Top Ten Interesting Similarities Between Fictional Characters And/or People


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21 Imperialdramon (Digimon) and Salamence (Pokemon)
22 Jules (Pulp Fiction) and Pierre (Snakes On A Plane)
23 Sakuya Izayoi (Touhou) and Dio Brando (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
24 Carlos (The Magic School Bus) and Sans (Undertale)

Both are cool. - DynastiNoble

Both make terrible jokes. - shawnmccaul22

Ones awesome and the other sucks. Carlos is baws and Sans sucks.

25 Frozone (The Incredibles) and Iceman (Fantastic Four)
26 Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls) and Luan Loud (The Loud House)
27 Jotaro Kujo (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) and Yumi Yoshimura (Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi)
28 The Thing (Fantastic Four) and The Hulk (The Hulk)
29 Beast Boy (Teen Titans) and Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls)
30 Kazuki Makabe (Fafner: Dead Agressor) and Shinn Asuka (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny)
31 Flint (Mother 3) and Chuck Norris

I think Flint is directly based off of Walker Texas Ranger Chuck Norris. I mean, he literally uses the SAXOPHONE as his attack instrument, for crying out loud. That's so badass. - xandermartin98

32 Walter White (Breaking Bad) and Gordon Freeman (Half-Life)
33 The Engineer (Team Fortress 2) and Sandy (Spongebob Squarepants)
34 Carlos (The Magic School Bus) and Luan Loud (The Loud House)
35 Ethan Diaz (Stuck in the Middle) and Luna Loud (The Loud House)
36 Destiny Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny) and Vilkiss (Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon)
37 Porky (Mother 3) and Adolf Hitler

Who is porky

38 Dr. Wily (Mega Man) and Dr. "Eggman" Robotnik (Sonic The Hedgehog)

Yeah. Because

1. Both are evil scientists
2. Both want to take over the world
3. Both are enemies with a blue character
4. Look at their mustaches. Kinda similar right?
5. Both are video game characters

They even did a Sonic comic where they met. - TwilightKitsune

39 Ashley Blake (Drake and Josh Little Diva) and Amber Tate (Icarly Saves TV)

Ashley Blake (Skyler Samuels/Drake and Josh: Little Diva) and Amber Tate (Rachel G. Fox/iCarly Saves T.V.) are the most lunatic divas of Hollywood who are similar to each other all because they're/they are equally both rude, mean, sadistic, cold, heartless, greedy, sassy, spoiled, obnoxious, selfish, bratty shrewd child star actresses and they both equally remind me a lot of Darla Dimple (Cats Don't Dance).

40 Toph Bei Fong (Avatar: The Last Airbender) and Buttercup (PowerPuff Girls)

They are both awesome, but I like Buttercup more. Although I agree they are pretty similiar in personality. Except Toph is from the ancient world and Buttercup is from the modern world.Both are tomboys, like to fight, and more- AnimeDrawer85

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