SkullBio755 (2nd person)

It is the 12th day of the 5th month of the 3rd year of the 21st century. You are in the state of North Carolina in the country of the United States. You are inside your mom. A car accident happens. Luckily your mom isn't hurt much and survives, otherwise you would never have existed. Onto the hospital. You come out of your mom and the doctor says "It's a boy". They are trying to pick a name. Your grandfather calls and suggests the name Leon Vance Corbett, same as the name of your great-great grandfather. That is the name you keep for the rest of your life. Or not. You don't know if you'll change your name in the future or not so just assume you keep it.

You're a 4 year old preschooler. Someone punches you and others all of the time. You've had enough of it so you knock the guy out. Do you get in trouble? You were defending yourself so no. You can still get in trouble if it's self defense so they probably let it slide or someone was good at convincing.

Fast forward a grade. You do well in kindergarten, but your speech sucks. So your mom chooses to hold you back a year so you can improve and be ready for what comes next. You're kind of glad that happened otherwise you'd probably never meet your current friends. You past your 2nd shot at the grade and go on.

First grade and second grade are significant but give you no significant memories. But you meet some people you're still friends with to this day in 1st grade. The summer either before or after 1st grade you go to the beach, zoo, and aquarium somewhere. Plus, you start going to a Daycare (not a baby one) where you meet some likable people and go for a few years. Then you stop going.

Between 3rd and 2nd grade you try to make a guitar out of rubber bands and a shoe box. You're grandpa notices and buys you a small acoustic guitar. Sometime later you get an electric guitar with a tiny amp. You like it but get tired of playing nothing but boring chords so you quit for a few years. Also, you get the same teacher for 2nd and 3rd grade because she got promoted.

In 4th grade...not much happened. Someone in your class cut a girls hair out of nowhere though. Then for a few days everyone was trying to find out who did it. We still don't know but that was almost 4 years ago.

5th grade has some more memories. You win an art show as 2nd place. You go on a field trip though where you and your classmates just have fun on some playground. You hurt your legs because you try to climb a rocky hill, fall, and land on them but not bad enough to leave. Plus a 5th grade barbecue with your class and family.

During the summer of 2015 (between 5th and 6th grade), you make an account for this website, TheTopTens. You also, a few weeks later, get type one diabetes. The doctors think it was caused by a growth spurt and your pancreas couldn't keep up with your body. You deal with and treat it well from then until the day this post was made by you.

You start 6th grade. Meet some people you are close friends with nowadays. For some reason you're pretty socially awkward though. Looking back on it you were the same way starting in 5th grade. Still are but way better. Then the summer after that you go to the mountains and love it.

7th grade starts. Meet someone you're friends with that moved but still SnapChat now. You get into some drama because you let them have a bit of your drink during lunch and someone else hid your lunchbox from you. It all ends fine. Plus starting guitar playing again. Go to the mountains again the summer after that and before the mountains go to a friend's birthday party. You enjoy both of them.

8th grade, your current grade begins. Looks like it'd be the best school year aside from being stabbed by a friend accidentally because they thought you were making fun of them >:( . You go to multiple dances, audition for the talent show (you're currently waiting for the results), go to the Beta Club convention, and are forming a band. Members so far are you on vocals and guitar and a friend from preschool on drums.

So far you've lived a good life. Ups and downs like everyone else's lives, but overall it's pretty good. Your first TTT autobiography is completed. It might be added to over time but you aren't sure yet. If you do add something later the answer is yes. Hope you liked it and bye.


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