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I've played many .io games and I like most of them. I created this list to know about your favourites.

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1 Agar. Io Agar. Io

Back in old days when there it's not any skin, not really much lag, and not many teaming, now fullin with worst bot, lag, annoying skin, many bully teaming. So I don't think this deserve to be top games.

This game pisses me off now(I'm just horrible ), but since this is what started it, it deserves credit. - PoopyPants

Worst game ever! I'm level 1 (lol) - NintendoMaster853

Cool Game Dude I Like It

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Allows the most choice. With slither and agar, there was no strategy. The only skill involved was maneuvering correctly.

Favorite in my opinion

This is the best game io games has made strategy is the key and having the right team.

It is so good

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This game is very much like the game of snake. More dots you eat the larger you grow. But if you run into another worm you start completely over. Very fun and addicting game - Jonerman

This game is so addicting. - Catacorn

Really good game. Fun fun FUN! - NintendoMaster853

So challenging! - OakleyTheBeagle

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It is a very fun and simple game. It is where you play as a narwhal and earn upgrades by killing other players. To kill a player you must click somewhat close to the person you are trying to kill but not to close or it will just push them. Move your mouse in the direction you want your narwhal to move. Very simple aspect and really easy to learn. You can also name your narwhal and change its skin and color in the bottom right corner. It was tough at first, but after a couple days I started getting better at it. I reached first place by the fourth day of playing. It is a very fun game and I don't think it will ever die down.

Very fun, additive, and skill based. Shame you can't play it anymore

It's great and simple. I love the different modes! - NintendoMaster853

it so lit

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what? - netnnwrnwrnwrhrwhrg


I almost always name my squares after empires like German Empire or Russian Empire.

I really like this game because of the rules of this game makes it cool

I play as Flash

This one's too easy. (I'm and I was leader at least 10 times. Super easy. You can get on the leaderboard in 2 minutes. The ultimate strategy is to kill. I once got like 20 kills. They give you 500 points each and your score goes up like crazy.

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Really fun. Way more complex than most of these. You start as a mouse or a shrimp (Or a chipmunk through some monkeying around) and level your way up in different biomes (Land, ocean, arctic) with a different food chain for each animal. Every animal has an ability or a passive designed to help them survive or hunt. Quite good.

It puts a new spin on io games, it is a breath of fresh air

Best game ever played

Agario sucks

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Amazing and addicting game. This should be at like #4

Its really fun my high score is 24.39

Too easy. Reached 100% many times.

Fixes problems I have with and it’s so much fun

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The best royale game I've played in my life

An amazing game except that you can not spend your z bucks

It's like fortnite but 2D! really amazing games 10/10

Good royale game, not much to do otherwise. very laggy though.


This is a great game. You should play it. It's top view shooter. - RollingTenzies

This game combines first person shooter and fun in one big mixing bowl

Just as amazing as the titanic

Awesome game unless you have bad Wi-Fi obviously lol. I definitely give this a thumbs up. try it! -Bob the Great

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This is another one of those top down Fortnite/PUBG ripoffs like Foes, Surviv, or ZombsRoyale, with a pixelated aspect to it. The difference, though, is while the others are mere shadows of their counterparts with extremely simplistic graphics, feels, looks, and plays just as good if not better than the originals. The controls are amazingly responsive, easy to use, and make sense, while the guns stay true to PUBG. There are many different skins for weapons and players, and the matches are hectic but not too rushed, chaotic but controlled, deep but simple. Combined with the tightest gameplay of game I've ever played, is my favorite top down shooter game to date. - FatTurtleGamez


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I like it, but it sure has server/lag issues.

This game is so fun. Try it - Yatagarasu

This game sucks

It is legit mlg


Awesome game! Starts you out with a simple, two cannon boat, which, through multiple upgrades and add-ons, can become a battleship. Build your own fleet of up to three additional boats, with fishing boats, minedroppers, battleships, or man of wars.

It is very cool game with canon boats


I love this game. It can get pretty boring at times, but mainly it's fun. All you have to do is build up a village, attack other players, and stay alive.

This game is so good strategy is build a city use a pit trap for a door and use mines and wind mills

This game is very fun and enjoyable sure pc players get to be more stronger but that could be changed in the future all you need is one mouse and keyboard and your set and hopefully more biomes will come in the future

Best one ever so good, actually has startegy - hellfire

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Love planes so I founded it on internet I played it and I LOVED it!

I love it. I am also good at it.

Love it just love it is very hard to beat, witch means you have to be a player to get in think your gonna make 1

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A really fun online game that I play a lot of. That's all - Catisfractions

It's great! Bonk friends and people living near you off the board!

Its fun and your able to talk and play with your friends

Best io game

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Laggy, but fun to show off my drawing skills ;o;



I never win but its still fun


it if fun


Love playing Driftin! Fast paced and fun


Great strategy game. 10/10 would play again

Beat game ever. Emereld gold stash. Should be Nu.2 next to StarveIO


hi by




It kinda cool


It's a wonderful game that deserves more recognition than it gets 10/10 game.

Very hard, very complex, very satisfying once you make it.

Great game just great

This is such a good game, I never got dragon gear though :(

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So fun so cool so wow


WARIO TIME - TeamRocket747

It is the with better graphics


I play it when it gets updated then after a while I stop playing

Really great

This game is amzing

Trash version of

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It's okay. It's just no one plays

How do you even move? - NintendoMaster853


One of my favorites! - NintendoMaster853


Doesn't work for me


I have not seen this io


By far the best io game. - TheLegendary175

Newer version of but much better. Beautiful graphics, awesome upgrade system, runs at 60 fps. Its much better and highly underrated. Also love the chat system, although missing a few messages it is very useful and reliable, and can be used in the blink of an eye. So I recommend this to anyone and everyone.


Best ever


Most diffucult games I have ever played.


So good in my opinion that it needs to be in roblox

I love the fact the you are on a pirate ship and your a Cannon. trying to kill other ships


I can not play IT! is basicly a,in space, with slither graphics and a lot of strats and effects. I believe this deserves to be at least number 3.

47 is a multiplayer real-time strategy game where you capture spaces to gain power and take over other players.

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