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41 Ekamai International School (EIS)

Ekamai International School offers more than just a place for students to learn academic courses. This school sees every student's potential and skills and always guide he or she for a successful future. Each year students graduate with various diplomas that will see them all get accepted into almost every colleges and universities both locally and also around the world.

Ekamai International School is, I believe, the oldest international school in Thailand. It has sent out students to various parts of the world and these students are all now in the top places of every field. They have made great differences in their own community and have expanded this change throughout the world.

The school is a good place to be. People are nice and teachers are hardworking. Campus size and facilities are fair, nothing out of the ordinary. The school is involved in BISAC and other major extra-curricular activities. They also provide a decent AP program and have high acceptance rates in reputable universities both locally and abroad.

It's better than what you think

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42 Lanna International School Thailand (LIST)

The British international school of Chiang Mai

Strong academics and good family relations

43 International Pioneers School, Bangkok

After the new building has been made its getting better, actually one child did not died from exhausting heat but he drowned. I know because I am studying in this school. The studies are really good and its getting better till the best. Keep it up!

One of the good international schools located in Central Bangkok, providing Quality Affordable International Education. Keep it up.

No AC for the classroom. Place is a dump. Looks like the third world. Headmaster's office is in a trailer. One student died there from heat exhaustion while playing in the dusty dirt field. Aluminum siding for a roof.

Sorry an error A should be capital.

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44 Garden International School, Ban Chang, Eastern Seaboard

One of the best International School that I could highly recommend. I am a parent of 2 and very happy to share of how my Kids love and excited to come to school everyday. That's what we want! The more my kids are happy and excel in academic the more we are happy too. Teachers and Staff are very friendly.

If you're looking for a well-rounded education, this is the place to be. Besides focusing on academics, it emphasises on the need to develop empathy among the students and staff, which is lacking in a lot of educational institutions in the modern world.

A very family-friendly community International School. Lots of community events.

This is a great school. Both of my children go here and they love it. The teachers work really hard and the facilities are very good. - GardenSchool

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45 Prem Tinsulanonda International School

The schools new principal puts a stronger focus on academics which is welcome. Prem also has a huge university like campus and a great atmosphere among students, teachers and parents.

Excellent International Baccalaureate school located in Chiang Mai.

Great location, excellent facilities

It has the amazing campus and a lot of professional faculties for international students. Prem also provides studensts various activities after regular class.

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46 St. Andrews International School
47 PPMAS-SINGAPORE International School

This is one of the best international school for my kids. I enroll my kids to this school. I only wish that they will run the school to secondary level. If you have not enrolled your kids to any school, I suggess every family choose visit this school before you make a decision. I am sure you will not disappoint with this school.

Singapore management has money mind. Good for parents who want to pay a lot for schooling because their kid can't compete in public school system.

This is a true international school. They enrolle 50% of Thai's family and 50% of international family. The class size is right only 20 students in each class. The ratio of the students to teacher is 5 to 1. The tution fee is different from other Singapore International School. The tuition fee at PPMAS-SINGAPORE International School is reasonable compare to other Singapore Curriculum out there. We enrolle our kids to this school. We encorrage any family to check this school before make decision for your kids.

We' ve been visited PPMAS-SINGAPORE International School for a couple time already. We love this school. It is one of the cleanest schools. Their curriculum is very well prepair path for my twin. I would recomend this school to my freinds.

48 Phuket International Academy Day School

Good one!

49 Glory International School (GIS)

Glory like home for all student. We love everything there.

My son was study here. He's love his school so much. I think this is most important point of school. How they make children fall in love school.
Wanchai W. Thiti's Parent

It has been such a special year since my husband and I have brought our son to be part of the Glory family. Throughout our time here, we have learned a lot of good tips from the school that we could apply in our home. Because our family values goodness, we believe that those who do good deserve to be complimented, so that they would have the motivation to continue doing good deeds. Therefore, this letter is like a thank you letter which will share my experiences with Glory.

