International School Bangkok (ISB)


It's at least as good as BPS, the only other contender for top international school in Thailand, but the opportunity of living within walking distance in a beautiful residential compound and the facilities which are some of the best in the world, let alone Thailand, should push ISB to the top of this list. Every school of course has its downsides and problems, and not every student is happy there, as is evident by some of the comments here, but it is constantly improving and invests in its future more than any other school in the country. I attended the school myself and my daughter has recently started here and from both perspectives I can confidently recommend and say ISB is the kind of environment in every way you would want to grow up in or have your children grow up in.

ISB teaches kids to have responsibility and help others... In many field trips, it includes helping kids in non-international schools or kids that are have a disability. ISB makes kids learn the importance of helping others. Kids in ISB learn not only about math, science, reading, and writing... But also about fairness and being mature. I have been in many schools in the past and ISB is the best one so far. My 5 years experience is the best! ISB always makes learning fun and educated. Not only we learn the stradegies, formulas, algorithms, and such but we also learn why we have those strategies. The smartest kids around don't always know how their methods work. But in ISB, kids learn how everything works not only how to do it. That way, kids can make their own stategies and be creative! If you do not know what something means but you know how to do it... You have less chance to be creative. I hope ISB can keep up the good work. GO ISB!

I've been to 4 schools and ISB is by far the best school. The facilities here are of top quality and the academics are very challenging. The people here are all very unique. They all come from different backgrounds and have different stories to tell. They are one of the most supportive people I've met and not to mention, the smartest and most talented as well. You'll find lots of students here that are just pure geniuses and will either raise your competitiveness level or just make you doubt yourself. But whichever one it is, you will get help from them no matter what it is. Graduating this year and didn't even regret ditching taking an entrance exam for another school I applied to. It's no doubt the best international school here in Bangkok (and the oldest).

This is the best school to be at because we have the best curriculum and dedicated teachers, dedicated students and many different areas of activities to join in. Whether it's sports, dramatic arts, visual arts and much more than I can list. Also, ISB is known in many universities worldwide. This is a very competitive school with students from all around the world. I am currently a student here and I can honestly say that this is the best school I've ever been in.

The best educational experience my children have ever had! ISB's facilities are world class, the educational standards are challenging, and the support systems throughout the school are professional and effective. In short, it is the school I wish I had the opportunity to attend in my youth.

Graduated in 1995 when many other international schools were not around. Back then it was the benchmark to follow by other international schools with high quality faculties (most were expats while local hire were highly exceptional), advance placements curriculum (IBs, APs, and etc), and state of the art facilities and educational equipments (probably one of the reasons it abondoned the 30 year-old campus in Soi 15). Now 18 years later and learning from friends whose children are studying in various schools, it is felt that ISB is still leading the pack in various educational developments (but the gaps are closing in as developments from other top schools are catching up). Visit each school and compare the tuition cost against their investments into the school (teachers, facilities, equipments, and etc. ) and you will have a good idea where you want to invest for your children.

I've been at ISB for eight years now and I have to say that it is an amazing school. The facilities are fantastic, and the teachers are very friendly and welcoming. There are many interesting activities to join and are all do a wonderful job at making it both entertaining and educational. Overall, ISB is a very good school.

Although out of the way. ISB provides the most exceptional facilities and range of teachers of any other international school in the country. Kids enjoy it there. Sports-wise there is no competition with any other international school in Bangkok. With strong focus on academics, sports, and the arts ISB is where you want your kid to go.

A kid died there because they did not think to have someone supervise kids in pools. STUPID

The best international school in Thailand. Great teachers, facilities and curriculums. I like the library and the parents workshop. My son has wonderful time studying here.

"ISB is a world class International School. Fine educators, exemplary facilities and a community that cares for and nurtures each other. It is expensive... but I know my daughter will be a much better person after having graduated from this school."

I studied at ISB for only 2 years and I already know nearly everyone in my grade and some in other grade. I even have friends in 12 grade. ISB is a good place for good friends and great teaching. ISB teach very well for me and my classmates. I made me improve all topics. I use to hate writing workshop but when I come to ISB I started to love writing workshop.

I have been studying here for 3 years, and I never see any fighting. People in the school are so kind and friendly. Since I moved here, I felt so happy to be in this school. This school is like one of a big family. We are a community.

I just moved to ISB and I love the school. It has a huge campus and the students are super nice they welcomed me dearly. The teachers are native speakers and they can keep kids awake and learn at the same time.

This is the best school in Thailand. Don't even think about arguing. We have lots of sports and performing arts, lots of events. We are the only school in Thailand that gets to compete in IASAS. We are really safe and have security guard who work 24/7 to make sure we are as safe as we can be. On top of that. We are located in north Bangkok in a super safe Community for kids called Nichada Thani. Our school is so diverse. People come from all over the world. Children don't have to worry about being bullied because our counselors and principals do a good job about it. There is so much activities to help children be successful.

Wonderful school with great kids, caring teachers and engaged parents. All in all, a near perfect community to raise multi-cultural children.

Because their facilities are really good. They are also very caring and always welcome to other people. Once a panther, always a panther.

This is an amazing school, this is because its awesome the teachers care about you, they like to teach you and they are interactive.

Why did you have to pick on me? Why did you have to destroy my spirit and happiness?

I used to go to ISB and it is so big like too big and the people there are crazy, they drink and do shisha at the age of like 14. They always go to Enchanted the bar and its really crazy because they get drunk a lot! So I left and went to BPS and it's so nice there!

ISB is an AMAZING school. All the teachers and students are all AMAZING, funny and nice. I always can't wait to go back to school again after weekends or holidays. It's amazing!

I've studied in a few other international schools in Thailand, but I have to say that ISB is the best school I've been to!

A very large campus that puts emphasis on sports and health. The community is very international and it truly is an "international school". Ideally you live on the same housing compound as the school, but they have bus services from downtown to the campus. - repoulin

I like ISB but honestly walking to classes was the most annoying thing since the school is so unnecessarily large...

ISB has the best curriculum and dedicated teachers, dedicated students and many different areas of activities to join in. Whether it's sports, dramatic arts, visual arts and much much more. Unlike OTHER schools ISB is actually more of an international school. In NIST, Patana, Harrow, Wells, St. Andrews) most of the students are Thai, Chinese or Indian. ISB has students from all over the world.

ISB has been able to teach kids who never spoke English before to speak it fluently. Also ISB is a very active school. Always helping those in need with different fundraisers. And also our middle school students this year won the World's scholar cup!

ISB has visiting authors such as Marie Lu, and we also get people with experiences come and share and teach us.