Top 10 International Hockey Moments

A list of the greatest moments in international ice hockey history.

The Top Ten

1 Miracle On Ice

Deffinently should be number 1. We beat USSR. Team full of unsuspecting players came out, worked hard, and won. - Heffir

USA pulls of the massive upset to best the mighty Soviets and go on to win the gold medal in 1980 Lake Placid

Why is this number 1? Hockey is USA's 5th favourite Sport. Canada's 2nd behind lacrosse.

Its the greatest game/ upset in the history of sports how is it 2?

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2 Canada Wins Summit Series

I was born in the 80s... but anyone who doubts that this is by far the greatest moment in hockey history has obviously never understood the full story of what happened in 1972. Not only were we getting beat by a team we were told was comparable to our Junior B teams but we were getting beat by a bunch of communists. This is why the team was booed off the ice and had debree thrown at them in Vancouver. When they came back to Canada victorious, however, they recieved a hero's welcome at the Montreal airport!

Should be #1. Only reason why miracle on ice is #1 is because the entire the top tens list headquarters is based in the United States. If this sight was based in Canada summit series would be #1.

Paul Hendersons historic 1972 winning goal with only 34 seconds left in game 8 is a defining peice of hockey and canadain history

Americans just can't properly appreciate the magnitude of this series! It's part of Canadian identity

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3 Sidney Crosby's Golden Goal

Crosby's golden goal is a Canadian version of miracle on ice and miracle on ice is an American version of the '72 summit series.

when Crosby scored in overtime to win the 2010 olympics in Vancouver canada went crazy

And now Canadians treat him like a god. As a Canadian I do not like Crosby. He is not the best Gretzky is.


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4 Hasek Leads Czechs to Gold In Nagano

When Hasek robbed theo fleury and didn't let in a goal that shootout, apartments were shaking.

Dominik Hasek played incredible single handly won 1998 gold

5 Canada Wins Double Olympic Gold, Breaks 50 Year Drought

2002 olympics in salt lake great tournament, gold for canada's mens and womens teams

Should be #1. Way more important than that stupid miracle on ice.

6 Forsberg Scores Stamp Goal, Sweden Wins Gold

sick shootout goal for the win

7 Soviet Unoin Wins First World Championships

The soviets upset canada top win the 1954 iihf wc there first tournament ever

8 Gretzy and Lemieux Dominate 1987 Canada Cup

This should have been in the top 5-the greatest playmaker of all time setting up the greatest goal scorer of all time with just over 1 minute left to break a tie game with the only team that could rival Canada as the world's best hockey country.

9 Canada Wins 5th Straight World Junior Gold

Eberle's gmae tie-ing goal with 4 seconds left in the semis against russia proven Canada just couldn't lose

10 USA Wins First Womens Olympic Gold

usa upsets canada claims gold in Nagano

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11 2014 Stanley Cup Winning Goal

This isn't even an international hockey moment!

12 Bruins VS Leafs Comeback

Not international per say but this game was crazy

13 Blues Score With 8 Seconds Left
14 Blackhawks Score 2 Goals In 18 Seconds
15 Bobby Orr OT Winner

We are talking about Olympic hockey not NHL.

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