My Last Few Words Before I Leave

Turkeyasylum So, I'm going to be leaving this website soon. But, here's the history I have had on this site. It's been a fun 5½ months, but I've lost interest. But as I said, here's my history on this site:

So, I was first exposed to this website,, in June of 2014. I looked up loads of lists, one after another, and couldn't get enough. But I thought it would take loads of personal info to make an account. I didn't feel like making an account for a while. But then, I hit rock bottom. I wasn't really open to anything. The website gave me a laugh once in a while, and that was it. I didn't know what being a member was like. But, I made a series of comments, in which, if one of them got 10 likes, I would join (I checked A LOT). But way before they got 10 likes, I joined this website. If I remember right, it was September 7, 2014. I made my first ckmment that day, on "Places You'd Like To Dump Justin Bieber", about him deserving less than 3 fans. My first 2 lists were "Worst People The Be Stranded On An Island With" and "Worst Comments To Make To The Police" (that one's underrated, go check it out). I was hoping to be the new Britgirl, as any user would be. The first user I became friends with was Pug (now Puga).

I later was a main person who pointed out that the "Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 Of SpongeBob" list was awful. I made comments on lots of bad items there. But, out of the dreaded list eventually came my TheTopTens TV list's inspiration. I took the ideas of those types of lists, and translated to TheTopTens, which all of us on here "watch"!

But, I, during that time, realized I shouldn't just rry to be Britgirl, but to be myself. I started to make more lists about my opinions. I made a few lists, snd got into blog posts quickly. My first few were knock-offs of Puga's, but I eventually made a few more, but with my own ideas. I personally think those are my best, because that's where my work came in: coming up with the idea.

I then translated to life outside this website. I opened myself out, and left the shell I was hiding in. I opened up and showed my colors. Since then, a new Turkeyasylum has been contoured, and I have made many new friends.

So, this is it. That's my story. Goodbye.

Well, to anyone who fell for this post, I'm not leaving. Yet. I'm still much around. And if you WANTED me to leave, well you're out of luck.


Oh God. You had me in stitches at the end! You got me! - Puga

Ha, I thought something was fishy so I checked the end of the post - Animefan12

Oh you had me going there for a second man, good one! - Garythesnail

Dear Turkeyasylum,
Please DO NOT leave the website! Or I will be sad - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

WHAT?!?!? NO don't LEAVE PLEASE WE NEED YOU - simpsondude

No. Please don't leave. Please stay. Your an awesome user and you make great lists. - cosmo

Fell for it, didn't ya? - Garythesnail

You had me fooled, because I've heard that whole speech so many times before.

Congrats on shooting up the stats page. #9 in comments now, I think? Way ahead of me. - PetSounds

You had me flipping out there! - PositronWildhawk

Reply back if you fell for my post! Just curious... - Turkeyasylum

You scared me. How could you? Lol - JaysTop10List

You had me shocked I was thinking not another user. - visitor

I did already. Check your moderation queue. - PetSounds

Aw crabs that gave me a heart attack, I'm glad I scrolled down! Oh Turkey, you troll! I got scared! - keycha1n

Damn, you got me - Delgia2k

How could you scare me like this turkey? - gemcloben

I was really chocked when I wrote that post. Thanks you're not leaving soon and that the post was a joke - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I fell for it and EpicJake's, Cosmo's, and Sevenlizard's - PatrickStar

Well, yeah. Lol. I stumbled on it and though I don't know you I was almost moved to message you to just leave it open to come back from time to time... you make good contributions. - Billyv

You got me. - Delgia2k

I fell for it and why did you have to cancel total drama series - 2storm

Because nobody was doing the challenges. - Turkeyasylum

Please do not leave - BigBrotherSucks

WAIT WAS THIS A JOKE?!?!? - simpsondude

Yeah... You got me bro. - Garythesnail

I fell for it at first. - cosmo

I did good thing you aren't. - visitor

Good post, I fell for it :D - EvilAngel

Aw don't leave you like my favorite person ever! - MusicalPony

I LEGIT THOUGHT YOU WERE LEAVING... I'm not afraid to admit that I fell for it lol, since, after all, I really like you a lot ( not in a romantic way) - MusicalPony

You got me! - RiverClanRocks


I almost had a heart attack when I saw this - visitor

Lol. Totes knew it was a joke. - BlueTopazIceVanilla