The Top Tens slang

CityGuru Alright, so Facebook has it, Twitter has it, Instagram has it, why not Top Tens?I expect to see this used several times.Just kidding! :) But I hope someone will use it!JUMPING A LIST: Taking someone's list idea.TREE HUGGERS: Someone who doesn't make a list, just sits around commenting on lists.TRENDS: Example: The Pickup Lines lists, the Anagram lists, etc.TRENDSETTERS: Someone who makes a creative list.FEED ADDICTS: I am a feed addict. I will spend several minutes glancing at Feed to find out the lists. I find most of the lists by feed.THE CLUB: A group which is widely realized by Top Tenners to have high quality lists. Ex. PositronWildhawk, Kiretsunu, Britgirl, etc.CLAIM-TO-FAME: Ex. The potato chip list, in which several flavors were created by lays after creation, Sean Carroll's Response, etc.JOB: Ex. Britgirl's Joke of the Week, PositronWildhawk's Sarcasm Series, etc.ARNOLDS: The uncreative people who go off their prejudices, such as School is boring because everyone thinks so, you are this-or-that because you like this, etc. LUMBERJACKS: The people who cut down on other lists, like adding junk items to lists.THE GOOGLERS: The ones who get all of their ideas off someone else, or the Internet.THE NASCARS: The ones who rush through their lists, sometimes adding one or two items, or having low quality items on their lists.THE CLOWNS: The ones who are very one minded, who constantly think that their opinion is the best. If they like JB, and someone hates them, they felel an urge to post about it. They and their little clown friends are like one mind. They minus-one all comments that they dont like, without realizing that minus-one should almost never be used.That's all for now, folks! I will add more slang by comments later. Thanks for your time!


Keep up the good work, fellow trendsetter/feed addict. - visitor

Thank you, my friend. - visitor

How about the Beatlemaniacs? - visitor

BEATLEMAINIACS:a Beatles fan? A dunno I'm not really sure about this - visitor

Ah. Beatlemaniacs are the obsessed beatles folk.
Also: Quickslivers: The ones who create lists with less than five items.
Hackers: The ones who create a list similar to one that already exists.
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