Top Ten Interesting Warrior Cat Names

This is a list of funny or strange warriors names, some exist some don't but these names i believe go by traditional warrior names, so no dirtplace there is no place suffix

The Top Ten

1 Ravenclaw
2 Frostbite

Ooh! This is such a cool name!

3 Tallpine

A tough black she cat in WindClan - Leafshade

This is kinda pretty! I'd see this cat as a mixture of dark brown, grayish brown, and natural brown fur color with eyes that are green like pine needles. But I feel like this would be an ancient cat's name since they usually describe something, like Quick Water, Gray Wing, or Jagged Peak are all adjectives just like this name.

4 Birdbird

This is a troll. Please let it be a troll

Haha, funny name! Although what leader (or medicine cat! ) would name an apprentice this?

Birds are Birds.That makes a lot of sense - cassiabez

5 Brokenheart

That is just cruel.

6 Deadkit

This is sad for the poor kit! What kind of fox heart was his her mom? Poor little scrap of fur! - Leafshade

This name is such a sad one! :(

7 Fangclaw

Fangclaw... So kinda like Toothclaw... so... aka Scourge? ~Mistyrain

8 Starstar
9 Spottedspot (S)

Lol this is so funny

10 Stormstorm

If u r leader don't name poor stormpaw stormstorm - Leafshade

The Contenders

11 Runningnose

How does a nose run from u?
But I love this name
I don't know I always thought it was RunningGorse xP

12 Yellowstar

Already made, ancient ShadowClan leader

13 Honeysweet

Not badass, but it is a pretty name and it is radical I like it - Leafshade

14 Littlefur

The name shows exactly want he looks like ;)
He's a white tom with curls on what's left of his fur

15 Cindershine


16 Bluestream

Blue Frost! Bluefire Blueshade Blueleaf Bluelake Bluepool Bluestream u can do awesome things with Blue- and this is one of the best - Leafshade


17 Leafleaf
18 Brightstar

One of the leader names that make sense! I like it - Leafshade

19 Runningfeet
20 Runningpaw
21 Brokenpaw
22 Lostheart
23 Berryberry
24 Brokentooth
25 Lostteeth

Lostteeth would be an elder who lost there teeth - scourgeisdabest

26 Morningmorning
27 Firefrost

Super cool I like - Leafshade

28 Honeydew
29 Thunderstorm

I LOOOVE IT - Leafshade

30 Goldensong

This is a gorgeous golden spotted tabby with icy blue eyes!

31 Melodybell

An incredible dark silver tabby with lavender eyes

32 Hollylight
33 Tawnywish
34 Streamflower

Yes it is very pretty - Leafshade

35 Swiftfoot
36 Maplepool
37 Wolfsong

I see a light gray she-cat with dark blue eyes and a thick ruff. She is daughter to Palestar, a pale tabby tom, and Grayflower, a ragged gray she-cat. As a kit, she was usually kept inside while the other kits played. She never did understand why Grayflower kept her inside. When she finally became an apprentice, she was quiet around Puddlesplash, her blue-gray mentor. Puddlesplash never minded. When Wolfpaw became Wolfsong, she liked nothing more than climbing up the tall mountains.

38 Amberdawn
39 Wolfhowl

Me. A light gray she-cat with white spots, and dark blue eyes. She has a little curl in her forehead. She is funny and is clever, but also very sensitive. Wolfkit doesn’t know what her destiny is, but whatever it was, she would live up to it. Her mother is Treeflower, a blue-gray she-cat with purple eyes, who is a queen. Wolfhowl’s father is Skyflight, a tan tom with light green eyes, an elder who unfortunately died a little while after Treeflower’s kitting. Wolfhowl’s sister is Jasmineheart, a white she-cat with a gray dot on her forehead, and yellow-green eyes. Wolfhowl lives in WaterClan. ( Wolfhowl )

40 Nightwhisper

Yes very mysterious I love it - Leafshade

Sounds very mysterious! - Lilycat14192

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