St. Andrew International School Bangkok (STA)


From an education standpoint, this school is fantastic. Most of the teachers are professional and teach effectively, especially the English, Music and Humanities departments. However, STA's biggest weakness lies not in the school, more of the people who go to the school.

Most of, if not all, the year groups have some real degenerates. There are people in KS3 who are vaping, having sexual intercourse. Sure, they're not breaking law there, but some are doing drugs. As a matter of fact, this school has garnered a reputation among other schools for that. The school is well aware of this, and eventually takes action. However, it takes them ages for them to be aware, and even longer to take action.

The school does have a good feel of community, and no harm is done mostly. However, the school loves to force positive attitudes on the students, which goes against possitivity if you think about it. The question "what makes a great St.Andrews student? " has been asked so many ...more

Great medium sized international school. Over 15% of students are foreign, and many of the remainder are mixed Thai/Foreign. The very approachable head (Mr Paul) is the driving force behind what is a happy school with a great atmosphere that also manages to achieve impressive academic results.

St Andrews does not have the expansive sports facilities and playing fields of large schools on the outskirts of Bangkok like Patana and ISB, but still does well with what it does have, particularly on swimming and football. On the other hand its location is very convenient for parents living in the Ekamai/Thong Lo/Sukhumvit areas of Bangkok, and for us personally we prefer a school that is less than 15 minutes away rather than more than an hour.

St Andrews was taken over by Nord Anglia a couple of years ago, and since then there has been an increase in the number of students from just over 500 only a few years ago to more than 1000 now. Facilities though have not kept pace, and so ...more

This school would be the best choice if you desire to go a decent and compact school. School fee is affordable. Located at Soi 71 which is really convenient and easy to access from the center area of Bangkok. Attractive facilities and international atmosphere.

Kids here are polite and easy to deal with, as long as you are not too demanding. The high school principal has absolutely no respect for teachers or education - he fits the stereotype of the ignorant jock and playground bully to a tee. The head of school is invisible and useless. I regret coming here and fear my career may be damaged if I don't get out quick.

Absolutely ridiculous, inaccurate and deliberately misleading comment and post. St. Andrews is a high achieving and a very highly regarded school with a very professional, astute and effective head of school. The same can be said without exception for all other senior staff and teachers at this outstanding school. It is also fair to say that high standards are expected from staff and non performing and under performing members of staff at this school which is part of the Nord Anglia Education group tend to be replaced very quickly. This school has has excellent management programs and monitoring in place and this along with a very proactive, respected and involved parents council make this school an excellent place for students to reach their full educational potential.

I used to get bullied and when I told the teachers, guess what they did? Nothing. The food sucks the teachers stink and the kids have no respect for elders. And a kid called Sander tortured everyone. And Sexist teachers. Summary Nord Anglia sucks.

I feel like this school needs a lot of improvements from my point of view as they are allowing too much of autistic kids in the school and are over increasing the amount of people in the schoool angelo - IMPREGNANT

This school is really amazing great staff and faculty the facilities are also superb hate to leave on holiday because the school is simply amazing

Almost everyone's comment is absolutely true, except for the reply to the teacher. Standrews has punishment over and over again, the teachers want more respect than you give them they take credit for everything it has not been a nice experience.

Teachers are rude, canteen is disgusting, facilities are terrible.

Just go to STA if you don't wanna go to big schools... The best middle sized school! IB programme is offered too.

The CAS coordinator does not know what she is doing. She's confused and doesn't help the students.

There is a kid called sander that is gay.

The best middle size international school in bangkok

The school hires a lot of inexperienced teachers, especially for the IB Diploma leading to an outstanding number of complains from both students and parents.

- Not to mention that one Chemistry teacher was smoking with a student during a field trip. Their excuse was that the student is addicted to smoking, so it cannot be helped.

- One Spanish teacher was not even a native Spanish speaker and could not speak Spanish fluently (fact is backed up by a friend's mom who is a native Spanish speaker). Unsurprisingly, she was also an IB English teacher.

- One music teacher spends most of his time in school smoking rather than teaching the students, and takes long breaks during class. Often ends up leaving the students in the room to "practice" alone while he smokes or flirts with his wife.

- School is notorious for having one of the highest number of students doing drugs.

The average score for the IB Diploma is low compared to other schools in ...more - 1004cs

Love this school nice people nice girls nice teachers too much arab

This is an amazing football school the you 9s are the best in bangkok!

Nice atmosphere and lovely place

Academic & Sports are fantastic!

It's better than your school in fact school better than you

Ha ha ha, fits Iain McGowan to a tee.

Autism spreads in the school every day because It all started for a boy called imri

IMRI IS ALWAYS IN THE Toilet so watch out for some hair jewish dik.