I Guess You Were Wondering...

Wolftail So, these are the tmes I have nearly died.

My first six months of life

  1. My first night as a baby. The doctors said that my brothers and I wouldn't survive our first night. Thankfully we all did.

  2. Retinopathy. As a baby, my retina was loose and I had a large risk of going BLIND. So I had this thing called retinopathy involving lasers.

  3. Some kind of liquid related to the retinopathy somehow. There was this line thing put into my foot, and a day later my mum notices some liquid oozing out of it. She called a nurse, and she fixed it, but the liquid burnt my skin and I have a really visible scar on my foot.

  4. My problems. I was really premature, I was born with a lot of problems. These included:

  • Brain problems (mild ones)

  • Heart problems (thankfully to an operation at 7 years old they're gone now.)

  • Lung problems

  • Breathing problems

  • Immune system problems

  • Digestion problems

  • Growth problems (I am finally average height for my age but I am 10kg underweight. I am not anorexic.)

  • Hearing problems

  • Eye problems

  • And a few I am too lazy to mention.

Weird fact: As a baby I had about 20 needles stuck in each arm and leg. The scars are still visible today. Also, I have some kind of brown-grey soft small patch of skin on my side. I have no idea how it got there.

From 7 months to today

  1. One word: vaccine. A few months after having a vaccine (I think it was the measles one) I was eating and then I started vomiting. I used to have a large apetite and now it has been reduced to a tiny one.

  2. Scarlet fever.

  3. Heart operation when I was seven.

  4. Choking on an icecube.

Weird fact: I might die of pneumonia in the future, mainly because streptococcus pneumonae could be produced in my gut which could lead to pneumonia, and I have a weak immune system so I might not be able to fight the pneumonia and I might die.

So yeah, I'm pretty lucky to be alive.


I'm actually starting to worry about, not in a bad way but of what what other stuff that's going to happen to you. - visitor

That's sad I don't want you to die everyone should write to you. 🍩 you deserve a doughtnut. - Ihaskitty1234

Scary stuff right there. Happy you've pulled through. - PetSounds

That's a bit unsettling. - Garythesnail

O_O - Chaotixhero

This post is genuinly sad. Best of luck in the future. :-) - IronSabbathPriest

You are the craziest, yet the most intresting person I've ever heard about. - Stormver101

You know, to strengthen your immune system, come to America and I'll buy you some gummy vitamins. - Stormver101

In response to my comment above, I can get you some for $5 in America. That's equal to 4.43 euros. When you do finally come to my city that I live in anyway... and read the top tens list :D - Stormver101

I feel so sorry for you know. I'll pray for you to get better. - nintendofan126

I had scarlet fever too... and then I had a terrible allergic reaction to the medicine! Best of luck to you though - keycha1n

I think I shouldn't be commenting here, because I'm perfectly fine
But I would be so scared and painful if I were wolftail - Animefan12

Dang... I know how pneumonia feels... I had it for 15 days... One of the worst experiences in my life although I'm kinda over exaggerating... The headaches man, were the worst... But I got better... by the way do you have tics sometimes ( tics are one of the things from PANDAS)? - Pony

Also, is there a possibility that you might have Superior Mesentric Artery Syndrome? - Pony

So scary.much sad.so much pain - CerealGuy