Top Ten Interesting Warrior Cat Names

This is a list of funny or strange warriors names, some exist some don't but these names i believe go by traditional warrior names, so no dirtplace there is no place suffix

The Top Ten

1 Ravenclaw
2 Frostbite V 1 Comment
3 Tallpine

This is kinda pretty! I'd see this cat as a mixture of dark brown, grayish brown, and natural brown fur color with eyes that are green like pine needles. But I feel like this would be an ancient cat's name since they usually describe something, like Quick Water, Gray Wing, or Jagged Peak are all adjectives just like this name.

4 Birdbird

Haha, funny name! Although what leader (or medicine cat! ) would name an apprentice this?

Birds are Birds.That makes a lot of sense - cassiabez

5 Brokenheart V 1 Comment
6 Deadkit V 1 Comment
7 Spottedspot (S)

Lol this is so funny

8 Fangclaw
9 Starstar
10 Stormstorm

The Contenders

11 Runningnose

How does a nose run from u?
But I love this name
I don't know I always thought it was RunningGorse xP

12 Yellowstar

Already made, ancient ShadowClan leader

13 Honeysweet
14 Littlefur

The name shows exactly want he looks like ;)
He's a white tom with curls on what's left of his fur

15 Leafleaf
16 Brightstar
17 Runningfeet
18 Runningpaw
19 Brokenpaw
20 Lostheart
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