Top Ten Invented Characters That Should Appear In Monster High

Top Ten Women of supernatural characters that have not been on Monster High

The Top Ten

1 Chupacabras Daughter

Should make cute though supposedly the Chupacabras is very ugly

I love Chupacabras! She could even have like a cute little furry jacket thing!

2 La Llorona Son

La Llorona is a Latin character who would be good to see in Monster High

Because I'm Mexican. And I love monster high.

That’d be cool - blackflower

3 Casper Daughter

It would be good to do that because in the history Casper has no children you know to change the event

Um Casper is copyrighted so Mattel can't do that...

4 Angel Daughter
5 Kraken Daughter

As you make this doll, oh god

They made a doll of the kraken she's kinda weird but ok

6 Elf Daughter
7 Mermaid Son

There are many sirens monster high but none is man, and man do to change history are not sexist

8 Witch Son

It could be the brother of Raven Queen

9 Daughter of Phoenix

Ahem we already have a phoenix in the cartoon or movie which is a half fright mare and a phoenix. Its just crazy why did people write down phoenix. Well I am telling the truth I like phoenix.

I think the daughter of the Phoenix would be beautiful, but they should give her wings.

She will be a blast of amazing colors!

Oo that be cool

10 Troll Daughter

They have to do it well not as the daughter of Alien that's okay

The Contenders

11 Hell Son

It could scar you to death!

12 Daughter of Golden Freddy

Guys. come on. They can't do that! That is copyrighted by Scott cawthon! He'd have to approve it and everything. Why would you even suggest this, are you dumb?

13 Daughter of the Grim Reaper

They already made that, it's River Styx

14 Son of The Blob

This could maybe be Cleo's new guy!

15 Daughter of the Royal Blood Queen
16 Daughter of Yuki Onna
17 Daughter of Kuchisake Onna
18 Son of Aka Manto
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