votes to affect the standings, and there are in fact a HUGE number of polls where any number of worthless pop purveyors [can't call them artists] are ahead of the Beatles, Stones, Zep, etc. I guarantee I can find 20 polls where Ariana Grande is ahead of the Beatles and Beach Boys. You are discovering some amazing music from the past, and I hope you keep on exploring it; was particularly glad to see you like "Forever Changes". Do see the film "Love & Mercy" as soon as you can. - visitor

I saw Love and Mercy as soon as I could--in fact, I was planning to see it on opening night, but something came up.

Big Star is another (somewhat) obscure group I recently discovered. Do check them out (assuming you haven't); they have a very Beatley sound. - PetSounds

And my sweet Lord, I just saw Brian Wilson in concert. He was incredible, and the show was a complete surprise. - PetSounds

RIP Alex Chilton. - visitor

Speaking of the band LOVE, their song "Alone Again or" was written by bandmember Bryan MacLean, who also did a couple of solo acoustic versions, the best of which can be found on Youtube as "Bryan MacLean- Alone Again or [Second Version]", well worth checking out. - visitor

I'll have a look, since that's my favourite song by Love. - PetSounds

Very cool. I have met Mike Love at my place of business, and seen the Beach Boys in concert a couple of times featuring various lineups, but never when Brian was part of the tour; I wish he had been OK then. - visitor

Do you feel some of the visitors asked too many questions? - Therandom

I don't really mind. - PetSounds

Is there a limit to how many questions one can ask? - visitor

No. - PetSounds

How much do you hate Nicki Minaj? - RiverClanRocks

No more than she deserves. - PetSounds