Top Ten Iron Maiden Albums With Bruce Dickinson

The Top Ten Iron Maiden Albums With Bruce Dickinson

1 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Best Iron Maiden album ever! Bruce's vocal on this album it the perfect! And Bruce is the best vocalist of Maiden!

2 Powerslave

Why is "Powerslave" at #5? With amazing songs like "Aces High", "Two Minutes to Midnight", and "Rime of Ancient Mariner", there is no possible way this could be any lower than #2! Bruce puts on one of the best vocal performances of his career on this record. M/ Up The Irons!

In my opinion
#1 Powerslave
#2 Somewhere in Time
#3 The Number of the Beast
#4 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
#5 Piece of Mind - santas20

3 Somewhere In Time

My favorite.

Amazing from back to finish, great guitar work especially Adrian he excels in this album in both writing and playing, very consistent, not a weak song, in fact all of the songs had potential to become classics but the band seems so uninterested in this album well except for Wasted Years which is one of the best ever (not sure why though, is it because Bruce didn't contribute in writing or because Adrian is THE MVP of the album?) even on the Somewhere in Time tour they played only 2 songs. It's also the album with the best lyrics from I'm especially Wasted Years.

It starts with great Caught Somewhere in Time which has amazing riff and even better solo, continues with a classic called Wasted Years, the only song that gets the recognition from the album it deserves, but it definitely does deserve it with amazing chorus, lyrics, riff and the solo. Then there comes second of the 3 Adrian Smith songs of the album- Sea of madness. One of the best on the album. The ...more


4 The Number of the Beast

You can't deny the vocals on this. With hits like run to the hills and the number of the beast this album is just naturally incredible if you're a maiden fan you have to listen to this!

Along with the fact of including hallowed be thy name, absolutely the best heavy metal song ever written, this album is just a masterpiece

So cool!

Invaders 9/10
Children Of The Damned 10/10
The Prisoner 9/10
22 Acacia Avenue 8/10
The Number Of The Beast 200/10
Run To The Hills 199/10
Gangland 7/10
Hallowed Be Thy Name 10000000567787664489/10

5 Piece of Mind
6 Brave New World
7 The Book of Souls

For guys in their 50's, this is amazing! This is one of their best albums! Most old great bands' new stuff is crap but maiden. Up the irons!

As soon as I heard speed of light on YouTube... I'm thinking. Damn, I can't wait for the album to come out. Because the previous album kinda let me down for something that could have been our last taste of maiden. So immediatly I noticed the energy and flow with bruce even giving us his classic metal cry. Iv been listening to all 92 minutes of this album 1-5 times a day since it came out! Up the irons!

In the top 5 at least, for a man who's almost 60 years old, his performance is amazing!

Empire of the Clouds...

8 A Matter of Life and Death
9 Dance of Death
10 The Final Frontier

The Contenders

11 Fear of the Dark

Wahat The Hell?
What is this album doing here?
Why 11? it's Great Album should not be here

12 No Prayer for the Dying

Better than Fear of the Dark

13 Virtual XI

I didn't listen to the whole album,but Futureal is so cool

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