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21 Brightdream V 3 Comments
22 Lostheart

Black she-kit with silver front left paw and back right paw. Silver ears and silver tail tip. Blind eyes and scars and scratches. She is originally a loner but then fell into the heart of Fireclan (made up clan). She died at six moons old due to being attacked by a fox.

A black she-kit with very rare al white tipped fur.
Lostkit was born to a mother named lonespirit and a father named wildfang. Wildfang became insane after lostkit's birth. He started training in the dark forest, he came back with bloody matted fur. Lonespirit finally couldn't stand it anymore and started looking out for wildfang more. Lonekit was stolen by the dark forest warrior known as Brokenfang. He kept her as his own. He and NightEye, a black she cat, raised lostkit like she was theirs. Lostkit was taught by Deathstar. Even when she was a kit she was able to take down a skunk all because of Deathstar's training. Brokenfang was one of deathstar's best warriors. So he was still on his side about stealing kits, which lostkit hadn't known.
Deathstar soon named her Lostpaw. He and another tom named Jaggedstar trained her very well. She fought with other dark forest warriors every day and soon was named lost heart. After wildfang got better, lonespirit realized the terrible ...more

23 Quicksilver Quicksilver

Silver shecat with white, long, dashing stripes. Amber eyes, fast, long legs, warrior of Thunderclan.

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24 Loneheart

A black and white she cat with a gray muzzle. Her mother is Dholefur and her father is
Whitedust. She has a brother named Heronclaw and a sister named Clearstream. She makes her way to NightClan but finds her mate, FlameWind in FireClan. She decides to keep one of her kits, Rosekit and leaves Spikekit and Streakkit to FlameWind.

25 Owlflight

It could be used for either tom or she I guess... But to me it sounds like a female name.

One of my OCs he's a glossy, scruffy, chestnut brown and red tom with white hind paws and some tiny white spots on his face.

26 Owl Feather V 1 Comment
27 Brownfur

Yeah, pretty plain but I hasn't been used! People say that "It's not creative! I want to be creative! ", but I have a character with this name I've been told It's my best character.

I love simple names! The whole reason to make simple names is because it's easier to see the cat in your mind. Pink Eyes has " pink eyes ", Firestar has " a flame colored pelt " Graystripe has a " gray stripe " Bluefur has " bluish fur " The names are not all colors but u can still describe them better than let's say Phoniexstream or one of the gem names...
So for the point about the colors; Ravenpaw is a mostly black cat with some white spots and a REAL raven is black, like him. And.. Lionblaze is a golden brown tabby tom and a REAL lion has similar colors to his so u can kinda imagine that. Last one... one without colors... Holly. From Dawn of the Clans she wasn't red like a holly berry but she had prickly FUR like a holly plant. Anyway, love these names keep it up!

28 Duckfoot

Unique an cute name, definitely better than the other names on the list.

29 Ambereyes V 2 Comments
30 Jasminerain
31 Snowfield

A white she-cat, green eyes, long haired

32 Aurastar
33 Robinsong

Can't believe Erin hunter didn't already use this one

Someone please comment on my name, Stormflower! Ps- I LOVE this name

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34 Tigermist

Hawk frosts daughter who runs away from river clan 2 go live in thunder clan

35 Peaceheart
36 Badgerflame
37 Destinywish
38 Lightning Strike

Yellowish tabby Tom with pale green eyes

39 Hauntedbreeze

Dark gray she cat with yellow eyes

40 Dewpetal
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