Top Ten Best Internet Trollers

So recently I have been watching funny videos for a long time and deciding I should make a new list to see the best trollers on the internet. Let's get started!

The Top Ten

1 MinnesotaBurns

So recently, Burnsy has been banned on 2 accounts he has gotten. Burnsy makes best trolling videos. - thetoptensofficial

2 Lui Calibre

So recently, I have watched Lui pretend to be a 5 year old kid using his talented voice and troll people on XBL with it. That makes him "The Squeaker Squad." - thetoptensofficial


I have seen him with funny YouTubers such as Lui, Toast, Burns, etc on Black Ops 2 and I wanna say he is really funny. - thetoptensofficial

4 WayToMannyLlamas

So he is basically like everyone from above but little less funnier. - thetoptensofficial

5 TrollarchOffice

Attention : So basically it's like everyone I said for the top five and more people I haven't listed and combined. - thetoptensofficial

6 Sodapoppin
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