Top 10 Iron Maiden 'B' Sides that Weren't on Best of the 'B' Sides

Best of the 'B' Sides is a collection of the bands b sides from when they first started up to 2002 when it was released. However some songs were not included on it for some reason most of them are Live B Sides but there were some studio tracks as well that weren't on it at all, and add to the fact that they made more B side exclusive tracks after this album came out so these are the songs that weren't on Best of the 'B' Sides

The Top Ten

1 Massacre

This is a Thin Lizzy cover from Can I Play With Madness single - christangrant

This is a very good cover. Love the original as well - Metal_Treasure

2 Total Eclipse

From the Run to the Hills Single this song would eventually end up as part of Number of the Beast. - christangrant

3 Hocus Pocus

The original is one of the funniest rock songs as it includes yodeling (what? ). Nicko McBrain, Iron Maiden drummer, was just having some fun and the cover is funny, too. - Metal_Treasure

Focus Cover from Different World Single - christangrant

4 Mission from Arry

From 2 Minutes to Midnight Single

This isn't really a song it's a conversation between the band. - christangrant

5 More Tea Vicar

From Rainmaker Single - christangrant

6 Pass the Jam

From the Wildest Dreams Single - christangrant

7 I Live My Way

From the Man on the Edge single - christangrant

8 Bayswater Ain't a Bad Place To Be

From the Be Quick or Be Dead Single - christangrant

9 Maiden Voyage

Again not really a song it's from the Empire of the Clouds single - christangrant


The Contenders

11 Sanctuary (Live)
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