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41 Scribblenauts Remix
42 Bus Derby
43 Fun Run

Ridiculously fun! Multiplayer game! Goes by its name

Fun Run 2 is a lot better.

44 N.O.V.A. 3

This is the best FPS for iOS. The thing that this game has that no other iOS game that I know has is voice chat on multiplayer. How cool is that! Playing the campaign mode is almost like watching a movie because the story is so good. It is a lot better than pixel gun. What is better than fighting in space ships and in alien planets? This game is like a pocket edition for H.A.L.O.

45 Dragon City

This was the best game I ever played.Get 500 dragons.Unlock awesome event's. Be A Dragon Master.It's just so awesome,you have to play it.

Dragon City is way cooler than any other Dragon game.

Dragonvale? Not any interesting events, like the Heroic Races.

Dragon Story? Nothing but offers. Duh.

War Dragons? Nothing about this. :(

46 True Skate

Best game ever

47 Smash Hit
48 Temple Run 2
49 Osmos
50 Defender of Texel

Really fun game.Try it out for ya self.First it starts of boring then it begins to be awesome.

51 Asphalt 8: Airborne

One of my 2nd favorite games. Clash of clans is my first. - Dominic7506

Great graphics with several different modes. Multiplayer is great as well. But Gameloft got to get a control of those hackers

Yeah baby! from gran turismo to NASCAR and CSR, and others comes the best, Asphalt 8: Airborne. and of couse, Gameloft has found ways to improve the beloved asphakt series and not just add new cars and modes and places!

52 Real Racing 2
53 Where's My Water
54 Devil's Peak Rally
55 Race of Champions World
56 Dumb Ways to Die
57 Hay Day

It's an awesome game

58 Angry Birds Go!
59 Sonic Dash
60 Minecraft

Pocket edition is already here.

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