Top 10 Interesting Things About the Pokemon Primarina

People have a problem with Primarina because it's "overly feminine". I personally don't mind due to how the Pokemon is like.

The Top Ten

1 It's the perfect example of Be Careful Who you Call Ugly in Middle School V 1 Comment
2 It's a very suitable final evolution for Popplio

I know that people will strongly disagree with this, but hear me out. Popplio has been considered "ugly" by the fandom and even considered the "ugly duckling" so evolving into a very beautiful Pokemon is again, very suitable. Be careful who you call ugly in middle school. - Ruee

3 It's based off a Siren and a Mermaid

Yeah the first Pokemon to be based off that. It looks part seal/part mermaid. - eventer51314

4 It keeps the performing aspects with water balloons like Popplio V 1 Comment
5 Primarina has various songs to change the motion of balloons

So it sings like a siren? Awesome. - eventer51314

6 It can move water balloons with its voice
7 The water balloons can explode
8 It has the fairy typing

Water/Fairy is a decent typing, especially for a starter. I'm happy it's part fairy. - Ruee

That's fitting and it is beautiful! - eventer51314

9 It's very beautiful
10 It looks like it will be very bulky
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