Top Ten Route Finding Sites In Delhi-NCR

This list include the route or related information providing sites/apps in Delhi-NCR. You can search route or any information about places like Dining, restaurants, shopping malls, multiplex or cinemas, corporate offices, hotels, hospitals near by any Metro Station in Delhi-NCR.
The Top Ten

I love this site & its app personally. There are so many reasons to install & use the app of such as: having proper map of the route, connectivity with any metro station that helps to get the actual path, contact number, address details & more. One reason that makes me hopeless is route services are limited right now. Hope, Next2Metro team will increase their database asap. Otherwise, I simply like it.

The best part about it is when you get to see the routes along with gate numbers of metro and references for routes for reaching out to the places.

I have also tried and tested it. The best part is that I know from which gate to exit now.

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This site doesn't connect with the topic directly but somehow, site helps a lot to understand the map paths of metro stations in Delhi-NCR. Also, the site structure is so simple & normal. May be, later it'll look attractive.

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A great way to figure out the shortest route when traveling. I use the online version and mobile version. Recommend!

Great site and Google play app as well, easy to use. Pretty helpful with great attention to details.

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Site contains a huge data of all categories like restaurants, hotels details. My day to day work relates to searching such data on Google & seriously I get proper satisfaction of getting details from this site.


It's a huge portal having a lot of details of categories like dining places, corporate places, shopping places, etc. Thanks for the new look they have changed, old one was not so attractive neither mobile optimized.


I found this site helpful when I was in hurry to reach at Adiva hospital & got stuck in traffic jam near green park metro station. This site helped to find short direction to reach at hospital. Thanks to site.


This site have limited data information yet it is fine to get naming details about any category. I was searching for hospitals near green park metro station and I found this site helpful. Require so much improvement on site.


Ads may be the one time issue during checkout this site. Although, site's first look is not so fine but if driving person requires distance from one place to another in Delhi-NCR then this site may be helpful as it have the option of route map as well.


I checked out this site last weekend to visit New Delhi but this site contains a lot of ads on top, side & bottom. Yes, I like the map structure they have defined on the site that helped me enough to check out the location and nearby areas at one time.


Its very helpful site to calculate Road Distance, Road Map, Driving Direction, Shortest Route. is very helpful to check distance between two places. Last weak I was in Ujjain and searched my destination, they provide exact road info.

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If anyone searching bus routes inside Delhi then this site works best as the site includes all buses route information with huge database. Helped me a lot.


This site/app should come up on Top 5 list. It shows real time traffic alerts, traffic updates and more. It helped me to save my day to day timing.


This is a all in one travel planner, Plan you travel from Delhi to anywhere in the world and this site will tell you the best travel option to choose, It also has a nice weather comparing tool, I really like it.

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