International Community School (ICS)


ICS is my home. For the past 13 years here, I've learned, given, and received so much. Even if not many people realize the community at our school while they are here, they will certainly miss it when they leave. I say this not only as a senior but also as an ICS student who has felt, experienced, and grown - academically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and so forth - through the community here at ICS. Whether it's with friends, classmates, teachers, staffs, or the new kids, the love, sincerity, care, and honesty can really be felt. This applies to any aspect of ICS - in the classrooms, hallways, afterschool, student council events, and especially the student ministries events. When you really find yourself in the community - especially the one shaped by the student ministries events (or rather, vice versa) - you can truly be yourself. It's home to a welcomed transparency - no judgement of your mistakes and failures. To keep it "short", I'll just say that ICS has one of the few ...more

My son attended ICS 2 years ago. There are many good reasons that I choose this school for my son. He is very happy to come to school everyday and I can see his big improvement over the years. Teachers are great with high standard. They love their students and work with their heart. For parents, I think ICS is not only a school for your child but it is a community that parents, students and teachers spending time together. Not only the best education that students will get from here, but more importantly they will grow up with a good care from teachers within the safe environment.

ICS consists of numerous energetic, intelligent, hard-working, and academically talented students. There are variety of opportunities for every child aspiring to become well-rounded individuals. This school offers countless APs and rigorous courses, along with other interesting activities that will shape each individual to be a successful adult in his or her bright future.

At ICS, you learn more than just book material. There's just something in the environment that teaches you to become a better person. You learn values, learn how to handle life the right way, learn that you are worth something, and that you are capable of doing anything you want. The love and motivation you receive from the teachers makes you feel like school is home. Although I graduated a year ago, I still consider ICS my second home, and the faculty my second family. You just get attached to the environment and the people because all of them make you feel like it's amazing to be yourself. I am a proud ICS alumnus.

For the past 11 years I have been going to ICS, and never in those 11 years have I even thought of moving schools. It became my home, and every time I visit other schools for competitions or festivals, I always feel relieved to come back to ICS. Though it may not be a really big school compared to other international schools, it is always filled with laughter, harmony, and the most important, community. You can see how the teachers care for the students and how the students themselves look up to the teachers. Even the principles are so caring and easy to talk to! Thank you ICS for making such a great place for me to grow in my studies!

My oldest son graduated from ICS. He spent 12 years at ICS. ICS had prepared him very well and he loved ICS. The teachers were very closed to him. He still contacted many of them. ICS has prepared him very well both in academic and in spiritual area. He will finish his study from Yale Medical School next year. My second son is a senior at ICS. This is his 13th year at ICS. He has enjoyed soccer and studying at ICS. My wife and I know that both of them will do well in life. We know that they will be good adults and will help others who are in need.

ICS is a school where the teachers and students maintain a relationship that is like none other- events are held frequently to bring the community together as one. These events focus on both religious beliefs and life problems- and sometimes its just merely for fun (which is good either way). During the student's middle school and high school years school trips would be help- the main ones are held over night, their safety is not to be worried over either. ICS is an overall safe place for everyone no matter their situation or statues.

I love this school so much! I graduated from here a few years back. ICS is a very loving community and is known for it's education. Various of nationalities are gathered here which makes this school very diverse and a very unique place to be. Teachers are very generous and caring. I will never forget the amazing experiences I've had here.

I have four children attending ICS and I couldn't think of a more caring environment for my kids to learn in. ICS offers an incredible academic opportunity that's balanced well with extracurricular opportunities and the stand-out for me is that teachers care about the students and volunteer their time to mentor them. This school is truly a supportive community and it's amazing to see ICS alumni come to support the school at games, special events, or just to play soccer on weekends with their friends and former teachers. ICS students are a special bunch too because they are brought up in a caring, supportive environment, and they learn to be respectful, responsible, caring individuals.

I have been going to ICS since K5 and honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. ICS has not only taught me the basic education that all school have, but also how to be a great person. As an example, the school requires us to do a senior Capstone project in order to graduate. Although it may seem tedious and annoying at first, the Capstone project is extremely beneficial. The Capstone project engages us into the world of service and helps us become active members in our society. I truly love being part of the ICS student body!

