Top Ten Best Into the Unknown Characters


The Top Ten

1 Lizzy Wells

She has a awesome personality! She has anger issues and she's not afraid to be weird! - Lapis525

2 Dylan Drino

He has to do stupid stuff at the worst times. He adds humor to the story! - Lapis525

3 Ava

She always so calm about the worst things that could happen! She's funny! - Lapis525

4 James Norrelle

He's always trying to make girls fall in love with him. Though the girl of his dreams has been right next to him the entire story! - Lapis525

5 Knives Blood

She's so creepy! Though it seems she disappeared. She's always watching you! - Lapis525

6 Jacy

He's on vacation! - Lapis525

7 Travis Castro

The only person that Lizzy is nice to... that means something! - Lapis525

8 Annie Castro

I don't know what to say about you! - Lapis525

9 Emi

She's to gossipy! - Lapis525

10 Casey

She doesn't say much. - Lapis525

The Contenders

11 Jack Drino
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