Top 10 Inventions You Simply Cannot Live Without

This is a list that only involves inventions that if were not here would make enjoying life like you would today simply not possible. Now inventions like Video Games and Sliced Bread should NOT be on this list! Video Games everyone can live without, it wouldn't alter the world in any ways if it weren't here. SO IF YOUR GOING TO ADD SOMETHING GIVE IT SOME REAL THOUGHT!

The Top Ten

1 Batteries

This is a HUGELY underrated invention, your car uses one, your phone uses one, your computer uses one, planes use one, a heart shocker uses one, almost everything electronic uses one! Think about all the lives that have been saved when a blackout has happened in a hospital and it switched to battery power! - luisprado

2 Computers

These guys practically run the world, all that power being moved from factory's to millions of houses is too much for manpower alone, they need a computer to monitor all this traffic. Your cell phone is a mini computer, robots in the factory's are computers, everything that does stuff for you is basically a computer! - luisprado

Nothing is possible without this

3 Steam Engine

These days a lot of people are complaining about how nuclear power and crude oil power is bad for the world, even though they rarely know a thing how it works. You may be shocked to find out that the process of using steam to turn the turbines of generators is the same process we use today from 200 years ago! In nuclear power you would put rods of radioactive material into pods of water which would make steam to turn the turbines of the generators, same process from 200 years ago! Only difference is instead of coal it's Uranium or Crude Oil. Without the Steam Engine we wouldn't have ANY power, the factory is different but the process is the same. - luisprado

4 Cell Phones
5 Farming Process

The story is someone threw out wheat seeds that were leftover out, then he/she saw that plants were growing on that area alone then he/she had an idea to start planting these seeds to make wheat for food. - luisprado

6 Combustion Engine

Everything motorized vehicle uses one. - luisprado

7 Syringe

So many lives have been saved, including yours most likely, this should be number 1 then haha! - luisprado

8 Penicillin
9 Pasteurized Milk
10 Clothes

Yes, because no one wants to see...

Ah yes. Goodness knows we do not want to go out in public, stark naked. Haha.

The Contenders

11 Light Bulbs

The only reason this is at number 10 is because there are so many alternates to Light Bulbs, including fire, candles, and today everyone uses LED. - luisprado

12 Cars

You have lights, cold air, hot air, space to sleep, lock & be safe
Lot of fun, be sexy with it, gathers your friends, music to listen, news in radio, power to charge cell phones or computers, trunk to carry stuff,
It could be a weapon to kill someone, gps maps, good thing to hide stuff in it
& TRANSFER of course - shatti

13 Stove
14 Toilet

Using the outhouse or whatever, would have been a very disgusting experience!

15 Stores
16 Shower
17 TV News
18 Websites
19 Television Channels
20 Vacuum Cleaner
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