Best Interstate Highways to Travel


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1 I-70

It was unfortunate that the I-70 wasn't extended to terminate at I-95 in Maryland. But it may be fortunate if the I-70 were to be extended from it's current western terminus at I-15 in Utah, to it's eventual or possibly western terminus at I-5 in Fresno, California.

Sure it is a pain to go through Breezewood, but other than that you have a nice route through the midwest from Utah to Baltimore.

2 I-10

Except in Downtown Los Angeles - Kid_ethinederland

3 I-90

Of course it is the mass pike - gotavares

I-90 is 💩. Well, east of Ohio it is. The Massachusetts section and New York section are burdened with tolls!

4 I-15
5 I-95

Amazing travel Experiences - CheesyNachos

It would be better if the entire section of the New Jersey Turnpike is co-signed as the I-95, or even I-95E. The I-95 in Pennsylvania and Delaware can signed as a spur route, or I-95W. Perhaps, this condition could also occur on the Meadowlands area where the I-95/New Jersey Turnpike splits in two spurs. Maybe the western spur can be a spur route instead; this strategy may reduce confusion.

6 I-69
7 I-35
8 I-55
9 I-30
10 I-25

This needs to be higher, it is a fun interstate and not as dirty as the ones in the East. I-40 is awesome too.

In New Mexico, you see lots of mountains and trees and some buildings and plains and fun stuff to see

When you drive this in Colorado, mountains on one side and plains on the other.

Should be in the top 10, it is a fun highway

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11 I-12
12 I-40

This is the best interstate ever. No competition

Extend the I-40 to Bakersfield, California.

13 I-64
14 I-66
15 1-5
16 I-49
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