Top Ten Most Interesting Fanfiction Female Warrior Cat Names

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61 Sunvine
62 Sunshine
63 Springsun

A small brown she-cat with beautiful blue eyes.

64 Ravenstorm

Beautiful black, white, and gray she. Dark purple eyes. Warrior of Windclan. No mate no kits

65 Fadedstream

I dunno if this is a Fanfic name or not, but this was a result on a quiz I took and I think it's really pretty

66 Shadowstalk

Black she-cat, black eyes. Can disappear in the shadows. - Swanlight

67 Embershine
68 Amberblaze

Beautiful name. Very nice name for a she cat with a fiery spirit

Pale ginger she-cat with midnight blue eyes, white tail tip, ear tips, muzzle, belly, and paws, with three white pearls under each eye, sorta like applejack's freakles

69 Cocoafur

Dark brown she cat with black-brown heart on forehead and amber eyes

70 Forerunner

A silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes. A part of scarlet river. She is mysterious, and very hard to understand

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71 Ivysoar V 1 Comment
72 Venussoar
73 Spiderflame V 1 Comment
74 Echowhisper

Mother is Sedgeleaf and father is Snowfall. Black she-cat with gold eyes. Excellent hunter, acts slightly mysterious. Her Clan is RiverClan. Is very well adapted to hunting and fighting in the dark. Is highly suspected to be a spy, which she is infuriated by.
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

75 Dawnflight

A ThunderClan cat. She's calico, with one green eye and one blue eye. (It really exists, it's called Heterochromia)

76 Obsidianwing

From the worst fanfiction ever, Obsidianwing's Quest.
Featuring: Sol, A... Vampire
Brokenstar, a hottie
And Firestar, the one who loves an apprentice and now hates Sandstorm.

77 Poolmouse

A brown she-cat, blue eyes. Fell in a pool when she was a kit and almost died

78 Echowing
79 Laurelleaf
80 Lionclaw
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