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1 Crunchyroll

I never really watched anime until I discovered Crunchyroll. Since then, I've been watching a lot of anime, accompanied by Mountain Dew and Doritos. The service is affordable, at only $6.95 a month. It's like Netflix but for anime, offering a wide selection of quality shows.

Crunchyroll is legal, unlike other sites mentioned here. Along with Funimation, which is also legal, you practically have access to all anime while supporting the industry. If you're concerned about the anime industry's future, supporting these platforms is crucial.

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2 AnimeUltima Visit Website
3 GoGoAnime

This is by far the best website ever made for anime. You have access to 9 servers, and videos load incredibly fast. You can even select the video quality. There are no annoying popups or video ads, and the user interface is user-friendly. This should be the number one choice.

See the website for yourself. You can thank me later.

This site is better than GoGoAnime, which is notorious for its annoying ads and popup viruses, especially on phones and tablets. It does have ads, but they aren't as intrusive. Additionally, this site features an episode list at the bottom and an immediate reload button for convenience. is the best, but this site is a close second. I recommend it!

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4 AnimeFreak
5 Chia-Anime
6 9anime

The site offers three different qualities, sub and dub options, and censored and uncensored versions (for those interested), across four servers. It loads quickly and has no video ads, only sidebar ads. Plus, you can request anime that isn't listed. The site is also easy to navigate.

The interface is user-friendly, and the community is relatively non-toxic. With two servers, the site ensures continuous availability. Overall, it is aesthetically pleasing and functions well.

7 Animehaven
8 Masterani
9 Funimation

Their videos actually play and are not broken all the time.

10 Soul-Anime

It's a very good website for watching anime, although it may not have everything you're looking for. Still, it's worth checking out.

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11 Anime-44

This platform hosts thousands of anime movies and series on a simple and clean interface. The ads are non-intrusive, and there's an active and growing community, all for free.

This site offers a lot of content with minimal ads. It's updated daily with both subbed and dubbed versions!

The site is clean and has new episodes of My Hero Academia. I'm content!

14 Hulu Anime
15 AnimeTux
16 AnimeJolt

It's a good website, though sometimes it does not work.


This clean, well-organized site offers the latest subbed and dubbed anime, including thousands of classics. It also includes uncut and uncensored versions of your favorite shows. There are very few ads, ensuring a smooth browsing experience.

This site is well-organized, offering thousands of classic and latest anime episodes. With daily updates, you stay current. The minimal ads make navigation easy.

18 VRV

Hi guys, check out this anime site. I hope it will be useful for watching or downloading your favorite anime.

Awesome site to watch or download anime.

20 AnimeSeason
21 AnimeStick
22 Anime Kisa
23 Animerush

It's a good website, but I advise against using it on your school computer.

25 AnimeClick
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