Top Ten Most Interesting Fanfiction Female Warrior Cat Names

These are the top ten warrior cat names that are for she-cats. They are not cats in the book - fan made only. They are different names, not ones you would usually see in the book.

The Top Ten

1 Dewfall

I fell in love with this name it's so original

It’s so pretty, and I just love it! It’s so original and sounds so beautiful I JUST CAN’TTTtttTtTttTt

2 Stormfrost

Just cause

That’s my ocs name

Stormfrost hissed seethingly at frostrose, arching his back.he unleashed his claws and slid them across her face. In a heartbeat blood had rippled down frostrose's cheek.

Nia looked around. She saw a hole under a tree. She dashed in, and inside was warmer than the snowstorm outside. She gathered things to make a bed, and quietly gave birth. Three small kittens wiggled toward their mother. One was black, the color of night. The second one was gray, the color of a storm cloud. The third one was white, red, and black. She called the black one Shadow. The second one was Storm, and the third one was Sky. Crunch,Crunch, Crunch. Nia looked up. There, standing in the snow, was a calico male. “Hello. I see you have kits. Come with me.” He took the kits and put them on his back, where his fur was longer. They arrived at camp. Sleekstar took the kits into the nursery. “They must have kit names. What have you named them? ” “Shadow, Storm, and Sky.”

Storm paw looked up at Sleekstar. “My warrior ancestors look upon this apprentice. He will be called Stormfrost, for his quick thinking and sharp claws.”
That is how Stormstar got his name.

3 Dappleheart

I love this name! Sounds so beautiful! I think Dappleheart would be a dark, speckled, dappled tortoiseshell she-cat (Looks like a combination of Spottedpelt and Dappletail) Kind, caring, and a good mother. Probably dies of old age in the elder's den. ~Mistyrain

4 Leafbreeze

I like this. It really sounds like a ThunderClan queen. I think she'd brag about her kits more than actually take care of them. For some reason I think Jayfeather and her would somehow get along with each other. Reminds me of Swiftbreeze and Lizardstripe. Maybe kinda like Russetfur when she first came to ShadowClan with Boulder. I think Leafbreeze would be a brown tabby she-cat with black-and-white markings on her head and chest. She would be neat, orderly, a bit of a show off, and jokingly negative when things are going wrong. I don't imagine her as snappish and short-tempered, just always wanting the perfection from her kits. As a queen she would go on and on about how beautiful her kits would be and how great they would be at fighting. The other queens from the nursery sometimes got tired of her bragging but they usually tried to ignore her. When her kits were finally born, Leafbreeze was filled with delight. Half because they were born before Amberdawn's third litter and ...more

5 Echosky

Frost coloured queen with bright blue eyes and 4 kits: Frostkit, Snowkit, Whitekit and Dapplekit

6 Fernsong

Fernsong is already a character in the real series AND he is a male

Yep. Lionblaze's son I'm pretty sure.

This list is called Top Ten Interesting FACFICTION FEMALE Warrior Cat Names...
Fernsong is REAL not FANFIC and he is MALE. So he doesn't belong on this list. - Swiftdawn

Hello apparently, whoever created this hasn't read apprentice's quest. fernsong is atom.

7 Flamepetal

Fiery red Somali male - Lavamoon

8 Amethystecho

My eyes...

Here. Let me help you. Amethyst-echo. Better?

This one sounds kinda odd to me. It is so long, and I don't think a cat would like this name. - Oliveleaf

This is a name you would not usually see in the books. However, it is a gorgeous name!

9 Snowriver

A silver she-cat with pale blue eyes.Could be a daughter of Jayfeather and Halfmoon.

10 Ivywing

This is a really pretty name. I think I would imagine her a REALLY pale gray she-cat with dark, piercing green eyes. She would seem intimidating but would be sweet and fiercely loyal once you get to know her. She reminds me of a cross between Ivypool and Ferncloud... A weird combo but pretty cool.