Thiti has moved to Glory and joined P4. Within a year, his English has improved a lot, making me think that we should have sent him here earlier. I still remember clearly when he was still in kindergarten. As parents, we always want the best for him. Therefore, our criteria for choosing the right school for him is that it has to be not too far from home, the environment in the school has to be friendly, the school should have a good reputation, it should be wide in space, and most importantly, it has to ...more

It has been such a special year since my husband and I have brought our son to be part of the Glory family. Throughout our time here, we have learned a lot of good tips from the school that we could apply in our home. Because our family values goodness, we believe that those who do good deserve to be complimented, so that they would have the motivation to continue doing good deeds. Therefore, this letter is like a thank you letter which will share my experiences with Glory.

Thiti has moved to Glory and joined P4. Within a year, his English has improved a lot, making me think that we should have sent him here earlier. I still remember clearly when he was still in kindergarten. As parents, we always want the best for him. Therefore, our criteria for choosing the right school for him is that it has to be not too far from home, the environment in the school has to be friendly, the school should have a good reputation, it should be wide in space, and most importantly, it has to ...more - wanchaigolf

50 Thai-Singapore International School (TSIS)

I used to have a child at Thai-Singapore International School and I would not recommend this school to anyone. They are very mis-leading and not very honest with your child's progress. They do not take initiative with the student or the parents for overall improvement in the child's education. I know first hand that they do not even respect their teachers. The school will eventually be all filipino teachers because they are cheaper to employ than western teacher's with higher education quality. However, they still charge the same tuition fees and even increase it as if your child will be receiving the same quality of education. Again, I strongly discourage anyone from choosing this school. We moved our child to Berkeley International School which is more expensive but the quality of the education and the staff is significantly better ten fold!

Our school implements a comprehensive curriculum issued by the globally respected Singapore Ministry of Education to provide our students with the best education.

We nurture and develop students in the Moral, Intellectual, Physical, Social and Aesthetic domains over their formative years. The educational objectives of these five domains are achieved through the best practices, from the east and the west, with a keen emphasis on Asian values and obvious links to global values.

I am a parent at Thai-Singapore International School and I have two daughters studying at Primary level. Since they transferred to TSIS, they have never ran out of stories to tell me about what they enjoyed for the day. They would always share their highlights for the day such as reading their favorite books before the classes begin the interesting and enjoyable lessons they have from their teachers the opportunity to explore their talents and skills during elective time and being able to visit T.V. channels or news agencies.The school has a resort-like atmosphere and the teachers and staff are very friendly and accomodating. Parents are updated with the daily activities of the students and parents are free to communicate with the teachers for any queries. Even the management welcomes any parents who would like to speak to them, thus, assuring parents that the school takes care of the students. As a parent, I am assured that my daughters are safe and happy in their second home - TSIS.

I have been in TSIS for 6 years and I never regret it. It is certified by MOE which means that the quality of the books, the teachers, etc. is really high. It is the best Singapore school in Thailand I can say, and I reallly regret moving.

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51 Khon Kaen International School

Great school even though small

This school is small but it is a good school.

52 British Early Years Centre

This school is a true gem as international schools go in Bangkok. I would strongly advise any family moving to Bangkok or currently living in the city to check BEYC out. The level of education at this school is fantastic across all areas of the curriculum. I have researched so many smaller international pre school and nurseries in Bangkok and this is a unique pre-school in the fact that they employ qualified teachers throughout the school. Most early years schools do not do this and it is something that families must pay a hefty price at the much bigger international school. For health centred families there is really is the only option in the city that guarantees organic food and cleaning products. This is definitely a top 10 school in my view. I hope more families are lucky enough to discover it.

Fantastic new Kindergarten near Aree. BEYC has been open about three years and my two kids have been there for just over a year now and can already read and write independently. It is run by teachers and they really pay careful attention to the children's development. They use all organic food and cleaning products and have great facilities. It is high quality and the fees are amazing for what they offer. Also it is nice to find a school with qualified teachers in the Kindergarten section. Most schools I visited out here didn't.

