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21 San Francisco Ballet

I read and learned that the San Francisco Ballet was the first ballet companies in America

San Francisco Ballet IS actually one of the best companies in the country.

Most people in the know consider SFB #3 behind Bolshoi and Royal. Odd it wasn't mentioned on this list.

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22 The Ailey School

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Official School

23 Broadway Dance Center

This is Broadway put it higher but not higher than miss abby lee miller's dance academy

Its also one of the world's best dance academies

Honestly the best choice of classes, loved it

24 Canadian Dance Company

Canadian dance company is amazing have you seen briar nolet, Issac lupien or Devon brown they are amazing dancers

Yeah the best dancers from There are 1briar 2isaac 3devon. 4myles

25 Riga Choreography School
26 Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance V 1 Comment
27 The Rock School for Dance Education
28 PNB Pacific Northwest Ballet V 1 Comment
29 School of Alberta Ballet

The second largest company in Canada with a top notch staff.. The students evolve into amazing dancers...

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30 Ellison Ballet
31 The School of Richmond Ballet

This school is wonderful and very impressive. I saw the nutcracker and it was mind blowing. The company members are beautiful and elegant and exactly what you want to see.

We go to the nutcracker every year and we still marvel at every surprise.

The School of Richmond Ballet is a wonderful school and company.

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32 Princess Grace Academy

The Princess Grace Academy is an amazing ballet school in Monte-Carlo. It has world renowned teachers and has a great program for ballet dancers

Beautiful technic

100 percent of the students of the 'Academie Princesse Grace' have a contract in a world renowing compagnie when they graduate. The school doesn't participate in competitions expect for Prix de Lausanne and so far each student that participated won a price. The training is very individual as they have just around 40 students each season between the ages of 13 and 19. The level of the school is increasing year by year and this is thanks to its very devoted and passionated director Luca Masala.

33 Codarts

This is a contemporary dance academy with a very high technical level and excellent international teachers & choreographers.

Amazing school for up and coming dancera

Amazing school using a huge variation of techniques and offering so much for upcomming dancers AND chorekgraphers

34 The Palace Dance Studio

They are a Hip-Hop dance studio who have many different amazing crews such as, their mega crew Royal Family. They also have other crew such as Sorority, Duchesses, Bubblegum and ReQuest. They bring something new to the dance community which is why I think they should be included in the top 10 dance studios/companies.

35 Dance In Motion
36 Salzburg International Ballet Academy

Salzburg International Ballet Academy is based in Salzburg, Austria, and features a range of genres, including classical ballet, contemporary, modern dance, jazz and choreography. This school's mission is to refine the young dancer's personal skills and improving performing experience through producing four galas a year.

37 Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

There are excellent teachers here. There are many alumni that have continued on to be greats. They focus A LOT on technique. Renowned for Marcia's curriculum

38 Miami City Ballet V 1 Comment
39 Club Dance Studio

Honestly amazing. Alexa Moffett is a genius. Anyone who says the a ldc is good is delusional. Kalani is the only good member there only because she came from Club Dance. Seriously look up their dances

40 Pineapple Dance Studios

This place is amazing

This place is so cool! I love it! The dancers are amazing!

I don't know this place but it sounds yummy...


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