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1 Suresh Raina

Suresh raina hero of Indian cricket

Mostly his performances are consistant and in ipl t20 cricket you need a good player that plays always on his game

Raina is the always best for all player

Raina is a good alrounder for csk and also csk is the top 1st team in ipl history

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2 Chris Gayle

He is the real hero in ipl. And he is the enemy of all the bowlers.

Love you Gayle please play next match score more than 100 Bangalore in waiting for your 100 good luck

175 not out only one man can beat his record him he has been the most super player ever winning 2 orange caps and just being second to get it 3 times he is the number 1 attacker in cricket history

Best player in the world

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3 Virat Kohli

My favourite batsmen is S RAINA

Awesome batsman in Indian cricket team

He is my favorite batsman but I want him to hit a century in test matches

I think u is the best player in ipl

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4 Mahendra Singh Dhoni

As he goes after 2 players he is very particular about his wickets

The best captain ever in cricket history. The biggest finisher and the best thing about him is that he is the captain of CSK and India.

No he is not selfish and he is wanted player he is good fellow and good captain


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5 Sachin Tendulkar Sachin Tendulkar Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is a former Indian cricketer and captain, widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time.

We should respect him. God of cricket

Best wow superb batsman. God of cricket. Respect him

Master blaster king of cricket

Number 1 Batsman in the World...a true living Legend Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar!

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6 Rohith Sharma

I love him very much because his style batting. He has a great talent that he is using. He is my favorite cricket player in the whole history. I love him and he deserves to be in sixth position and I hope that he can be a better player. He is a great captain of Mumbai Indians which no one cannot be like him. Well done Rohit, you have to be proud of yourself and you make me happy. Be confident and never lose.

One of the best player of ipl no ipl with I'm

Give him more vote to him so that he can come in top 5 best player ranking in ipl


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7 Virender Sehwag

Can give nightmares and very much like chris gayle

One of most wanted bats man



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8 AB de Villiers

King of time he is dual player and a hero

My favourite hitter of special shots like reverse sweep

AB DE Villiers is the best Performer ever as he is good in fielding and in batting and will remain my favourite player in IPL.

He is one of the hard hitters he knows how to play cricket

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9 Michael Hussey

Mike is mike he is unstoppable he is one of the most greatest batsman, he is just spectacular!

You are worst of worst player

Favourite Cricketer Ever

Hussey isn't Fussey about how he scores his runs, he just does it

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10 Gautam Gambhir

Captain who put kkr in the list of champions, he strongly deserve the national captainship for India...

Gambhir is my hero. He is a good captain and batsmen better than kohli

Gambhir is a hard hitting batsmaen. He is a stylish performer. He is a good captian for kolkata knight riders. He is my best batsmen in cricket.

He is the best batsman in Indian cricket team...

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11 Adam Gilchrist

He is the best and has come back to show it again

Fantastically take catches beyond wickets

He is a great player

King maker

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12 Jacques Kallis

Kallis don't be upset better than kohli

Best all-rounder in the world ever born

Best all rounder


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13 Shikhar Dhawan

Nobody has a better partnership than
u and your opening partner warner

Not authentic

The greatest batsmen in IPL!

Nice batsman in history

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14 Matthew Hayden

He best cricketer

Kohi is also under your feet

csk's hope


15 Murali Vijay

My favourite players

Stylish batsman

Vijay is better than kallis

Super player

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16 Kevin Pietersen

U r just excellent. best batsman ever

I like kevin pietersen

Very good player

Rising hero

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17 Glenn Maxwell Glenn Maxwell Glenn James Maxwell is an Australian cricketer who plays One Day International and Twenty 20 International matches for Australia.

He has been the best batsmen in IPL 2014, and he is so much down the list?! Unbelievable.

I love he maxwell is best

I confused that he is left or right

Yes he is first in 2014 but this time 18

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18 Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj is the best finished in because he was very good playe in 2011 he is very strong man he was fourth player has scored six ball six sixes in an over

Yuvraj is one time also score 6 balls 6 sixes in an over

Yuvraj singh is best of all cricket not virat

Yuvraj singh is best

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19 Kane Williamson Kane Williamson

All people want to see these days are sixes. But Kane Williamson takes that statement throws it in the trash. Plays "slow style" cricket and keeps the scoreboard ticking over with drives, cuts and flicks and he defends his wicket. Unlike some batsmen. He will play fast style cricket if it's needed. But he won't go for sixes unless it's there to be hit. In my opinion he's the best batsmen in the world! - bulldogbeast

Amazing test player as well.

He is an amazing batsman next to Brendon mccullum.I like his batting very much

A strategic and wonderful player and I shuld recommend to be hyderabad capation

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20 Ajinkya Rahane

He is the best player in current world cricket. Time will tell you all what caliber this down to earth guy has. Superb human being too. Respect!

He is my favorite as he plays very consistent way by doing justice to the pitch he gives his best.

He is one for future

He have low strike rate but by his batting he helps his team and win matches

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