KIS International School Bangkok (KIS)


A great place to be. Great staff, great teachers, great friends. The community here is excellent. I believe one of the main concerns for International schools nowadays is problems dealing with drugs, alcohol, etc. My son has never been exposed to any of that and the community is really supportive of these things. It is sad to see some students who leave KIS and get exposed to these kinds of things.

KIS is a small but great school. No school will have as good of a community and academic and athletic base as KIS. Everyone will support one another no matter what and the entire community knows every other person so you feel important no matter what role you play. If you want to make something of your self and be in a safe environment and get constant support, KIS is the place to be!

Absolutely love KIS and the staff/faculty devotion to the students. Small school with a big heart!

The community and the school is Just the best ace for any student. You feel like you've been in that school forever on your first day. The teachers are one of the best and sports and KIS spirit makes everything better.

KIS International School provide countless and amazing supports to the students. Personally speaking, high school wasn't easy for me, especially studying in IB program in KIS (one of the best and hardest program). However teachers here in KIS provide countless supports that I am sure not everyone could find it in their own school. Students here have strong bonds towards each other and they are willing to help their friends getting through obstacles in life (school, friend, or family problems).

I'm a student at KIS International school and can I just say that I LOVE this school. It has an excellent academic and a great curriculum, a small and wonderful community and amazing facilities. It is really a great school and I'm not just saying this for the good of my school but because I want people to go to the school that they think it's best for them. And I also think that on websites like these you should be honest.

We visited the school first because of the IB curriculum and then stayed because we appreciated the size and the community atmosphere in and around the school. 5 years later, we remain very pleased with our decision. Our Grade 1 student loves learning (which is half the battle, isn't it? ) and doesn't want to miss a day. We recognize that other schools may have more in terms of options, but there are trade-offs in size and scale.

No regrets - KIS is a great place to learn!

KIS lives up to its name Knowledge, Inspiration and Spirit. The teachers and students are so welcoming and staff was always very helpful. They have a great community which takes part in sports, dancing competitions, singing competitions, art exhibitions, volunteering and much more. Defiantly recommend going to KIS International School as an expat who wants their kids to grow up in an amazing school.

This school shows comfort and is going to prepare us for the future. They don't teach by textbook but by their knowledge and the other knowledge they find. Not only do they show us that they can overcome obstacles but they live up to their name. Knowledge, Inspiration and Spirit. They show us that anything is possible if we put our minds to it. - Anthea

KIS is such a welcoming community, I have been at this school for 10 years now, and the students and teachers make you feel so accepted, where they are always helpful. There are various activities that we can contribute in, including dance, singing, house and sport competitions. Its such a big, clean, and pretty school, KIS has really lovely community to be in.

As a KIS parent and a staff member I can highly recommend the school. KIS is very open and transparent. Decisions are made with the kids' best interests in mind and there is in general a very positive mind-set, not just among the students, but for the adults as well. The academic standard is high and the campus is nice and spacious, green and well maintained. - lindabelonje

Great school - taught their a number of years ago. Students are engaged and committed to doing their best. The IB education model is a wonderful platform which develops elements of analysis and reflection within each student who gain a breadth and depth in their learning unlike any other school. I enjoyed the warm friendly atmosphere in the school where everything is all about the students. Take the tip - KIS is an excellent school. I have 42 years experience in education so I have seen many lesser school in my time.

A great place to be, strong community feel and high academic standards. The students are motivated and mature, the graduates feel well prepared for universities around the world. I definitely recommend it!

The vice-principal is very helpful in particular. The facilities are very good and create a proper learning environment for students. KIS also caters to all kinds of students and is successfully able to create global citizens

The KIS community is by far the best. The parents are very involved, and the student council runs some great programs. It's not a huge school, so the personal attention is there. I've loved every bit of KIS... Even the early mornings!

Very warm loving community. I attended KIS for 14 years and graduated with an IB diploma in 2012. What makes KIS truly special is more than the interactions between teachers and students but facilities staffs who always go above and beyond to keep students safe and interact with them on a personal level. For example, students host an annual football match between staffs and their student athletes.
As far as my experience goes, KIS feels like my second home and I'm one of the many proud alumni!

Small class size, individual attention to students. Teachers are very friendly and are willing to help outside of class. Strong IB program and decent athletic team in the TISAC.

Me and my family visited this school a few days back and it was amazing. They have many different resources and many kids get opportunity to get involved into one thing or another

Lovely school, warm and caring atmosphere. Strong academic programme, nice kids.

This is an awesome school! I recently joined and my confidence level and my everything has reached great levels! Thanks to KIS!

I've been in KIS ever since I was 2 years old, which is practically 13 years already. I really enjoyed the environment and every part of this school. People are friendly and sports are competitive - RandomDewd

KIS is such a caring community with such warm and friendly students and teachers. I am also a student here and I enjoy it so much. I've been at this school for around 9 years and have been loving it!

KIS is a very wonderful environment. If you are a student you will love it. If you are a parent I guarantee you that every day when your child gets home she/he will say " I love school"

Lovely small school, warm environment where everyone knows each other.. Best environment for kids to be in..

The school has a very nice environment and shows warmth to the students and teachers. I believe that the school shows respect to anybody who comes.