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I've played many .io games and I like most of them. I created this list to know about your favourites.

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Allows the most choice. With slither and agar, there was no strategy. The only skill involved was maneuvering correctly.

Favorite in my opinion

So fun, so much you can do! I highly recommend the Domination game!

Its verry fun

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Back in old days when there it's not any skin, not really much lag, and not many teaming, now fullin with worst bot, lag, annoying skin, many bully teaming. So I don't think this deserve to be top games.

This game pisses me off now(I'm just horrible ), but since this is what started it, it deserves credit. - PoopyPants

Worst game ever! I'm level 1 (lol) - NintendoMaster853

By far the best io game

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It is a very fun and simple game. It is where you play as a narwhal and earn upgrades by killing other players. To kill a player you must click somewhat close to the person you are trying to kill but not to close or it will just push them. Move your mouse in the direction you want your narwhal to move. Very simple aspect and really easy to learn. You can also name your narwhal and change its skin and color in the bottom right corner. It was tough at first, but after a couple days I started getting better at it. I reached first place by the fourth day of playing. It is a very fun game and I don't think it will ever die down.

It's great and simple. I love the different modes! - NintendoMaster853

#best game ever!

it so lit

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This game is very much like the game of snake. More dots you eat the larger you grow. But if you run into another worm you start completely over. Very fun and addicting game - Jonerman

This game is so addicting. - Catacorn

Really good game. Fun fun FUN! - NintendoMaster853

This game has better idea than

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This is a great game. You should play it. It's top view shooter. - RollingTenzies

One of my favourite games, has many amazing classes to select from but I think is way better than - MagmaFox


I like it, but it sure has server/lag issues.

This game is so fun. Try it - Yatagarasu

This game sucks

It is legit mlg


It is very cool game with canon boats




I almost always name my squares after empires like German Empire or Russian Empire.

I really like this game because of the rules of this game makes it cool

I play as Flash

This one's too easy. (I'm and I was leader at least 10 times. Super easy. You can get on the leaderboard in 2 minutes. The ultimate strategy is to kill. I once got like 20 kills. They give you 500 points each and your score goes up like crazy.

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it if fun

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Love planes so I founded it on internet I played it and I LOVED it!

Love it just love it

Good graphics is very hard to beat, witch means you have to be a player to get in think your gonna make 1

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Love playing Driftin! Fast paced and fun is an online racing game characteristics. You start by choosing a name and a car class (Racer, Bully, Flash, Hazard, Buster, Ambulamp), and then you appear in a speedway where you'll need to race against other players. You'll lose health every time you crash with walls and with other players. Here's where the classes matter, each class has different abilities and characteristics. You'll have to try them all to know which one you prefer! - Aaliyah


I love this game. It can get pretty boring at times, but mainly it's fun. All you have to do is build up a village, attack other players, and stay alive.

Great game if you want something strategy and quick

It's fun I like it

It's a great game.

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16 is a new io game. You play as an arrow in a big map filled with NPC blocks, food, and enemy arrows. Eat and destroy to get experience and level up, then choose what upgrades you'll like.
You use the left mouse button to speed up and destroy nearby units. Try it! - Aaliyah

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It puts a new spin on io games, it is a breath of fresh air

Best game ever played

Best game ever I love play it everyday

How is this 17? I find this way better than and and everything else

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MyFrog is an io game about frog battles. Swim around the pond with your tadpole and eat enough to grow in! - Aaliyah

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Amazing and addicting game. This should be at like #4

Its really fun my high score is 24.39

19? should be like 8th. It's great but not the best. - NintendoMaster853 is the best game ever. On the phone my name is linedie. Don't blame you if you hate me for killing you.

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20 is a Massive Multiplayer Online game where you play as a cute cell. The are "blobs" on the map you can eat to grow, and you can hold click pressed to use it to create a "path" behind you: Whoever touches it, dies.
It's similar to in that aspect, but the gameplay is completely different. Worth trying! - Aaliyah

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