Top 10 Inverters for Home in India

While choosing inverter for home use we are very confused. Which one is good, which brands to buy, many question are in our mind. So to get rid confusion here i suggest some best inverters and ups for your home or offices.

The Top Ten

1 Luminous Zelio Sine Wave Home Ups

Luminous Zelio Home UPS is newly launched Inverter from Luminous. It is India's most intelligent Home UPS with features such as Power back up time display in Hours & Minutes, Hassle Free water level maintenance, MCB protection and is equipped with Bypass Switch which keeps Supplying output from Grid even in case of Inverter faults. - mayanktanwar

2 Su-Kam Brainy Eco Solar Home Ups

Su-Kam Brainy Eco is a Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Home UPS. This is a UPS with a brain. Yes, you heard it right. It has solar priority, intelligent charging sharing, ATC, Powerful battery charging at 90V, and variable battery charging through mains. - mayanktanwar

3 Microtek Ups Sebz

Built with the latest state-of-the-art technology, the Microtek UPS SEBZ is an affordable companion to home electrical appliances. Being one of India’s leading inverter and battery manufacturers, Microtek has created an easy-to-maintain and intelligent UPS to protect appliances from low and high voltage. - mayanktanwar

4 Exide Xtatic Inverters

High-end DSP based Pure Sine Wave Home UPS with Grid Quality Power Output. Guarantees 100% protection and long life of your electrical and electronic appliances. LED Display.

DSP (Digital Signal Processor) based Sine Wave Home UPS " A high speed microprocessor for Grid Quality Power same as Mains. High quality protection built up in the PCB. - mayanktanwar

5 Amaron Sine Wave Ups

Unique DSP Technology enhances life of electrical gadgets/zero humming of electrical/electronic products
Pure Sine Wave Output. Unique Intelli Battery Safeguard (IBSS) ensures optimum charging/protection for battery which results in long lasting life of battery. Quick Charging Technology enables fast recharging of battery in areas prone to frequent power cuts Adheres to TS 16940 ISO 9001. Compact & rugged design combined with elegant looks makes Amaron Home UPS an ideal solution for India. Constant current & constant voltage for quick charge of battery Better protection to safeguard the UPS from external effects - mayanktanwar

6 Luminous Shakti Charge Home Ups

India's most trusted Home UPS for rural and semi-urban areas with in-built heavy duty charger that charges the battery with full current even at low voltage. It is an ideal choice for areas with low input voltage and power cut duration from 8-14 hours - mayanktanwar

7 Su-Kam Falcon Eco Home Ups

The Su-Kam Falcon ECO is a Sine Wave UPS built with revolutionary technology for 24x7 appliances protection. It is designed with Su-Kam patented Fuzzy Logic Controlled Patented Technology, automatic overload sensors and works in the background without any knowledge. - mayanktanwar

8 Microtek 24x7 Hybrid Inverters

MICRO CONTROLLER/DSC BASED Gen-Next UPS 24X7are based on Hybrid Technology which is a combination of Digital and Sine wave Technologies for Better Performance and High Reliability. The Hybrid Technology used ensures noiseless performance, Quick Charging, More Load, Longer Battery Life and Longer Backups. - mayanktanwar

9 Luminous Eco Watt Home Ups

Luminous ECO WATT Home UPS is a square wave home UPS designed with a simple user interface, making it simpler to maintain batteries and inverters without any worry. A highly efficient home UPS model, it fulfills power backup requirements with customer centrist innovation, giving battery life a 70% enhancement. - mayanktanwar

10 Apc Sine Wave Home Ups

The APC Sine Wave Home UPS has been designed to to tackle the power outage problems with its wide input voltage window. The UPS-Inverter switch enables you to use your Home UPS to power computer systems as well as lights, fans and televisions. Moreover, the pure sine wave backup power combats humming and heat generated when tube lights and fans are switched on. The LED status indicators provide an understanding of the unit and indicate power status. - mayanktanwar

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