It's so beautiful! It sounds great, and not to mention, a mix to Ivypool and Dovewing. The prefix is from Ivy and the suffix belongs to Dove.

This is really pretty! If I were a queen I'd definitely name my kit this.

I've definitely seen this name around. Pretty name.


The Contenders

11 Rosecrescent

Such a lovely name! It's so beautiful and unique! Sounds a bit mysterious as well when you think about it!

The two names just go together well. It sounds like a lovely name.

It's okay...I mean cool prefix and suffix, but together it sounds awkward. 5/10.

This is too long. Same with Amethystecho and Topazgleam. - RiverClanRocks

12 Ripplefeather
13 Jaychaser

This one could be for either gender, but it sounds like a really cool name. For a brave cat, perhaps.

A cat that is a really good hunter, a blue-gray cat (either gender) with blue eyes

All the good names are down lower! I can't believe the top ones were Amethystecho, Rosecrescent, and Topazgleam! They are all terrible, terrible names. The sensible ones are down lower, which is stupid considering this is ranked. - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

14 Cloudmist

Cloudmist is in Hawkwing's Journey

A pale grey-and-black tabby she-cat with white Lynx pants and blue eyes-perfect name for a cloud-pelted she-cat, who is mysterious, but calm.


A white-blue she-cat with blue eyes, secretive and very pretty, a medicine cat

15 Topazgleam

Longhaired calico male who's green eyes capture the stars (? )...sounds like a medic/healer - Lavamoon

This name sounds like the cat would be a popular, brave cat with a kind heart. All the gem names are beautiful.

Shimmery silver she cat with crystal blue eyes kind, sweet, fierce and loyal

People think gem names sound nice? Are you kidding me? Gem names are the WORST, inlcuding this one.

16 Lucidwish

I actually like this one a lot - Lavamoon

Beautifully crafted! She sounds like a pure white she cat with light gray ears and paws. Pure blue eyes that look like pools of ice. She is named this because she has wished for so many things but the never come true. She still keeps believing though. She has loads of flaws, but she's good at one thing, hoping.

An unoriginal, clever name. Never seen anybody with the prefix "Lucid" before. My friend has this name for her character.

I must agree that this is quite the interesting name. Especially when you say it out loud!

17 Solarillusion

This name is so cool. I picture a black cat with deep, hypnotizing blue eyes. Super cool. Sounds a bit like a ghost cat or something. Great job to the person who made this

This sounds so mysterious and AWESOME, it sounds like a black tom with orange eyes but seriously, this is one creative name! I really like it, the name maybe can represent a future power or destiny placed upon them!

This name looks kind of funny put together, but say it out loud, and it sounds AWESOME.

Think about it.

She was called solarkit. - xcToxicana

18 Pebblewish

! I love this name! I basically love any name with the prefix "pebble"

Reminds me of pebble heart in dawn of the clans. A gray, white dappled shecat with misty blue eyes

Pebblewish is a pretty silver tabby with white paws and crystal blue eyes from DoveClan. Pebblekit was very shy, staying close to her mother, Willowspots, at all times. Pebblekit's sister, Cloudykit (white she-kit with stormy gray eyes and light gray splotches) is really outgoing and brave, always the first kit to try new things. Their father, Stormpelt, was, mostly only focused on his little warrior, Cloudykit, but that's not that he didn't care for his mate and other kit. Pebblepaw and Cloudypaw became apprentices, Pebblepaw's mentor was Mistfeather (brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes and a feather-shaped white flash on her chest) Pebblepaw became more and more courageous and more of an extrovert until she saved the apprentice, Darkpaw (dark ginger tom with dark brown eyes), from a dog she earned her warrior name, Pebblewish, along with Cloudywing, and Willowspots's friend, Dewstream (chestnut brown she-cat with green eyes)'s kits, Ivyflame (gray and ginger she-cat with dark green ...more - Swiftdawn

