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21 Justice of the Peace

Not released on any of the two albums which is why it is unknown. But listen to it and youll realise its one of his best - wolphert

22 I Live My Way

Come on, 'I Live my Way' is awesome! Short and upbeat, it's not only one of the best Blaze Bayley songs, it's also one of the best Iron Maiden songs!

Best of their original B-sides with Blaze. 2nd only to Doctor Doctor!

23 The Angel and the Gambler

A very good song and is so underrated! In my opinion blaze bayley is cool all iron maidens songs with him rock! The chorus might be repeated 22 times but who cares it is catchy! Up the irons!

"This song is progressive and amazing. I love the chorus SUCK IT! " Can't suck what isn't there.

This song is progressive and amazing. I love the chorus SUCK IT!

Despite the repititive chorus.. the song is great.. very underrated

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