Top Ten Most Interesting Members of Your Family and Household to Meet if You Could Go Back in Time

A lot of us in exaggerated assumptions would probably be interested in where you would go if you could possibly travel through time. But if we could use that power to meet some of the most famous people in recorded history, why not consider keeping it in the family, by literally going back and meeting younger members of your family in the distant past?
The Top Ten
1 Your Mother

Just imagine how nuts it would be to be able to meet a much younger version of your own mother. With the only problem I would assume being trying to explain yourself to your understandably concerned grand parents.

2 Your Spouse

Well, actually, even though they would eventually become your best friend and happily married spouse for life, I'd imagine it would be best to not get too friendly with them. That would be weird.

3 Yourself

Imagine how crazy it would be to actually meet a younger version of yourself. Just be sure not to cause some kind of deeply personal pacifist paradox...

4 Your Father

Great idea. And I'm pretty sure though that saying anything among the lines of "Hey dad. I'm your first born son from the future." would most likely cause you to soon become factually non existent, furthering the negatively fact checked theorist basis that time can't be changed, but it somehow can since it was already changed from the beginning and the very dawn of time of itself, therefore, you and all your life existence got sucked into a formless dark wormhole of infinite black nothingness day by day, as you and all your guile time clones were sent to the present, where you all worked together to make a time machine with the forbidden knowledge that you all received from reading and making this list after raiding Area 52. Also, The Man with the Yellow Hat from Curious George become a highly popular internet meme as a city hatted gangsta Chad with a high crack smoking racist ape. And I'm pretty sure though that saying anything among the lines of "Hey dad. I'm your ...more

5 Your Sister

Especially if she was much older than you.

6 Your Grandfather

The seed of where your family began. Well, close enough I guess.

7 Your Brother

Same as your sister, especially if he was much older than you.

8 Your Great-Grandfather

Imagine the stories and the memes of the future YOU could tell him for a change... He'd probably want to hightail it straight back to Florida.

9 Your Grandmother

Time to photobomb in the family album, when everyone was straight faced and the lads wore ladies' clothing...

10 Your Great-Grandmother

Same as your Great-Grandfather, except with a lot more creepy porcelain dolls. Wait. Did that one just mov

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11 Your Great-Great-Grandfather
12 Your Uncle
13 Your Aunt
14 Your Cousin
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