Grey mottled she cat with tortoiseshell markings and brilliant green eyes.
Father: ForestVine
Mother: WhiteHeart
Sisters: Cloverkit, Redkit
Pebblewish nudged closer to Cloverkit. It was snowing out and the kits parents were out hunting for the clan. While they were gone, BlizzardWind was watching them. Redkit charged at BlizzardWind playfully and jumped all over his head. Redkit had always been very playful, while Pebblekit and Cloverkit liked peace and tranquility. Redkit pounced on them both, rolling outside in the freezing weather. They sniffed around, exploring the pine trees and the frozen pond with BlizzardWind watching them from the den. Pebblekit suddenly smelled something different in the air. Before her eyes a pack of rabid dogs were heading straight for them. Pebblekit ran a small fast as she could, leaving paw prints in the snow. She lead the dogs all the way to camp. The dogs were followed by 10 FlameClan cats. One pounced on Pebblekit and ran with her back to ...more

19 Bennybutt

Seriously society? but still it made meh choke on my tea.

What is this?!

What the

Better than the other cringy 'diamond' names.

20 Ambergaze

Wow I have this - Aquastar_of_DewClan

So pretty I wish I could have a name like that

HEY! I came up with this!

She's a dark ginger she-cat with glowing amber eyes. Is buzzardflights mate

21 Heathercloud

Pretty silver-blue she-cat with heather-shaped white mark on her chest. - Swiftdawn

Yay mine - Aquastar_of_DewClan

22 Mysticpool

Mystic- isn't used because what would mystic look like? Kits are name after how they look, a cat important to the parents, or a thing in nature.

Bit far fetched, but it sounds really cool. The prefix mystic isn't really used, but if it was BEST NAME EVER!

A great name for a medicine cat, perhaps. It has a nice ring to it.

This one is really cool, to me it sounds like a play on the word Mystical

23 Quicksilver Quicksilver Quicksilver is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in the comic book X-Men #4 and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Do you fools seriously not understand what, "Quicksilver," is?

A silver Windclan tom, blue eyes, very fast,

Silver shecat with white, long, dashing stripes. Amber eyes, fast, long legs, warrior of Thunderclan.

I don't like animal names as their perfix most of the time
ps, I think their warrior names turn out fine I just don t like it
ex squirelkit
ez squirelpaw
ex squirelflight *0*

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24 Ambershine

A white she-cat with amber eyes and orange spots, happy

Lovely - nice and simple with a warm kind of aura - River-Reed

It's a nice name, even through Amberleaf is what I prefer. I imagine that Ambershine is a bright golden tabby she-cat with shining amber eyes.

This is one of my rp names, it's really nice - Oliveleaf

25 Robinsong

I’ve used this, Amber shecat with white paws and Ocean Blue eye and One Minty Green eye, She was born as Robin (Loner) to Goat and Morningleaf

Can't believe Erin hunter didn't already use this one

Someone please comment on my name, Stormflower! Ps- I LOVE this name

OMS love it so much. ROBINSONG FOREVER

26 Curlwing

An tortie-and-white american curl she-cat - Lavamoon

Unusual and oddly unique but definitely bold and not placid sounding. I imagine this as a tortoiseshell, ash grey and black, with some bright ginger or orange tabby patches. I've seen this pelt color before, it's pretty! So... anyways she was like the young, small but adventurous and brave one in the litter. " She liked to play and run around and seemingly never out of energy ( according to her parents anyway ) her siblings were calm and way easier to control... but one day in leaf fall she ran away near the frozen lake surrounded by colorful maple trees. She was happily running around free during her " out time " when she saw a black surface and a bunch of two legs wearing some colorful pelts. But some workfolk caught her and put her in a cage with more cats ( like in Dawn ) She was scared and tried to bite the hands of the twolegs. She felt something sharp and was bleeding bad. But then Scruffpelt, her long lost brother and his patrol freed her and helped her back to her clan. ...more

Silver and white patched she cat with blue eyes

It's a lovely name, and it sounds great too

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27 Echospirit

White she cat with black legs. Bright amber eyes.

