Top Ten Best Interstate Highways In the U.S.

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1 I-90

Boo... The I-90 west of Wisconsin may be great, but other than that, the I-90 is not the best Interstate Highway route (the Massachusetts segment and the New York segment are burdened with tolls and other issues).
The best Interstate Highway route is either I-15, I-80, I-70, I-40, I-10, or I-25.

Best section: Montana, Idaho, or Washington state
Worst section: Massachusetts or New York

West section is good, but east section is filled to the brim with tolls

It's the longest interstate.

2 I-95

I-95 should bypass Pennsylvania. It should be signed as a spur route instead, and the entire New Jersey Turnpike should be signed as I-95. Eliminate I-95 in Pennsylvania. And the I-476 should be renumbered as I-85.

Possibly the best interstate, if you count the New Jersey Turnpike as I-95

Best segments: Maine, New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida.
Worst segments: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania.

3 I-80

Like it's northern neighbor, good in the west, but the east section has tolls galore

From Chicago to San Francisco

4 I-75

Too bad the Atlanta metro section is loaded with traffic, especially north of 285.

The Mackinac Bridge... connects the UP to the Lower Peninsula.

The interstate I used most of my life since it's in both Ohio (where I used to live) and Georgia (where I now live)

5 I-70

Too bad the I-70 in Maryland wasn't completed all the way to I-95 in Baltimore. But, what about the I-70 in Utah? Surely it terminates at I-15 in Cove Fort, Utah, but it would be interesting if the I-70 were to be extended to Fresno, California. And the new western terminus of the I-70 would be at I-5 in Fresno, California.

Like I-90, it's missing a section

It gets kind of boring in the kansas part, but I tell you what, going through nice mountains soon, and it's a long road of cities, mountains, scenery, desert, flat, It goes all the way up to Utah

6 I-5
7 I-35
8 I-10

The Interstate of the Gulf, mainly remember this from my NOLA trip

9 I-94
10 I-15
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11 I-45
12 I-4

I-4 Is obvious, Disney World Vacations :), but bad traffic in peak seasons

13 I-40

Featured in the movie "Cars", this interstate is noted as the death of Route 66 and horizontal Tennessee traditional highways.

Great and remarkable highway route. But if the I-40 were to be extended to Bakersfield, California, then that would be very convenient. Or it would be much more convenient if it were to be extended to within the coast of California.

14 I-469

Auxiliary Interstate for Fort Wayne, IN

15 I-440
16 I-83
17 1-30
18 I-76

There are two I-76 highways: one that runs from Nebraska to Denver, and another one that runs from Ohio to New Jersey.

19 I-86
20 I-64
21 I-55
22 I-49

Runs through Ozarks in Arkansas, not quite finished but still beautiful

I agree, needs to be finished between Fort Smith and Texarkana though.

23 I-540
24 I-69

Eventually going to run from Port Huron, MI to Interstate 2 on the Rio Grande in Texas

25 I-610
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