Top Ten Most Interesting Movies of All Time


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1 Inception

Never seen such a beautiful movie. It's so mystic, intriguing, mind-blowing. Wonderful job by Christopher Nolan, and not to forget the one and only Hans Zimmer. This is one of the few movies that really get the viewer's attention. Truly beautiful.
Maybe my all time favorite movie. I really believe it should be for everyone.
I only saw it yesterday, and I am still truly speechless. I love Star Wars, but this really surpassed by light years.

LOL the most interesting movie of all time? I've seen way more interesting stuff. Just take Nolan's own film Memento.

Greatest Sci-Fi thriller I've ever seen. One of the best movies of all time. Multiple viewings will give u a really good understanding of the plot.

2 Forest Gump

Your typical romantic comedy but with a disturbing message about how blindly following whatever society tells you to do is the secret for success. - marmalade_skies

A wonderful and touching movie. - Catacorn

The film is wonderfully directed by Robert Zemeckis, the film is his opus and is acted by a great cast on all levels. From the children who were Forrest Gump and Gump Jr. by Haley Joel Osment. Say what you want but I feel Tom Hanks deserved the Oscar award. This movie is incredible and should be seen by everyone. - TechnoTarantino

3 Pulp Fiction

One of the best films in the 1990s

In sum, when people say that this is probably the best film of the 1990's, it is easy to see why. Fundamentally a truly outstanding movie, it is a must-see for anyone who considers themself a film buff and can handle graphic subject matter. - TechnoTarantino

I like how it tries to be bizarre and out of order. But it's probably not even in my top 3 Tarantino films. - marmalade_skies

4 Saving Private Ryan

I give this movie my one of my highest recommendation. Saving Private Ryan is a movie that makes you realize how life is precious and how honor and duty, though they are deep philosophical concepts that are praised in war, can put you in jeopardy of losing your life for something you may not believe in. - TechnoTarantino

5 Citizen Kane

I'm disappointed by the fact I had to add this. - BeatlesFan1964

6 2001: A Space Odyssey

This is one of the few movies that could make me fall asleep. - marmalade_skies

7 Big Trouble in Little China
8 Titanic

I love it

Beautiful movie, definitely worth it.

9 Star Wars

Really overrated. Just because it's the influential film of its time doesn't mean it's the best. The story, plot, characters and dialogue are all one-dimensional. And the production values are dated. - marmalade_skies

10 Vertigo

It's an uncanny mix of the real and surreal. Masterfully directed. - marmalade_skies

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11 The Matrix

This movie has it all. Action, strong production values, evocative atmospheres and intellectual depth. - marmalade_skies

12 Interstellar

Excellent movie!

13 The Royal Tenenbaums
14 Moonrise Kingdom

This movie will take you to limits

15 The Shining

Love this movie. Jack Nicholson was great. Kubrick knows how to set an atmosphere like no other. - marmalade_skies

16 Avatar

Best CGI movie ever made!

It's CGI porn. - marmalade_skies

17 Shutter Island
18 The Godfather
19 Goodfellas
20 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
21 Blade Runner
22 Apocalypse Now
23 Big Fish
24 The Rescuers

Rescue Aid Society
Heads held high, touch the sky
You mean everything to me

25 The Exorcist
26 The Lion King
27 Pokemon: The First Movie

Pure quality

28 The Jungle Book
29 Ferris Bueller's Day Off
30 Ratatouille
31 The Fox and the Hound
32 Lady and the Tramp
33 Finding Nemo
34 Finding Dory
35 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
36 A Clockwork Orange
37 The Little Mermaid
38 Rookie of the Year
39 Beauty and the Beast
40 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
41 The Aristocats
42 Toy Story
43 Mary Poppins
44 Pokemon: Zoroark: Master of Illusions
45 Bambi
46 Dumbo
47 Oliver & Company
48 101 Dalmatians
49 Charlotte's Web
50 Gordy
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1. Forest Gump
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1. Citizen Kane
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3. Vertigo
1. Forest Gump
2. Pulp Fiction
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