Seven Great Months To Look Back Upon

Turkeyasylum I joined this website, in early September 2014. That was a great day. And it's one of many days I've enjoyed this website. Don't worry, I'm not leaving, so, you don't have to worry 'bout that this time.

I've changed a lot since my first lists and such on this website. My first lists was of "worst people to be stranded on an island with". I'm not essentially proud of it, but I am still proud of my second list "worst comments to make to the police". So, here's a few lists I am proud of to this day:
Worst Comments To Make To The Police
Worst Comments To Make To War Veterans
Ways To Get Kicked Out Of An Amusement Park (Samanime helped a lot, too)
Episodes That Would Be Created If TheTopTens Was A Television Show
Asinine Ways To Wake Someone Up
Asinine Ways To Get Someone To Kiss You
I have plenty more, but I'm gonna make a whole blog post about it.

So, a few questions commonly asked to me:
"Did The Conquest end?"
My answer: Yes, it did. Looking back at it, it is one of my earlier works, but I am still proud of it. At the time, I wanted to make a few other posts I had in my idea. I made an episode 8, but it just didn't feel the same to me. I wanted to end the series with a conclusion, so I made a short finale. And, I am offering the series up to another user, and if more than one want to continue it past episode 8, I will scrap the finale. Just be sure to stick to the plot. If more than one user wants to claim the series, I will choose who I trust most with it. No offense if I don't give it to you.

"Why do you like Total Drama?"
This is a long story. I first saw it, and my favorite shows were Survivor and The Amazing Race at the time. I also liked cartoons. So, when I saw TD, it was instant perfection. So... yeah.

"Why did you pick your username?"
My answer: See the Truth or Lie? blog post I made on it, and judge for yourself.

And, knowing my works, I have changed a ton. I had shorter blog posts than I do now, and they weren't high quality. I saved one or two as an example. I started out looking to just be noticed, and indeed I did. And when other people called me one of their favorites, I was surprised. I mean, how does an ordinary high school student in west Michigan get popular on a website like this? Anyway, thanks for your support so far. Without you guys, I don't even know if I had stayed on here to this day.

Sincerely, Turkeyasylum/Turkey/Turkeyalysum(I've seen this before)/Tyrkeyasylum(I'm still embarrassed about that).


I hope someone takes over the conquest. The ending was great, but man, I never wanted the show to end. - Therandom

Congratulations, Turkey. - PetSounds