BEYC is a great school. My two have been going here for almost a year and already reading and writing independently. The facilities are great and because it is a small school my kids get a lot more attention and care. The teachers are all qualified too which is a big plus for me as we looked at many schools and in Kindergarten they generally weren't. Should definitely check it out.

BEYCteachers and other staffs are very hard working with a smile always. Children are happy to learn and to play with them, which makes us parents happy, too.

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53 New International School in Thailand
54 Ascot International School

I went there a few months ago for a school carnival and went on a campus tour as well. I found the atmosphere to be very welcoming and friendly. The other parents I met had positive things to say about the school and it felt like a warm community. Some of the teachers who were working at the carnival were so sweet with my children too!

I've been working on the academic side of the school for several years and I cannot imagine working anywhere else. The school has improved by leaps and bounds during this time and it is only getting better. Our school is certainly not perfect, but I have worked at other schools in the area that do not live up to their reputations. Ascot far exceeds its own reputation, and I am certain that will be reflected in these rankings in due time.
I am fortunate to work with such a dedicated team who like me are committed to helping the school grow and nurturing the development of our students. I would encourage anyone who is looking at international schools in our area to come to Ascot for a visit. I am confident that you will see what sets us apart from other schools.

My daughter is with Ascot now for 4 years and she is very happy. I am happy also with great staff and education she gets. Her english is now great and she has very good social ability. - LadaNice

This school is the best! GO ASCOT!

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55 The American School of Bangkok (ASB)

This is a very good school and there are many welcoming friends waiting for you! The staff, teachers, and the principal all welcome you for a guide. I've been to this school for six years and I loved each second of it. The activities are very fun and many people gather for it. It is so exciting. There is also a cafe where students and parents can rest and buy food and drinks. The food there is awesome. That is the only school I've ever said the food is yummy. The other schools meals are bad and I can only eat when it is sometimes good. But this school is different. I've enjoyed eating the food and I could eat every day because the food is so yummy. The teachers and students are waiting for you! This school is the best!

This is a great school with progressive staff. Most of the staff is based from Canada and America and work hands on with the families. There is an excellent community amongst the staff, parents and students. The school commonly combines both campuses for large community events and provides the kids with numerous extra curricular activities. Great school which offeres AP for students looking to study in North America.

I have been in ASB from the day it started, well it was known as Didyasarin before ASB. All of my siblings have been going to ASB from my older brother who started of in kindergarten in Didyasarin 30 years ago to my youngest cousin who is currently in grade 6 at the Sukhumvit campus. This has been our family school. We have seen the school grow and have grown with it. Education is the same everywhere else, but ASB has a lot more to offer for individual growth. All of us that have graduated from ASB are doing really well.. We may have not been the brightest of the lot but we were certainly provided with opportunities to excel as leaders.


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56 Bromsgrove International School

I have been a parent here for many years and seen the school change a lot in the one year or so since the new Headmaster came. Finally I have a school I am proud of and the school is now unrecognisable from the one before. The new group of teachers are simply fantastic and the quality of my child's education has gone up. The new Headmaster cleared a lot of the old existing teachers out and upset many staff as a result and many parents (me included) were very worried about what was happening, but he has delivered on everything he promised the parents and I now trust that he has my child's and the school's best interests at heart when he makes changes. The facilities in the Primary school are amazing now, small class sizes mean my child is cared for well and looked after by his teacher and his teacher even emails me every week updating me on his progress and is never too busy to speak to me when I'm on campus - something that never happened before with his old teacher and I am sure ...more

I have send my child to this school since year8 to year11. This school have improved continuously until the new headmaster, Dr.Dan Moore, came. Most of the great teachers left because of this guy. He changes a lot of things in school such as the management style and teaching style. Student and parents rarely saw him in the school. He make his friend to be a head of boarding, which make a lot of teachers pissed. Also, the new art teacher is really bad. She make student don't want to study or even get into the room, she make student hate their favorite subject. The old art teacher was fantastic. She make student know what they are best at. Before this disaster came the boarding house was really warmth and feels like family but when the new head master came the boarding house become a fail for boarders. Many thai teacher quit because of the headmaster's friend which became a head of boarding house, call Mr.William. My son used to enjoy staying at boarding, but not anymore. When my child ...more

I have been a parent at the school since my child started in Year 1. This year the school has improved beyond all recognition. I sent my son to the school before because it was close and I was planning to move when he hit Secondary school. I have changed my plans. I believe that Bromsgrove is now one of the best schools in Thailand. My son has rediscovered his love for learning and has already learnt more this year than I thought possible.

