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1 Sign of the Cross

In my opinion, The Clansman is a superior epic, but that doesn't mean Sign of the Cross isn't amazing. After years without a proper Maiden, we get the longest Maiden album opener ever. - CaptDeadeye

Standing alone in the wind and rain
Feeling the fear that is growing
Sensing the change in the tide again
Caught by the storm that is brewing
Feel the anxiety hold off the fear
Some of the doubt in the things you believe
Now that your faith will be put to the test
Nothing to do but await what is coming

Why then is god still protecting me
Even when I don't deserve it
Though I am blessed with an inner strength
Some they would call it a penance
Why am I meant to face this alone
Asking the question time and again
Praying to God won't keep me alive
Inside my head feel the fear start to rise...

Iron Maiden at their best, I love that song with Dance Of death and Phantom of the Opera, Iron Maiden fans should considering that song as a maiden masterpiece. That song is so much underrated just because blaze sing it.

best blaze bayley song ever. I can listen to this all day. the solo is incredible. the vocals are very good. and the drums of course a really good sound! up the irons!

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2 The Clansman

This song is a masterpiece! Those who think the Blaze era songs are garbage should give this and Sign of the Cross a listen to prove them wrong. - CaptDeadeye

How can Sign Of The Cross be first? I'm sorry, but that has too much guitar. 6 minutes. It needs more vocals. But The Clansman has the right amount of everything. It's an awesome epic song. It should still be played today.

The riffs are brilliant, it does'nt actually make a big difference whether it is bruce or blaze because maiden songs are famous for their riffs

Well, this is my absolute favorite song from Iron Maiden. I would rate these albums as awesome just like the Dickinson and Di'Anno albums.

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3 Futureal

I first listened to this song a few days ago and I instantly fell in love with it... I then listened to the Blaze version and loved it more. - CaptDeadeye

When you first hear this track you get the feel that they are back to their roots, and it's a great song!

Should be top 3! No doubt! - gemcloben

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4 Virus

It gets off to a slow start but once it picks up it's masterpiece! - CaptDeadeye

This is my second favorite Blaze Bayley song, and my 9th favorite overall Maiden song. This song is absolutely incredible! I'm just so amazed that they didn't put it into one of the two Blaze albums. - ethany

5 The Edge of Darkness

Hallowed's little brother - awesome song!

The most favorite Maiden song of mine!

2nd best Blaze Bayley Era Song in my opinion. Also one of my favourite Maiden songs ever. Wosh they would play it live again someday

"Here I am with he knife in my hand
And now I understand why the genius

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6 Man on the Edge

Easily the best song on a pair of grossly underrated albums.

Best blaze song by far yet love his doctor doctor ufo cover

If I had to pick one...

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7 Como Estais Amigos

Brings tears to the eyes. Though it was Blaze's swan song, it is undeniably one of his shining moments. Now, if only Bruce would honor Blaze and sing this song. - CaptDeadeye

Bayley shines on vocals and the base is unreal yet these are all less important than the fact that maiden has very small amount of ballads. This is the most sentimental song they ever created.

! What a song! Perfect vocal performance and perfect solo

The song is very gripping. Right from the beginning, deep lyrics. It really makes you wonder, and you get lost in thought. And the solos are top class. Excellent song.

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8 Lord of the Flies

Awesome song, one of my all time Maiden songs, let alone one of Blaze's best.

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9 The Educated Fool

I just love this song. Blaze is singing great, he really gives you the feelings. The riffs are great, the singing is epic, the solos are awesome - This song is one of Maiden's Best songs ever. - Origri

You guys who hate blaze I love his era in my opinion it's better than paul. But I love every maiden album UP THE IRONS!

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10 The Unbeliever

Blaze sings really good here.

This is the 3rd best from The X Factor, in my opinion of course. It sounds pretty cool and such, not quite the best of Maiden, but pretty good. - ethany

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11 Look for the Truth UListen to Sample
12 Fortunes of War

This song is absolutely phenomenal. With spectacular riffs, solos and a really dark theme, this is one song I get pumped up with. Blaze sings his heart out too. Fantastic!

This should be played live again, along with lightning strikes twice.

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13 When Two Worlds Collide

Its one of the best maidens songs

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14 The Aftermath

TOP TUNE! Love the time change into double time for the solo! It's very effective!


In the mud and rain
What are we fighting for?
Is it worth the pain?
Is it worth dying for?
Who will take the blame?
Why did they make a war?
Questions that come again
Should we be fighting at all?

My 2nd favorite blaze bayley era song (next to clansman) why do people think blaze bayley songs suck he is ausome only song I don't like is judgement of heaven

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15 Blood on the World's Hands UListen to Sample
16 Lightning Strikes Twice

Heck yeah this one is awesome! It's a relatively unknown one, but that just makes it more epic in the sense that you aren't expecting an unknown song to rock this awesomely. - ethany


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17 Don't Look to the Eyes of a Stranger

Has one of the best solos ever!

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18 2 A.M.

This is totally the 2nd best song from The X Factor (behind Sign of the Cross). It sounds so cool, and the solo is incredible! - ethany

Better than the signn

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19 Judgement of Heaven UListen to Sample
20 Judgement Day
21 Justice of the Peace

Not released on any of the two albums which is why it is unknown. But listen to it and youll realise its one of his best - wolphert

22 The Angel and the Gambler

Ok... This song is just bad - CaptDeadeye

A very good song and is so underrated! In my opinion blaze bayley is cool all iron maidens songs with him rock! The chorus might be repeated 22 times but who cares it is catchy! Up the irons!

"This song is progressive and amazing. I love the chorus SUCK IT! " Can't suck what isn't there.

This song is progressive and amazing. I love the chorus SUCK IT!

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23 I Live My Way

Come on, 'I Live my Way' is awesome! Short and upbeat, it's not only one of the best Blaze Bayley songs, it's also one of the best Iron Maiden songs!

Best of their original B-sides with Blaze. 2nd only to Doctor Doctor!

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