Bangkok Patana School (BPS)


BPS has amazing facilities - many of which really enriches the student's life there, promoting more incentives to pursue learning - not to jump through hoops, but out of genuine curiosity, which is what education is supposed to be about! =)

I joined BPS since I was 4 and left at 16 (Year 11). Cliche' to say but being here for so long, BPS has been very much a second home to me. I'm on my last year of university now and nothing feels like being in BPS. It's where I met, what I know will be my life long friends. BPS is so much more than just a 'school' where they teach standard classroom lessons but they integrate other activities and special events to teach kids unity with "Spirit Days", open mindedness with "International Days", kindness with a lot of charity events and much more. The school facilities are insane and if you want your kids to have a good foundation, I highly recommend this school because I guarantee your kids a spot in an ivy league university or at the very least a good one. Like my sister, she graduated BPS, entered and graduated Chulalongkorn University (one of Thailand's top Universities and also hall of fame of her faculty) and is now an anchor women for a well known news channel. Many of my school ...more

Facilities alone, BPS is far superior when compared to any other school featured on this list. Having visited several of the other listed schools for sport and MUN, this was clearly evident and BPS most certainly set the standard in that department. In terms of education, BPS has a world class, extensive curriculum focused on producing well rounded individuals with a vast array of skills, highly desired by leading universities world wide. In all, BPS remains a very special school, where students are taught in a nurturing environment by the best to be the very best they can be.

The original and best international school in Bangkok, providing a fully rounded education in an incredible setting. Fantastic facilities and dedicated staff ensure that students of all interests and abilities get the most out of their education and leave BPS in a position to success in their chosen walk of life, wherever in the world they end up. Thanks to all at BPS for a truly unforgettable experience.

Love this school! Current parent here. Children have made strong friendships and love their friends and teachers. The curriculum is well balanced and varied enough to suit every student's interests. Teachers do try and cater to the individual, moving them to different levels in maths and reading depending on their ability through the year. The school and the parent community are welcoming and I cherish the access that parents have to the library and resources during school hours, which makes you feel part of the Patana family all the more.

Bangkok Patana has the biggest community in Thailand. Everyone is nice to me and when I want to learn something I can ask the education board to give me the opportunity to learn and expand my interest in science and math. The teaching board has the highest education and share interests with the students. There are a lot of facilities which allow one to expand their interests.

BPS is totally the best school in Thailand. People totally don't bully each other AT ALL. Amazing, isn't it? NO ONE is bullied. Bullying is made a huge deal in BPS and people are still constantly made fun of. Once, I was extremely close to killing myself, and no one cared. In fact, people are made fun of if they are going through depression. I have, surprisingly, a number of friends going through depression. If you are mentally and emotionally strong then Patana is the best school for you. However, note that people at Patana are incredibly racist and rude. I want to move to NIST.

BPS is an amazing school because it is full of smiles and every single persons is wonderful and has their own personality. Their many different things you can do and you can try different things in sports, learning and all different other things. I have been 3 different wonderful schools and BPS has defiantly been one of my best experience. BPS is a caring and jolly school and we have different teams to be in of your choice. But there is only 1 person who is the head of the school Mr. Matt mills

BPS has a wide variety of facilities which benefit the students in ample ways. Moreover, all teachers have many years of experience in their teaching career, which ensures improvement in the student's learning progress throughout each academic year. I am very lucky to be a student in the school and have made numerous memories that will be hard to forget in the future.

The best schools that I ever went to in my life. From staff to facilities. It is just an absolutely an amazing school. I feel so privileged to be a part of the school for 5 and years of my life. The friends that I made their is just absolutely amazing because they come from a lot of different cultural backgrounds. Just a fantastic place recommend every one of you to go to this school without a hesitation. BPS I love you!

Bangkok Patana school has so far been the best school I'v been to, I have been here for 4 years and the school has gotten better every day. It has a big space and lots of nature. There are a good variety of Food BE BALANCED! Even though this school doesn't win that much prizes in sports they still have great coaches which try very hard to make us better and stronger. This school also has a lot of languages to choose from to and I can't decide on French and Spanish. All I always wanted to say was Thank you for making me a good and better student. GO PATANA GO! ROAR Our logo is a tiger paw. print!

I attended BPS for 9 years. It is without a doubt the best school I have ever attended. I am still in contact with many of the teachers that had a significant impact on my life. I would recommend BPS to anyway who wants to give their children the best education.

BPS has excellent facilities and environment. Great teachers with great curriculum have made the school in the top international schools. With continuous support by all stuffs and board committees on the areas of academics and sports, I strongly believe that they will drive the school to be one of the best international school in Souteast Asia in the future!

Schooling is a big part of your life, if you started at a school since K1 you are talking about 15 years of schooling. The environment in which you are brought up in affects your concentration, your behavior and your attitude towards learning and Patana is truly a great school, it has everything to offer, and you know your money is being put to good use when you arrive to school at the start of the academic year, seeing a new building or canteen or upgraded equipment for the students to utilize. People worry about the size, and being too big, but the way I see it, is more space, more opportunities. Home to me always.

BPS enables students to pursue their interest to a great extend. Compared to the other International School around, BPS has a great variety of International students and therefore kids are given the opportunity to explore different values and cultures. In addition, the school's campus is magnificant and students have a great choice to participate in sports or other activities.

Bangkok Patana School, an amazing school with an excellent faculty and amazing facilities. It offers a balanced teaching range throughout the course there. To be at this school has been a pleasure for me, allowing me to find hidden talents and develop on skills I had previously been not too proficient in.
Go for Patana, go for the first British International School in Thailand.

It has a lot of interesting people in it. Plus the teachers are great at teaching us and they can also help us on problems that we have that has been bothering us. The facility in the school is great too.

Patana is a wonderful school. The fact that my 5 year old never wants to miss a day is the perfect testimonial!

A great balance between play and structure in the foundation stage years. - vicharee

BPS is a great school! The facilities are just simply designed with amazing architecture that also acts as a wonderful learning environment for children.

At Patana, every student is given the opportunity to excel in their own unique way through the incredible facilities and resources provided by the school that cannot be found anywhere else.

An excellent school, with committed teachers, creative courses and educational opportunities, and excellent facilities. I give it top marks!

BPS has amazing facility. And all staffs are very good and know what they are doing. They offer a lot of activities which are good experience for kids. My kids enjoy going to school every day. They are the one who said we want to move to this school. I glad my kids and I made the right choic.

Patana is epic. All facilities are good, snacks are healthy and also the way they teach is amazing! BPS has also a buffet lunch! The lunch includes different types of food from different countries. The work the children do-its AMAZING!

This is the school all other schools wish to be like. It has stood tall above all others for many years. 65 years of experience is bound to be something any organisation can pick up knowledge from. Patana is #1 - the rest are runners up. No shame in that.

It's much better than all the other schools, it's facilities are fantastic and the people and environment is very sincere.