Our headmaster is great. He will make Thailand great again. Vote for him #MooreMakeBISTGreatAgain

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57 Keerapat International School

Loved working with some fantastic teachers. This school has some areas it can improve on but there are a lot of dedicated people trying really hard to make it the best it can possibly be. I have only seen improvements in the teacher quality over the many years I have worked there.

This school improve a lot. I learn in this school for many years. I wish more student will enjoy at this school

As of October 2015 this school has doubled it's student intake in 2.5 years. The quality of education is outstanding with facilities and management to match.

It has a good community, many areas to improve upon

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58 Heathfield International School

Once you are in Heathfield, you instantly feel at home. I have been studying here since Year 1 and up until now (Year 8). The teachers here are awesome and the relationship between the students and teachers are by far better than any other schools I've been to. Lessons are always fun; you hardly feel sleepy in class or see anyone having a nap! We love to discuss topics together and whenever us students have questions, we always raise our hands up and never hesitate to ask. Not only this, but when you are in Heathfield, you feel like you are in a huge family. Our school may not be as big as other schools but we certainly have the best community. Everywhere you walk in the gates of Heathfield, everyone smiles and we all know each other. Heathfield is my second home and I am proud to be a WOLVERNIAN!

I have to vote Heathfield, of course! Not because it is my school, but because of the memories and education I had there! I love Heathfield so much! It has been my second home. I started this school since Year 1 until I graduated in Year 11. The teachers are understanding and caring. I've been taught by numorous teachers, in addition, I cannot select only one best teacher. All of the teachers seems extremely grateful to be a teacher. I couldn't be more happier. I've also made many friends there during my life in Heathfield. I've learned so much here, not only just the education, but also life lessons. I learned to be kind, forgiving, honest, not to mention, resilient. I'm so thankful and grateful to be a proud WOLVERNIAN.

I've chosen Heathfield because the people here is so friendly and caring, we are all a family who supports each other through the hard times and has never failed on each other. I love it here because of how much team work there is, we get to do activities together and it shows how much we can do together.

This school is real British school. - sarunya

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59 RBIS Rasami British International School

The Headmaster does not care about students or members of staff, also some teachers are very inexperienced. Not to mention that the way the school handles problems between students is absolutely terrible. Instead of improving relations between students they make it 10x worse than it was before. Also the school does not allow freedom of speech, we cannot express our thoughts on the school in any way. If you go to the schools Facebook you are unable to review it as the school wants to keep the perfect 5 stars. What kind of school does not take criticism. And to keep that perfect 5 stars they don't let parents or students who are staying or previously stayed in the school to express their opinions.No. The school literally revised itself just to have the 5 stars. Also the food is very terrible, they try to make it healthy, but they try to make it SO healthy that the students are unable to eat it which leaves them tired for the most of the day. There's been lots of instances where there ...more

I'm gonna admit the school was once a really good school with a fun and caring environment but now with the new headmaster, it has become such a low class school to be laughed at. The school has been destroyed and nobody can do anything about it. I strongly recommend you not send your child here.

Extremely low class school, you're better off to spend a little more money for a bigger and better schools

I got cancer from staying at RBIS, heard it got even worst since the last time I was there

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60 New Sathorn International School

The headmaster Walter is really a nice, warm, friendly guy. Only problem is that they don't pay teachers for the summer vacation.

School itself n Teachers r good! Love to study with them~ As well as beautiful school! So proud of that! Yeh~~~

"Only problem is that they don't pay teachers for the summer vacation." more trolling by their Patpong faculty. It's no good your kids will be dumb and spoiled if they go there.

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