A black and silver she cat with short hair and lynx like ear tufts.
As a kit, echokit was nearly always ignored by lostfur, her mother and her siblings. Echokit never understood why but didn't care for it much. She rather enjoyed hanging out with a cat named Duchess. Echokit didn't know that her knew friend was a kittypet. Duchess was a plump shiny furred white she cat with brilliant blue eyes. Echokit talked with Duchess about her own mother and her problems. Sometimes Echokit asked Duchess about the blue band around her neck. Echokit thought it looked quite painful; a string wrapped around her neck. Duchess told Echokit; " I live with housefolk. They call this a collar " Duchess invited Echokit to her house. With a wave of her tail she followed the white she cat inside. She had never been inside what lostfur called Twoleg nests. She showed Echokit around the place. When duchess's housefolk came to see her, they noticed the kit and gave it some food ( cat food ) Echokit liked the ...more

28 Brightdream

Not gorgeous, just not gorgeous!

Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

This is my oc's name

It sounds like Bright Stream... :( - IcetailofWishClan

29 Owl Feather

This exists...

Pretty much same as Owlflight

30 Ivysoar

Ivysoar, blue-gray she with green eyes, warrior of Pokeclan

31 Duckfoot

Unique an cute name, definitely better than the other names on the list.

32 Sunfeather
33 Aurabreeze

The word aura is just such a cool word - adding it to any name makes it sound cool.

Like a silver cat with yellow eyes. - Lilystorm

34 Chochona
35 Robinflower

A black and red she-cat, amber eyes,

36 Snowfield

A white she-cat, green eyes, long haired

I see a small, but long-furred she-cat with pale blue eyes. Daughter to Birchstripe, a dirty white tom with yellow tabby stripes, and Frostheart, a fluffy white she-cat. As a kit, she was adored by the other queens in the nursery but was kept inside. She never knew why Frostheart did this. As an apprentice, she was joyful towards her mentor, Redpelt, also the deputy. Snowpaw was soon made Snowfield but didn't enjoy fights as much as her father, Birchstripe did. She was was moderate at fighting but better at hunting and running in the forests of LightningClan. She was mates with Littlefang, a gray dappled tom. She is the mother to 4 litters including Snowpelt, Stonestrike, and Petaltail the first, Speckledleaf in the second, Frostfire and Birchheart in the third, and Littlekit in the fourth.

37 Tigermist

Hawk frosts daughter who runs away from river clan 2 go live in thunder clan

38 Skyvision

I actually love this name. Sounds like a WindClan she cat with a shimmering gray pelt, and deep blue eyes. - Camaro6

39 Creekfang

Pretty, but not too Mary Sue-ish

40 Jaysong

A pale grey tabby she-cat with pool blue eyes, a kind she-cat that is loving and caring, but protective. She is also lean.

41 SkyChaser

White she-cat with gray-silver stripes. Green eyes.

A white she cat with long hair, a torn ear, and eyes like pools of shallow ice.

As a kit Skychaser was very active, even as the youngest. At dawn she liked to visit her favorite warrior, FoxWatcher. He always met her by his den and talked to her about his hunting. At night she snuck out of Poppysong's, her mother's den, to play with Jaykit. They played in the lake around camp borders and pounced the willows and cattails. Her siblings didn't enjoy Skykit's sneaking out because Poppysong would have to go and find her. That left the rest of the kits with Wolffang, a sitter.

When Skykit became an apprentice, she became even more risky in sneaking out. She stopped coming back at sunset and Jaypaw came with her. Together, they went starring over sheer cliffs at the stars, climbing up the highest trees, and fought with badgers for fun. Poppysong became worried that she'd get injured and started spying on her from behind a bush where she and Jaypaw usually met. Skypaw pounced on ...more

42 Mottledfur

I have an oc like this one altho I called her mottledtail who also takes after my real life cat named Lily (manx;but mottledtail is her samurai name and she has a tail hehehe) - Lavamoon

Tortleishshell she-cat amber eyes

Um, I kinda like it. Don't know why. I just do. Tortoiseshell she-cat with brown eyes and a splotchy, dappled pelt. Looks are similar to Larksong's (ThunderClan) ~Mistyrain

43 Lostheart

Black she-kit with silver front left paw and back right paw. Silver ears and silver tail tip. Blind eyes and scars and scratches. She is originally a loner but then fell into the heart of Fireclan (made up clan). She died at six moons old due to being attacked by a fox.

