Top 10 Interesting Things You Might Find When Googling Your Name

What kind of stuff pops up in the search results when you google your own name? This is just a fun random list idea that me and my buddies came up with, and we all ended up with some interesting results. Feel free to add anything that comes up when googling your name.
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1 A Sonic character

Fun fact: if you put "the hedgehog" after your name in the google search bar there's a fat chance that there would be a OC that has your name in it. Basically a lot of chris chan-level cringe down the hellhole.

Pretty weird but it does make sense.

2 A porn star

Also a good fat chance of this content being associated with your name. What are the chances of them having almost the same body as you? Yikes...

3 A My Little Pony OC

Similar as to googling your name ending with "the hedgehog". Did some little experimenting chucking a handful of popular names with the same method, and turns out a majority of them leads into badly drawn pony OCs

4 A criminal

Also pretty interesting results when you dig down the rabbit hole. Apparently, one of my closest friends share his name with a sex offender. Pretty creepy to think about, even worrying if you have a name that's not as common.

5 A historical figure

Googling one of my cousin's name led to a shocking revelation that he was some Macedonian who conquered the Achaemenid Empire and managed to create one of the largest empires in the world.

6 A fanfiction story

A youtuber I sometimes watch made a video about fanfiction of celebrities and one of the comments told her that fanfiction of her existed so there are more potentially creepy things.

If you're an author, of course this is guaranteed to be cringe. Imagine the odds of some fanfiction OC matching your exact name.

7 Your old social media profile

Obviously if you own a social media based around your name. Did this and found some pretty obscure cringe stuff that's associated with my profile.

8 A music concert

Googled my own full name, and it leads to an obscure video of a piano music concert that I participated 4 years ago...

9 An obituary

Also may come with your exact full name, thinking the fact that someone had died under your full name is pretty bizarre. Apparently, I was dead twice in different generations.

Can confirm. This comes up first when I searched my name on DuckDuckGo haha

10 A sports player

Coincidentally two of my buddies came up with a football player and a soccer player.

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11 A celebrity

What are the chances that your full name also matches with a celebrity?

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