Top Ten Inuyasha Episodes

This is a list for only the original Inuyasha series and not the final act so when adding, add for only the inuyasha series (not final act).
The Top Ten
1 Ep 1 - The Girl Who Overcame Time and the Boy Who Was Just Overcome

The beginning for an awesome, epic, marvelous, hilarious, cute, fluffy, romantic, spectacular, adventure!

This more or less marks the beginning of a great show

2 Ep 126 - Transform Heartache Into Courage

This episode marks Inuyasha & Kagome's sweetest moment. I doncare what anyone says

Truly a classically sweet Inuyasha/Kagome moment.

3 Ep 25 - The Demon's True Nature

Inuyasha went BERSERK! He killed everyone and even fends off Sesshomaru's Tokijin with one punch. He was like a pitbull that couldn't be stopped. Demon Inuyasha is a brutal character and I think its tight when ever he transforms. From what I seen, only Sesshomaru can stop him.

Demon Inuyasha is strong and fierce. He is the most primal part of Inuyasha and is full of rage and anger. I love watching him tear apart enemies!

4 Ep 48 - Return to the Place Where We First Met

This episode melted my heart

This episode was so sad I cried when kagome couldn’t see Inuyasha anymore and once again in episode 8 of season 7 or 8 made me cry because Kikyō died

One of the saddest episodes between Kikyo (*Cough*DIE*Cough), Inuyasha (*Cough*Idiot*Cough), and Kagome.

5 Ep 132 - Miroku's Most Dangerous Confession
6 Ep 160 - The Lucky But Two-timing Scoundrel

It's just so funny when Kagome's friends meet InuYasha.

7 Ep 128 - Battle Against the Driedup Demons at the Cultural Festival

Inuyasha! Bust open the whole area and ruin the party! YEAH!

Inuyasha, you totally crashed the Play!

8 Ep 13 - The Mystery of the New Moon and the Black-haired Inuyasha

That was such a romantic episode!

It was so romantic!

This episode marks InuKag FIRST sweet moment

9 Ep 135 - The Last Banquet of Miroku's Master
10 Ep 27 - The Man Who Fell In Love With Kagome

I found adding Koga into the story was hilarious and this marks the beginning of Inuyasha and another rival for Kagome At least... in his eyes...

Koga is so lovey-dovey

The Contenders
11 Ep 166 & 167 - The Bond Between Them, Use the Sacred Jewel Shard!
12 Ep 162 - Forever with Lord Sesshomaru

This episode is definitely no. 1 because it rili shows the growth of Sesshomaru from being a cold murderous demon to a caring person. He could have killed those monks any time he could but he didn't because he knows they're nt bad people. He only killed those night robbers because they were. Sesshomaru is AWESOME!

This is a great episode that shows the change in sesshomaru's heart and how he went from seeming heartless to caring for the ones likes to be with

Its sooo cute because run gets taken by a demon then a monk " saves " her then sesshomeru here's her calling him and rescues her

13 Ep 26 - Toward Tomorrow

"I think th part where kagome and inuyasha kiss for the first time I think was the moment I decided that inuyasha has chosen kagome over kikyö which kinda makes me both happy and sad because we all know that kikyö cared about inuyasha for a while until niraku came along and ruined there love for one another but we also know that inuyasha still cared for kikyö even if she bounded him to the sacred tree which makes me sad that Inuyasha chose kikyö over kagome one of the episodesbut when he described why kagome was born it made want to cry knowing that kikyö was never able to do any of the stuff kagome has done for inuyasha and that's my opinion of why I'm glad inuyasha and kagome finally kissed in Final act Ep 26-toward tomorrow.

14 Ep 82 - Gap Between the Ages

This episode is really cute and I love how Inuyasha goes through all the trouble just to get Kagome’s lunch to her!

15 Ep 124 - Farewell Kikyo, My Beloved
16 Ep 23 - Kagome's Voice and Kikyo's Kiss
17 Ep 147 & 148 - Tragic Love Song of Destiny

I have no idea why this is so far down the list. The actual love story between Kikyo and Inuyasha is so touching. It's different from all of the "present" going on and you can actually feel them falling in love.

I love this episode a lot, far more than ever. I still wish Kikyo and Kaede's parents were fully shown back then before in the first place.

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