Top Ten Inventions That Would Change the World


The Top Ten

1 Ocean colonization
2 Panacea

Cure every disease HIV cancer and diabetes will be history - Richkid101

3 Transatlantic tunnel

It would have vehicles underwater tunnel some would go from 300-5000 mph imagine going from New York to Paris is 1 hour and few minutes - Richkid101

4 Global municipal WiFi

Imagine wireless WiFi life would be so lazy and easy - Richkid101

5 Bionics

Imagine disabled people can have help like you can't stand use a powerful bionic leg to hold your weight - Richkid101

6 Antigravity

What if you could live in a building that rejects gravity so you can float in the air - Richkid101

7 Energy shield

That is a force-field superpower more like a super-gadget but we can't protect many things that our skin from mosquito but panacea cures malaria and everything else - Richkid101

8 Space elevator

Imagine going to space and other planets with an elevator that travel very fast you could meet astronauts in space it's so cool - Richkid101

9 Terraforming

We could make other planets habitatible to humans and aliens but shaping gravity surface temperature and environment - Richkid101

10 Interstellar travel

Cool going through space a lot - Richkid101

The Contenders

11 Immortal batteries
12 Immortal light bulb
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