NIST International School


We have just started at NIST and after struggling with the adjustments of moving to Asia for the first time and changing schools, I can say that my daughter is finally loving school again. We, as parents, not only love the sense of community but also NIST environment that fosters the love of learning and inquisitiveness in children. Thanks so much NIST for welcoming us into your community with open arms!

Set in the heart of Bangkok with facilities readily available, we have an amazing sports center and strong academic program. We have a strong community filled with diversity and a wide range of extra-curricular activities. There's something here for everyone if you're open-minded.

Nist is and inspirational school which teaches us about perseverance and doing what you love. The school is big enough to get around in time and you don't get lost. If you ever do get lost it is a very helpful so feel free to ask anybody. Even the students.

Compared to most international schools in Thailand or abroad, NIST just has a unique feel and culture. Despite being quite large, it's incredibly welcoming, and everyone from the students to the security staff is friendly, outgoing and helpful. We love it here and wouldn't want to send our daughter anywhere else.

Something that makes NIST unique from other International schools is that it the first and only non-for profit school in Thailand. It is also a U.N. related school so children will understand more foreign culture and accept them more. NIST makes students understand that by being in a school full of people with a variety of nationalities, it will make them get used to it for when you must go to study at abroad you people from a range of cultures and it would be easier to accept them. As a student at NIST for the past 9 years NIST has changed a lot when I first came. Today, with a variety of sports and activities you can participate here and with the great facilities at NIST, I personally believe that NIST is a friendly environment to learn in.

NIST is a family, I graduated from NIST and cannot imagine having it any other way! Go Falcons!

I am a Nistie. I have been for the past 8 academic years of my life and can say Nist is amazing. Nist is an amazing international school and has great facilities (recently renovated) and awesome teachers. The teachers at our school have had a long journey before them and had taught many students in many different countries around the world before coming to teach us and help us with what they have experienced. I love going to school and waking up early in the morning might be a downside but meeting my friends and doing fun things in class has defiantly made up for it plus there is a school provided breakfast that helps too. Nist may not have a 15 hectare campus or countless football pitches but it has its community which has made all the difference. The school does provided the latest technology not only to its secondary students (Macbook airs) but also iPads for its elementary students too. Nist is smaller compared to a lot of schools and bigger to some but I don't think size matters ...more

I am in my 12th year at nist, and every year, school gets better and better, and I learn so much. The program might be quite easy going with quite less practice with exams during elementary and the beginning of secondary, but since then, I have had consistently satisfying education - will help with college, guaranteed as the IB and MYP programs challenge kids, and teachers are of good guidance. The location is right in the heart of the city, the buildings are reconstructed, facilities are available considering where we are located, and people are really nice!

NIST is a great school to go to. I have been there for only 4 years but it has already changed my life so much. I used to be a horrible swimmer; now I enjoy diving under the water racing my friends. When I came in year 3 I had terrible stage fright, now when there is a chance for theater I lunge to get a glimpse of it. NIST has truly chanced my life for the better, and the lives of others. If a child goes to NIST, they may get life skills that parents didn't get a chance at until college... as long that child is open to new views. Now I wonder what my life would have been like without NIST being there for me.

NIST offers a program which well prepares students for university. In regards to other interests NIST's sports program is one of the highest rated in the International Communities and NIST also offers clubs that are related to issues of global importance such as MUN, Amnesty International and GIN.

NIST is guided by several excellent curricular designs giving structure and continuity to the academic programmes. These allow sufficient flexibility for the school to make modifications appropriate to the needs of the students, and to ensure that relevant material is always included.

There's always something going on: the environment is academically, intellectually and personally stimulating. Even though the school is one of the biggest ones in Thailand, there is a strong sense of community and you really do feel at home. GOO FAALCOONNS!

NIST is so amazing, I couldn't say one bad thing about it. I attended NIST from years 5-8 (2012-2016) and I loved every second of it. NIST has helped me grow and learn things that I wouldn't have learnt anywhere else. The environment is incomparable and the people are just wonderful. Within a week of attending you will definitely feel as if it is your home. Watching the school grow will all the students has been unforgettable and even though I don't go there anymore I think about the school all the time. NIST has definitely changed my life for the better and I definitely think it is the best school in Thailand, hands down.

NIST has been my home for over 5 years now and I have to say that it is the best environment to learn and the best place to meet new people. As it is an international school there are hundreds, no thousands, of students who are always engaged and hoping to achieve the best they can. I can say without a doubt that NIST is the best international school in Bangkok and I hope it stays that way. GO FALCONS!

NIST has one of the most diverse students and a strong faculty that gives the most interactive education to students. This what makes NIST the to become to top of the International Schools in Thailand.

NIST students know what they are dealing with and they like to out to the public and are really into various service programs. They are always dedicated, and very exciting to look at.

A great school, progressive thinking, compact yet warm atmosphere, with continuously excellent academic results. I would consider sending my kids here.

Even though I go to ISB and always go to NIST for sports, I think that NIST is the best school in Thailand just because the facilities, structures and educations are better. Plus the I have more friends that go to NIST than ISB because their parents said "NIST is a better school to go to just because the of the cost and the education support there." I NIST!

I have been here for 8 years and this school has made me a life for me, I have changed a lot because of coming here. Everything is good here, The facilities, teachers, students and sports teams. I have really enjoyed learning here from good friends to fun classes, they have really made me a personality. Learning here has been one of the greatest gifts ever and I won't want to leave.

Our daughters were at NIST for 11 years wonderful years. It is a school with great community spirit, dedicated teachers and a full IB curriculum.

Some people may say, 'This place is so dirty, outdated facilities, untalented students. The teachers may seem like there smart but actually when you ask them simple questions like whats 9+10 they answer 21. Worst school in the whole city and hopefully you'll never have to go. Good thing there is a hospital across the road because that place will give you aids.'

But NIST students say 21 because we have a sense of humor, unlike you. School doesn't have to be a serious environment, it can be a fun one. And just saying, there is no hospital across the road. Go to Google Maps.

It's my 7th year at NIST, I definitely feel as if this school is my second home and I could be all alone at school but somehow still feel safe. We are a diverse group of students who know not to discriminate nor bully and fortunately, we've all grown up following the IB Learner Profile. Our campus may be small compared to the other schools on the top ten list here, but there is a reason why we're #1. I know practically everyone's names in secondary, maybe have not gotten to known the new students but I can assure you everyone knows each other -- Falcons are a tight bunch. NIST gives us opportunities to get to know the younger children, as some are the son and daughters of several teachers, but we still get to go teach them once in a while. I love NIST with all my heart and I have never been so proud of a community.

Wonderful School with a real community feel to it!

We just moved from an International school in South Africa and are so impressed with our first weeks at NIST! The help with adjusting, the welcoming new students, the help with paperwork and visas, the overall atmosphere at school is just fantastic! We are so happy that our girls will be here for the next 5 years and will graduate in 2020 as Nisties!

NIST is a great school. I have spent my entire childhood here and it is a community of international teachers, students, staff, and parents from various countries around the world. It is a UN affiliated school which makes it a very trustworthy school with a variety of nationalities, cultures and diversity within it.