I have 4 children and all of them attend or have attended ICS. It is affordable compared to the others in this list and the best part is the community feel and caring teachers that graduates talk about. It provides a great and well-rounded education. My son has done very well on an almost full-ride scholarship in university in the U.S. (he is now a sophomore). He was not at the top of his class at ICS, and those who are, generally end up at prestigious schools in the U.S. and elsewhere.
ICS is a great value and even if it cost more, I would gladly pay it.

This is my sixth year teaching at ICS, and I've never had a single thought about leaving. The community here is second to none, inside and outside of the school. My administrators support me, my colleagues are a delight to work with, and my students are absolutely wonderful. I love them with all of my heart, and I am so proud to be able to share what I know with them. Beyond the academics, my hope for each student at ICS is that they leave here knowing that they are loved and desiring to pursue truth. I couldn't ask for a better teaching environment.

ICS is a wonderful Christ-centered school that educates the whole child - academically, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. It is a warm environment and community where families, teachers and students are all involved. The care and attention given and received is one of serving a true calling and not just considering service as work. I am blessed to have three of my children attend this excellent school.

I have 3 children and all of them are attending ICS. I love this school because the teachers don't only teach lesson but they love the student too. My children grew up physically and spiritually. Being at ICS makes me feel comfortable. And the parents are so helpful to, they love each other and help each other.

ICS is a school that you really get to see the education of the "whole child" taking place. Teachers sincerely invest in the lives of the students through extra curricular activities such as coaching sports, advising clubs, mentoring in small groups, and making themselves available to just spend time around students outside of the classroom. My daughter comes home excited about what she did at school that day, and her passion for reading has grown into a desire to write as well (and she has only been in K5 for 2 months! ) She knows that the teachers at ICS truly care about her and desire for her to reach her full potential. I can hardly wait for my two younger children to be old enough to enroll.

Proud to be an Eagle! I love ICS so much, the reason being that the community and environment here is extremely welcoming and family-like. I've attended here since 4th grade and I'm not planning to leave until I reach 12th grade

ICS is blessing to many people, and I am so glad that I have gotten to experience different parts of the community of ICS. I first was a student and was greatly impacted by my teachers, administration, and friends. ICS has a high academic standard, so I became very self-motivated as I learned to push myself and became willing to try new things. At university, I felt very prepared both academically and socially thanks to the growth I achieved at ICS. Now I have a teaching degree and I have returned to be a teacher here. I love being a part of this community again! Our school takes great care of their teachers, and the parents and students are a joy to work with.

Although this school is #9 on this website -- it should also be known that most other schools assign students to vote for their school. ICS believes in its' ability and thus doesn't require students to do desperate acts as such for popularity. And without any doubt, you can ask any of the students and parents regarding the satisfaction education-wise, athletic-wise, and mental-wsie at ICS. ICS is the place where teachers turn into students and try everything to make the students learn at their best. ICS offers a wide-range of exploration and growth for the individual student. GO EAGLES

Our kids moved from Thai schools to ICS (grade 3 and grade 6) in 2013. They both love ICS in no time. After school they always enjoy reading, playing, finishing their assignments and projects with friends at school. They have lots of exposure to international cultures, sports, activities, learning to be more discipline and work well with their peers. They have been impreginated in good environments with great attitude among caring and dedicated teachers at ICS.

I agree too. because' I'm her daughter but I'm currently in 7th grade. (I moved to ICS last year)

My child goes to this school and he really enjoy it. Coming from a completely different environment, he was able to adapt and make lots of friends. The teachers are easy to approach. Lots of sports are available. ICS has won a lot of medals too : ) Best school ever!

ICS is not only a school where you only get education, it is more like a family. All the teachers are caring, always supporting the students in whatever path they choose to go. There are also a lot of varieties of courses for the students to choose.

My children go to this school. They went to another school and was bullied a lot. This school is bully free and the atmosphere is nice and warm. Even the teachers, students, and other parents greet me! Not only my children have. Wonderful friends, but I do to!

My child has been able to learn up to his expectations under the perfect circumstances offered at this school. My goal for my child is to join MIT or CALTEC or YALE which they have already accepted one of my elder children. This school is one school that I want people to enroll their child in

My 2 boys are attending ICS. They are very happy and love the school. As parent, I love this school not only because of the academic, but also the school core value. This school is a nice small community that teaches the children for a good manner, having a kind heart and respect other people.

This school is a great place for many of our students. I myself, am a student here. Most of time, we're hardworking, but we also experience great happiness, and we get to spend time with God. We are thankful for ICS, and this school really deserves to be up here in this ranking.