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61 Berkeley International School Bangkok

Berkeley is an amazing school for any child to grow and learn in! Berkeley, has very friendly staff and students, who make you feel welcome within the first weeks of school! We joined Berkeley about a year and a half ago, and feel like we have been here for years! It is a smaller school, with over 500 students which is amazing, as everyone knows each other! We switched to Berkeley and within a few months our family was thriving in their education, with academic challenges for any skill level. Berkeley wants you to be the best version of you, and does not strive for everyone to be the same. We have discovered passions for new sports and every single one of our children plays an instrument, they never have learnt before! Berkeley, also has sports facilities unlike any other school, a 50 meter Olympic sized pool, which is the biggest out of every international school in Bangkok! Our children are now free to do independent and team learning, focussing on skills to help them in the future. ...more

We joined the school three years agao with our three daughters who hardly spoke any English at the time. We hesitated as the school was so new. We could not have made a better choice. Our three girls are very different, but all teachers went above and beyond to give them the support, the academic challenge, the positive encouragement they needed. The teachers are so inspirational, so warmhearted, set the bars high but help each child individually to get there. Our girls thrive, have discovered new passions, become highly academic, ambitious in sports, just wanting to do well in whatever they do. Everything is always about the kids and how to make them reach their personal best.

The school looks nice, just rebuild High School facility, all looks great. And they try to do the best they can. Although I not agree with some things, I think it's the best step I made for my daughter's education to take her out from RAIS. Teachers are young (most of them) what I miss is more language education like Spanish or French. (until high school). Food is excellent, And most of all: My daughter likes to go school every day. Expensive? Yes even with discount, hope it is worth, good education cost money. - WILLY2017

Brilliant place!

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62 Bangkok Prep School
63 Global Indian International School
64 Charter International School

Charter is a friendly school with good teachers and nice facilities. I would recommend it to Thai and foreign families.

Very good school and very good student especially Year 10 (2013-2014)
Nice buildings' colours.

Very nice family school.

65 Kincaid International School of Bangkok

Quality of education and great management.

This is were I learned

66 American School of Bangkok V 2 Comments
67 Chiang Rai International School, CRIS

The totally friendly, high quality, boutique international school of the North

68 SIIS International School

SIIS international school could be one of the best schools in Thailand. I personally think that my English and Math has really improved and it is why I am so proud of my self. To be honest, this school has gave me and the other students so many opportunity to be honest with our self and choose our own subjects! And FYI, people are so friendly just like Eco-friendly as well as the teachers!

69 Varee International School

My two children have been at Varee International for nearly two years and could not be happier. The school has a very warm feel and the teachers really care for the students. My children are both making excellent progress and, despite being teenagers, love getting up and going to school every day. I couldn't wish for more.

One of the worst international schools in the world. Poor punctuality, poor teaching, racist and offensive staffs. If you want it work at McDonalds as a toilet cleaner, this it the right school for you. The school should be reviewed again by the CIE Board.

I've been studying in Varee for almost 4 years and it is awesome.

An excellent school. I left last year and was given an award for highest exam scores in Thailand for CIE A-Levels.

70 International Pioneers School

I can easily say that this is one of the best schools. The teachers and staff genuinely care about students and their achievements, academic and otherwise, and make students' education their priority. Having been a student here, I got very good education at IPS!

Not as expensive and smaller than most international schools... But good in terms of the education.. Everyone is easily approachable and any problems or issues are taken care of fast and nicelyy...

71 Early Years International School Kindergarten Bangkok
72 Sabai-Jai Kindergarten International School
73 Garden International School, Bangkok

Our 2 children,(boy aged 7, girl aged 12) were at one of the larger international schools in Bangkok, yet, although it had the most amazing facilities, our child's individual sense of character was lost amidst the sheer numbers of students. After a couple of bullying incidents at the school, we made the decision to move them to Garden International School and it's been the best move we as a family have made. The school has a fantastic ethos, the results are outstanding and every child appears to get a really individual catered learning program owing to the small class sizes. In addition the school has a real sense of community and is always reaching out to strengthen bonds with both parents and deserving causes in the area! A lovely place- and if you don't believe me- well, it's your children who will lose out.

I study in this school for 4 years and the teachers have delivered the best education! Year 11 students last year got 100% in most of there subjects...I would recommend your child to come to this school, Very friendly atmosphere... The teachers is Secondary are the best ever because they teach us a lot of stuff, very very funny and very cool. I would rate them 10000000! THE BEST SCHOOL EVER!

Nice & qualified teachers and friendly & serviced minded staff. Very good location.

If you want good high-school education, this school is the right choice...

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74 Panyaden School, Chiang Mai

I love how my children are educated at Panyaden. This place builts common sense and life skill. We are so happy to see the academic result that our kids are so competitive to others!


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