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61 Ninjump Rooftops
62 Ultimate DBZ
63 Ninjump
64 Lightbike 2
65 The Simpsons Arcade
66 Spy Mouse
67 Sonic CD
68 Sonic 2
69 FIFA 14
70 Dead Trigger
71 Tengami
72 Battle Supremacy
73 World of Goo

It's better for iPad but it is still the best puzzle game ever

74 The Dark Meadow

Truly gives you that feeling that you are not alone, even though your character is aided by an old man who speaks via intercom. It also gives you the feeling of being trapped, because even death won't let you escape. You'll always wake up in your room.

The monsters are truly... monsters. The combat system is just like in Infinity Blade, but more simple to use.

I like this game. Trapped in an abandoned hospital, and just trying to get out. Download it. It is free, or you can pay for extra items.

A not very popular title. It plays like Infinity Blade when it comes to sword fight. The premise is that you are trapped in an abandoned hospital, and not even death will let you escape. It's so fun. I recommend it.

Amazing. You only have one ally, and he doesn't communicate with you face-to-face!

Creepy game... The monsters are nightmare fuel.

75 Burger Shop
76 Gone Fishing
77 Hollywood U: College Story
78 Modern Combat 5: Blackout
79 Line Let's Get Rich

This game based on luck...

80 Mino Monsters 2: Evolution

It is just like Pokemon, Pokemon takes too long for the games

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