Most Annoying Miiverse Posts

Miiverse is a 3DS Social Networking place for Kids, and here is a list of the worst and Annoying Posts users post
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1 Follow me please, I'll Follow You Back! Plz

I remember that a random user popped out of nowhere, begging for a follow.

I said that I'm not at anyone's service, that the user should earn it. I don't serve it on a silver plate.

Unless I am on good terms with a user, or unless the user has never begged or used the trends above, then no, I'm not a tool for celebrity.

I normally follow people back if we've talked in the comments once or twice, but I don't persuade people to follow me when I follow them. I'll follow whoever I choose, thanks.

I did that once... but I actually kept the promise.

You know that you are desperate for attention if you have to beg for it.

2 A shoutout to ________
3 100 Followers! Thank You Guys!

I normally go around giving 'Yeah's to people who have done good drawings. If I see anything about followers, I just ignore it.

4 Hit Yeah If you like _____________

"Yeah this, if you use Ink Rollers." I'm gonna Slosher all over you.
"Yeah this, if Blue's your favorite color." I do like blue, but also green, yellow, and white.
"Yeah this, if you like to win." In that case, you're wanting everyone to "yeah."

5 You can get a lot of money when you go to the Island
6 Please see my profile for the best pictures
7 Answer the Question correctly and i'll Yeah your posts and Follow you

I don't mind doing these challenges because most of my Miiverse friends don't make you follow them.

8 I'm Looking for a GF/BF

Yeah, um, and I'm scared you are a serial killer in prison.

9 "this post is off topic"
10 Undertale posts

Why post on the Splatoon community, "Undertale is trash. Get a life, losers"? I put it up on Miiverse and said, "Why do you have to spam the Splatoon community? Comment on the Undertale one if you hate it so much."
I got 10 "Yeah!"s.

I hate them. People make Sans and Frisk Miis and they create horrible Sans drawings, saying Oh, Sans is Ness, even though he's NOT. It's annoying and makes me cringe. I hate Undertale's fandom. The Support Ness community is being ruined by it.

The Undertale fandom is pure horror.

The Sans drawings make me cringe in the Support Ness community.

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11 I was Banned from Miiverse for ______ weeks
12 Wanna Private Battle?

How is it private if it's a public post?

13 adhfgjhshjfhhghashhfhshgfhsgf

I'm sorry, but I don't speak Watermelon.

14 Can someone do me a favour?
15 _____ Sucks
16 I need cash now!
17 Why can't metroid crawl?

Well, in the first Metroid game, the developers made the morph ball because they didn't want to program crouch animations.

18 I hacked this comment so you can't yeah it
19 Five Nights at Freddy's posts
20 Daily reminder that ___ is better than ___ in every way possible.
21 Lazy Town Posts
22 Evil Villagers

He's not evil. He just competes like everyone else.

23 Han solo dies - Star Wars: The Force Awakens
24 _____ Is my waifu.
25 Post that are not even related to the game.
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