Top 10 Interesting Ways in Which Certain Stereotypes Could One Day Reverse Themselves

The Top Ten

1 France Becomes the Most Masculine Country in the World
2 Canadians Become Rude and Cynical
3 Short and Fat White Women Become the Definitive Basketball Players
4 Wussy Bubblegum Pop Music Like Shape of You and Treat You Better Becomes What News Channels Like to Call "the Devil's Music"

And VERY rightfully so, believe me - xandermartin98

5 Africa Becomes the Richest Continent
6 The British Become Poor and Optimistic
7 The South Half of the United States Becomes the Smart and Democratic Half
8 Everyone in Eastern Asia Hates Vegetables While Everyone in the United States Loves Them
9 Jews Become Proactively Consumerist
10 Asian Men Become the Best-Endowed
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