Top Ten Most Intriguing Alternate History Scenarios


The Top Ten

1 The Confederacy wins the American Civil War
2 The Axis wins World War II
3 Jesus is not crucified
4 The United States loses the American Revolution, and thus never exists
5 The Central Powers win World War I
6 The atomic bombs don't work and the U.S. invades Japan
7 September 11th never happens

This because this caused more damage to this country then any other single event in history. In so many ways. And we're supposed to kiss their ass? I don't think think so...

Or, Bin Laden is not killed in 2011 - tribe95

8 The Cuban Missile Crisis turns into something bigger

This could have been extended nuclear war. - Billyv

9 Napoleon wins at Waterloo

No Russia and the balkan peninsula will be dominated by ottomans Since the Brithis that gived supplies to (Greeks,Serbians,Macedonian uprisings) the and Russia gives supplies the (Bulgaria) the Balkan nationalistic uprisings will never happen and Africa will be dominated by French WW1 and WW2 never happened Communism never rose France will be a world superpower with the Ottoman Empire

10 The Protestant Reformation never happens

The Newcomers

? The Columbine Shooting Becomes A Bombing
? Adolf Hitler Kills JFK

The Contenders

11 The Soviet Union didn't collapse
12 Carthage beat and replaced Rome
13 Hannibal's elephants crush the Romans
14 Black Death was stopped
15 The Soviets won the space race
16 Rome never fell and instead took over the whole world
17 The Caliphate conquered Europe
18 America won the Vietnam war
19 The Allies beat Germany but lost to Japan
20 The Allies beat Japan but lost to Germany
21 Dinosaurs never went extinct
22 The new world developed civilization before the old world did
23 Persia conquered Greece and took over the whole world
24 Columbus failed to "discover" America
25 Jesus was never born
26 Industrial revolution happened in China in ming dynasty
27 Russia wins the Crimean War
28 Trotsky succeeds Lenin instead of Stalin
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