Top Ten Most Interesting Planets in the Solar System

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1 Saturn

Arguably the most coolest looking planet, with cool rings. It rains diamonds. 62% of people like Saturn the most, the other 48% like other planets the most. It is the second biggest planet. It is the least dense planet in the solar system. It has 62 moons. - BennyBoi

Saturn is so cool. I LOVE the rings

I LIVE DIAMOND’S do you comment of you do! The tings are really cool too!

Of course the rings would go wayward. the moons are beutiful and cool at same time. it is obviously the jewel of the solar system

2 Earth

There could be more animals and plants in the core of the earth if we keep on trying!

Imagine if trees gave WiFi we'd all be planting the like crazy. It's a pity they only give us the oxygen we need to breath am I right?

The planet you live on! (Unless you're an Alien with internet connection). It is the ONLY planet that can sustain life. 71% of it's surface is water, but only 3% is fresh water, but 2% of it is frozen, meaning that we can only drink 1% of Earth's water. It is the biggest rock planet in the solar system. It is the only planet not named after a god. It is the densest planet in the solar system. - BennyBoi

Obviously. Earth is many times more interesting and unique than any other planet in the universe.

3 Jupiter

The biggest planet in the solar system, rains diamonds like saturn, has thin rings. It has a red spot that was first discovered in 1665. It can fit 3 Earths inside of it. In the red spot really big storms have been going on for hundreds or maybe thousands of years. But the spot is slowly shrinking, and soon it will be gone. The lightning is 1000 times more powerful than the lightning on earth. It has the fastest day, which is only 10 hours. It has the most moons in the solar system with 67 of them. - BennyBoi

I like this planet it has more of everything than most planets

I like jupiter because is has fun and cool facts

The big, everlasting hurricane and clouds are so interesting!

4 Venus

I don't get how most people don't love Venus!
-it spins backwards, compared to all other planets in the solar system!
-it spins extra slowly, so one year on earth is one day on Venus!
-it has supersonic winds!
-it rains acid and snows metal!
-it is the hottest planet as its thick clouds store in the suns heat!
- Venus (and mercury) are the only planets without any moons or rings. Scientists still don't know why!
- Venus is so beautiful as it has many volcanoes, some even erupting as you read! Take a look at an image and you'll see what I mean.
WHOA... there are many more too

Most interesting planet hands down, a day is longer than a year, meaning that you'd celebrate your birthday each day on Venus. It rains acid and snows metal, it is the first planet to be discovered with a telescope, it is the brightest object in the sky other than the sun and moon, so it was probably the first discovered planet with the naked eye. It is the only female type planet. It is the hottest planet by far with temperatures of 471 degrees celsius. It is the only planet that spins backwards. - BennyBoi

"hottest planet" so that's why Venus/Aphrodite is the planet's god - Skullkid755

Venus and Mercury are the ONLY two planets that conquer 2 zodiac signs. Also, there's no zodiac sign that is conquered by Earth so if your zodiac sign is conquered by Venus (which is Earth's sister planet, lots in common) you could basically say you also are conquered by Earth also! Woohoo you Libra's and Taurus', you have TWO planets, the two coolest ones! - BennyBoi


5 Neptune

I think Neptune is cooler because, not only am I biased because I did a project on Neptune and worked super hard on it, but it rains diamonds! It doesn't have a surface either. It's made up of basically an electric, dense ocean. I did the project in 5th grade so I can't remember much of it. Also, it only has one moon I'm pretty sure. I think that because my model I made for it only has one sicking off. ON TOP OF THAT! It has a storm doing on in it that you can see that looks somewhat like an eye! I just-- I love Neptune. I also like the color of it lmao.

I did a science project of Neptune and Venus and I got a high grade because I'm artistic lol

Neptune is sick it has a dark vortex and 13 moons

The coldest planet in the solar system, with an average temperature of -214 degrees celsius (-353 degrees fahrenheit). It has a dark spot that's kind of like the red spot on jupiter. The spot is the size of Earth. Neptune has the fastest winds, on average they're 1931 km/h (1200 mph) in it's dark spot. And 1126 km/h (700 mph) winds on its equator. That means that it's winds are faster than the speed of sound! It has thin rings. - BennyBoi

6 Uranus

I love the uniqueness of it's sideways tilt, the rings and how looks can be deceiving as it looked bland when Voyager 2 flew over it but that all changed when Hubble came by

Only planet that spins on it's side. It's name is always being joked about, here's a really cool fact: The planet is not light blue, the light blueness is just gas, Uranus' surface is actually red! Has thin rings. It's large rocky core could contain billions of large diamonds. - BennyBoi

Secretly has a ring around it

its cold

7 Mars

Scientists said that in 30 years, trees will be successfully planted on Mars which will provide oxygen, and in 50 years, humans will be able to live on Mars! This planet is red and looks cool, used to have water on it. Has the highest mountain in the solar system named Olympus Mons. It is 24km high! (16 miles). - BennyBoi

8 Pluto

It is the king of dwarf planets, Russia is bigger than it. If you weighed 100kg (220 lbs), on pluto you'd only be 7kg (17 lbs). Pluto was discovered on February 18th, 1930 meaning that some people are older than a planet (dwarf planet since 2006)'s discovery. Pluto is named after the Greek god of the underworld.
This is a later name for the more well known Hades and was proposed by Venetia Burney an eleven year old schoolgirl from Oxford, England. - BennyBoi

9 Mercury

It is the closest planet to the sun and the second hottest planet in the solar system. It is the smallest planet it the solar system. During the day temperatures reach 472 degrees celsius, and during night they fall all the way to -127 degrees celsius! This is because it has no atmosphere to regulate temperatures. Mercury also has a double sunrise, the sun rises, hides almost where it came out, and rises again. - BennyBoi

10 Eris

The most massive dwarf planet, used to be considered the 10th planet until 2006 when it was classified a dwarf planet. - BennyBoi

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11 Haumea

Haumea is oval shaped.It is the weirdest dwarf planet.

12 MakeMake

A dwarf planet

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