A black she-kit with very rare al white tipped fur.
Lostkit was born to a mother named lonespirit and a father named wildfang. Wildfang became insane after lostkit's birth. He started training in the dark forest, he came back with bloody matted fur. Lonespirit finally couldn't stand it anymore and started looking out for wildfang more. Lonekit was stolen by the dark forest warrior known as Brokenfang. He kept her as his own. He and NightEye, a black she cat, raised lostkit like she was theirs. Lostkit was taught by Deathstar. Even when she was a kit she was able to take down a skunk all because of Deathstar's training. Brokenfang was one of deathstar's best warriors. So he was still on his side about stealing kits, which lostkit hadn't known.
Deathstar soon named her Lostpaw. He and another tom named Jaggedstar trained her very well. She fought with other dark forest warriors every day and soon was named lost heart. After wildfang got better, lonespirit realized the terrible ...more

44 Wolfwing

Gray tabby she with silver and black stripes. She also has stripes on her tail. She is larger than most other female cats in her clan and she has blue-green eyes. She is sometimes aggressive but is mostly strong and bold. She is very protective and her rank is deputy of Riverclan.

Well, there's a cat called Mousewing so... yeah this could technically exist I just don't really like it

45 Silvermoon

This is the main character of the fan fic I'm writing. She's a silver she-cat with blue eyes also she's related to Feathertail and Bluestar!

46 Sunburst

It sounds like a golden tabby like Goldenflower. It's really pretty and delicate. I love it! The personality would probably be: caring, bubbly, sweet, loyal, loving. This represents me so much! I love it!

Golden tabby she with white chest, ears, stripes, and tail stripes. Amber eyes and she is a warrior of Sc

47 Loneheart

A black and white she cat with a gray muzzle. Her mother is Dholefur and her father is
Whitedust. She has a brother named Heronclaw and a sister named Clearstream. She makes her way to NightClan but finds her mate, FlameWind in FireClan. She decides to keep one of her kits, Rosekit and leaves Spikekit and Streakkit to FlameWind.

48 Owlflight

It could be used for either tom or she I guess... But to me it sounds like a female name.

One of my OCs he's a glossy, scruffy, chestnut brown and red tom with white hind paws and some tiny white spots on his face.

49 Obsidianwing

I actually like this one too - Lavamoon

, Did Broken ever get shipped?

From the worst fanfiction ever, Obsidianwing's Quest.
Featuring: Sol, A... Vampire
Brokenstar, a hottie
And Firestar, the one who loves an apprentice and now hates Sandstorm.

50 Poolmouse

A brown she-cat, blue eyes. Fell in a pool when she was a kit and almost died

I see a wiry, light brown brown she-cat with green eyes, somewhat looking like Windstar. She would be a queen from BreezeClan, fiercely stubborn but meaningful. When she is awakened by the sound of a rustle coming from the medicine den, she goes off curiously to find what it was. When she sees Littlefang with another cat, she bares her teeth and lets her fur rise. Littlefang hisses back when Poolmouse asks what she was doing up at a time like this. When she's not convinced, Littlefang quietly introduces Echolight, the new LightningClan medicine cat. Poolmouse yowls a warning, waking the Clan up as Echolight escapes. Poolmouse's kits, Rabbitkit, Flashkit, and Birdkit, grow to have her personality. Even as a snappish queen, Poolmouse was joyous when she got to see Rabbitpaw become Rabbitflight, Flashpaw becoming Flashfoot, and Birdpaw becoming Birdfeather. Poolmouse is killed by badgers 3 moons later.

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