Best Internet Payment Services for UK Start-up Websites

Which is the best provider of online payment services for UK-based businesses? Which provides the best value for money? Which has the most reasonable terms? Which has the best policy for chargebacks? Which provides the best support? If you have a UK-based internet business your views are welcome!

The Top Ten

1 Nochex

Great product and value for money for small and start-up businesses

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2 WorldPay

Expensive, but you pay for what you get"

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3 PayPal

Loved by shoppers if not by all merchants

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4 CardSave

Better known for providing terminals to small bricks & mortar businesses

5 Streamline

Used to be part of a bank

6 Barclaycard
7 Sage Pay

Great if you can speak German

10 Google Checkout

Great until November 2013 and then they are gone...

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