Top Ten iPod Models

Which iPod model (generation included) do you think did Apple the most justice?

The Top Ten

1 iPod Touch (4th Generation)

finally there is a camera! - BKAllmighty

Still going! Almost 5 years of daily use by three different happy customers. Mom for music, Netflix and audio books. Kids for games, audiobooks and an occasional movie.

Pocket ipad...
The ipad is the same... JUST BIGGER!
You can bring this ANYWHERE!
Just put it in a bag or pocket and GO!

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2 iPod Nano (5th Generation)

IPod touch is good, but this is the most reliable, all-around awesome iPod you will ever have. Doesn't have a breakable screen like iPod touch.

I don't really lie touch screen because the screen gets dirty. - booklover1

This comment is with an iPod 4th generation... But I want this new one.

the iPod camera concept begins - BKAllmighty

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3 iPod Nano (3rd Generation)

my favourite ipod. So perfect in every way - BKAllmighty

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5 iPod Touch (2nd Generation)

the first touch was painful to hold. - BKAllmighty

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7 iPod Shuffle (2nd Generation)

The 4th gen is obviously a copy of the 2nd version - BKAllmighty

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9 iPod Touch (5th Generation)

It's the newest and the best I wrote this comment from it

The Contenders

11 iPod Mini

the first to introduce a more portable-friendly concept - BKAllmighty

12 iPad
13 iPod Nano (7th Generation)

Why isn't this no. 1? ☻

14 iPod Nano (8th Generation)
15 iPod Classic (5.5 Generation)
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